FBI rounding up bloggers over Obama eligibility scandal

When proven that the President has forged federal documents and still remains unprosecuted in office people we have a problem!

When proven that the President has forged federal documents and still remains unprosecuted in office people we have a problem!


By Doc Vega

How do you define totalitarianism? Is it when the government arrests citizen journalists?

Just days ago the FBI entered the premises of a well known blogger, questioned him, confiscated a number of his possessions, we don’t exactly what maybe files and records, handcuffed him, and whisked him away! This man had proven to be an excellent researcher, who had produced convincing evidence leading to the identity fraud that has been perpetrated by one Barack Hussein Obama under different names, social security numbers, and debts under these false identities, obvious violations of the law. This man has uncovered this proof for those in the fight to prove our President is, in reality, an Unconstitutional usurper. He has provided Jerome Corsi and Sheriff Arpaio’s cold case posse with crucial factual proof on the illegal actions of an occupant in the oval office who never should have been elected. What law did this man break? If anyone broke the law it was Barack Hussein Obama! Yet, this reporter, this blogger, has been accosted by the FBI Gestapo style!

Do you find this shocking and disconcerting? You had better, because actions by a government as this constitute a violation of people’s rights, the suppression of the press, and the willful iron fisted oppression we have seen in ever dictatorship that we have denounced and fought in world wars! There’s only one little problem, people, it’s happening right here in America!

Al Hendershot is the name of this brave individual who has been running a website called “Exposed”. The FBI came knocking on his door after he published a number of embarrassing and incriminating actions by the person who identifies himself in the White House as one Barack Hussein Obama. Some examples of his questionable and criminal conduct have been the use of one name “Harrison J. Bounel” who apparently owed unpaid taxes on a house in Chicago as well as the use of multiple Social Security numbers.

Al’s Facebook wall was scrubbed from the internet. When he was confronted by the FBI the immediate questions the agents seemed to be concerned with was what evidence did Hendershot have on Robert Mueller, Eric Holder, and Barack Obama. It seemed they were more concerned about the confiscation of Al’s incriminating evidence than anything else! His computer and files were taken initially, which were returned when the FBI called him telling Al to bring a witness with him when he picked up his possessions from their offices. Hendershot has no doubts that he was thoroughly investigated with a criminal back ground check.

Al Hendershot makes the point most succinctly that he is not afraid, will continue his fight to unveil the truth over this lying administration, and that he is in a fight to protect everything about America that we on the right and who value our Constitution, hold dear, freedom, liberty, Christianity, and our way of life. These values seem not under threat by the Obama White House, but seem to be a thorn in their side! Remember that your President stated publicly that he had a problem with the US Constitution, that it prevented him from doing more of what he intended to do as blind and stupefied Americans smiled and looked on at their messiah just a few short years ago.

I have been saying this for the last five years in my personal pursuit of the truth about this deceptive and untrustworthy administration. Wake up people. Start calling your Congressmen and Senators, get involved, join a local Tea Party, the Mark Levins of the world are not going to help us now as even Fox news is forbidden from pursuing the eligibility question and the tyrannical behavior of our government! Time to act before it’s too late!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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