The Benghazi Attack Comes Back to Haunt the Obama White House


When will the Obama White House be brought to justice over the Benghazi murders?

When will the Obama White House be brought to justice over the Benghazi murders?

By Doc Vega

Many of us already know good and well that the Obama administration and its state department were criminally negligent over the murders of our ambassador and his staff at the US Embassy at Benghazi, Libya. Yet, intentional obstruction of justice in the form of deceptive talking points, Secretary Hillary Clinton’s willful suppression of the Counter Terrorism Department being in the loop, and the release of public statements that completely contradicted the facts. These were not slip ups based upon the first sketchy reports coming in as the burned out remains of the US embassy were still smoking. These were manufactured talking points designed to remove blame and hide actions taken by the President and the State Department head, Hillary Clinton to cover up their direct involvement in actions that left 5 Americans dead in the face of terrorist attacks when there had been desperate calls for assistance for some time. This cover up was instigated to save President Obama’s election campaign from being compromised.

Our leftist media tried to overlook the fiasco

Of course, the mainstream media could be counted on to cast a blind eye to the obvious cover-up and the senseless murders of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, four staff members, and an ex-Navy Seal acting as a body guard. It is amazing to think that the heroic efforts of nearby US military and even CIA assets to intercede and save the embattled US federal personnel in Benghazi were ordered to stand down not once, but several times! These orders to cease and desist any effort at military assistance resulted in General Ham being relieved of duty by a junior officer when he had made a decision to countermand the inhumane stand down orders!

Finally witnesses come forward

Thanks to whistle blower, Mark Thompson, former US Marine, and deputy coordinator of counter terrorism who has testified to shocking personal knowledge of the Obama administration’s criminally negligent action, it has now come to light that during the well-coordinated and heavy 7 hour assault of the US consulate, Libyan officials were contacted for reinforcement and a C-130 equipped with US special forces and equipment were launched and then ordered to stand down while airborne. That last chance at rescue offered by the Libyans was ordered to turn around and fly back! This order was given by the Hillary State Department, and no doubt nailed the coffin shut on the fate of the ambassador and his staff on that horrible day.

Threatening the whistle blower

 Mark Thompson’s legal counsel Joseph diGenova states that his client has been intimidated and threatened by State Department superiors under Hillary Clinton in trying to suppress his testimony! This has been the standard operating procedure for the Obama White House who has also been caught ordering the Benghazi survivors who did survive the Al Qaeda attacks on the US consulate in Benghazi to maintain their silence over their terrible experiences to the public!

It has been revealed in State Department documents that immediate efforts were made to suppress the truth about the Al Qaeda being involved, that protests rather than well-armed terrorists had been responsible for the carnage, and that state department officials were busy establishing talking points that reflected these false explanations being put into action within days of the Benghazi disaster! It was clear that the Clinton state department had ramped up efforts to misinform the public over actual events in order to salvage the presidential campaign of Barack Hussein Obama from the damage it deserved.

Hillary’s miraculous recovery

One might recall that from the original efforts by Congress to investigate the Benghazi scandal that Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton magically developed a stomach virus, suffered a concussion from a fall in her house along with a blood clot in her brain. As a result she was unable to answer questions from the ARB (Accountability Review Board). Today she has miraculously recovered from her grave condition, gotten a new hair style, stepped down from her position with the State Department, and will now, no doubt, begin the process of trying to discredit the incriminating allegations and witness backed evidence that is building a solid case for her complicity.

More testimony

On Monday afternoon May 6, 2013 live from the Sean Hannity radio show, the man who operated the UAV drone at the time of the Benghazi attacks, a US army technician called the show. According to him there were 6 Army personnel involved in the mission monitoring the attack as it was in process. This man wondered why the recorded filmed evidence was not subpoenaed by Congress or the State Department. This UAV drone operator, John, as he called himself, testified that there were hundreds of attackers backed by vehicles that were surrounding the US consulate building. He was then ordered to navigate the craft to hover over and observe the CIA annex building just 2 miles away. This man’s testimony substantiates that he observed a large heavily armed and coordinated attack not a random gathering of protestors who had gotten out of hand as falsely alleged by the Clinton State Department.

Apparently in their haste to suppress all direct witnesses to the worst foreign relations disaster in US history, the Obama White House overlooked the Army unit that was flying a drone over the hot zone, who saw the massive attacks that contradict the administration’s claims that protestors had been responsible for the slaughter of US diplomatic personnel as well as the burning of the building. Will justice finally be served? We will see. In all this, the Obama White House knew immediately that Al Qaeda terrorists were involved, yet lied anyway! In the terrible aftermath, the President went to bed and left the next day for a fundraiser in Las Vegas the following day.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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  1. Has no one realized that what happened in Benghazi is an act of war? Our embassy’s sit on American soil in Behgnazi. I am not trying to fault the Libyan Government, But even so this is an act of war and normally we would have soldiers on the ground there.

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