Similarities between the Boston Bombing and other alleged terrorist attacks


A cluster of investigating technicians scour the Marathon area in the aftermath of the bombings.

A cluster of investigating technicians scour the Marathon area in the aftermath of the bombings.

By Doc Vega

As the media wildly speculates over the Boston Marathon bombing with shots in the dark and ridiculous allegations, there are some despairing parallels not being explored, and, in all likelihood, intentionally. It was pointed out shortly after the explosions that one witness, a Boston resident, spoke of a highly unusual sweep of the streets by uniformed police and enforcement personnel just before the marathon congregated at the finish line. Apparently, people had not noticed this move by authorities, nor has it been addressed by the media. Why did these men fail to detect the explosive devices?

Coincidence or pattern of operation?

As was the case in the 2005 London bombing, the terrorist blast that occurred in the 2004 Madrid train station, where actual disaster exercises were being undertaken by authorities in close proximity of the   zone of devastation resulting from the terrorist attacks, these events seem to have repeated themselves in Boston. As stated previously, witnesses noticed an odd deployment of uniformed personnel making a search over the street and sidewalks just minutes before the first of 2 explosions that rocked downtown Boston and wreaked death and injury among the marathon crowd.

When tragedies occur at the same time

Do experts or supposed investigative journalists bother to acknowledge that there were disaster preparedness drills going on in Denver prior to the Aurora shootings in that theater bloodbath. The Rocky Vista University of Osteopathic Medicine was conducting a mock mass killing involving the types of injuries found in related tragedies in order to instruct their students. Spokesman for the college expressed amazement at the irony of the actual shooting at the Aurora Theater occurring at the same time.

FBI produces its version of the events

A spokesman for the FBI addressed a press conference approximately 4:25 pm Thursday afternoon. The FBI seemed committed to the idea that two men carrying backpacks, one wearing a white hat and wearing black, were identified as a coordinated pair of conspirators, yet there has been a grievously overlooked piece of evidence along with the aforementioned parallels with other terrorist caused explosions in London and Madrid.

The most compelling individual yet-ignored

In a photo that seems little discussed or acknowledged there seems to be evidence intentionally being discarded. There is a tall man, military style haircut, wearing tanned desert slacks and boots, having a seeming desert tan, and clearly possessing a remote black handheld box or wireless device in hand along with a bulging pocket containing a similar device on his pants. Could this have been an operative who had used a remote detonator to wirelessly activate the blasts? Why are there no inquiries into this individual’s identity, and what he was doing, and if he was, in fact, connected with the authorities, or was he a mercenary hired by the bombers? If this is the case, than we can almost certainly ascertain that a false flag operation seems even more plausible.

Will important evidence be overlooked by design?

It seems that the press corps is asking all the wrong questions while our official spokesmen for the federal government’s efforts also seem fixated on their own theories. I think that they will arrive at a predetermined outcome that conveniently arrives at a preconceived conclusion that bypasses important evidence. This photo of the seemingly military individual holding the black box may just be among one of many clues intentionally overlooked as the official version of the truth unfolds for mass consumption.

As often times happens in these shocking terrorist acts, people are too overwhelmed by the carnage to keep from being misled by the official version of who committed the acts. It seems anytime that the evidence is collected and analyzed by the authorities in these questionable tragedies, a hidden agenda is being imposed upon the public without them realizing just what is actually going on.

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