A wave of terrorism-Is America under siege?


The West, Texas tragedy makes many of us wonder if its not related to many other terrorist related acts now assaulting the US!

The West, Texas tragedy makes many of us wonder if its not related to many other terrorist related acts now assaulting the US!

By Doc Vega

In rapid succession, a seemingly multi-front assault on America’s cities large and small has occurred. As much as officials attempt to tell the public that this recent wave of terroristic acts are unrelated or uncoordinated, the evidence seems to speak to us of a much different conclusion. Is it possible to ascertain the intentions of terrorists who refuse to claim responsibility? Is this a new strategy? Don’t announce who is responsible and allow America to become unhinged by the uncertainty of not being able to identify a common enemy? Could this be the new tactic of the terrorist organizations?

Not just an industrial accident

In West, Texas just 20 miles north of Waco, Lieutenant Governor, David Dewhurst, announces that the explosion that ravaged the small town killing more than 15 people and injuring scores of others appeared to be in the form of a mushroom cloud! Even State Attorney, Greg Abbott gave his testimony that the scene looked like the battle aftermath of an Afghanistan disaster! There have been discussions of a planned retaliation for the Waco massacre that had been sanctioned under Clinton administration and the FBI against David Koresh and the Branch Dividians 20 years ago on the anniversary of the controversial carnage that had occurred.

Threats to a US Senator

In the North Dallas office of Texas Senator, John Cornin, his staff agonized over a mysterious envelope of mysterious powder that could be the poison, ricin. First responders commended the Senator’s people for their vigilance.

Another poisonous envelope

In Beloit, Wisconsin 65 people were quarantined and 11 hospitalized after handling an envelope of unknown content that required emergency response. Included in the people hospitalized are two policemen, a 3 year old child, and 2 pregnant mothers. According to reports, due to such symptoms as burnings eyes and nausea, in addition to the hospitalized victims the rest of those exposed to the deadly envelope were admitted for decontamination.

Will we get the truth over the Boston bombings?

Of course, this article would not be complete without the mention of the controversial Boston Marathon bombing which has already brought questions of investigative agenda and who the possible accomplices could be. As authorities have publicly stated, thousands of leads have been processed and are under consideration as such security camera footage as Macy’s Department store footage is being examined to try and identify possible suspects. In all this however, one obvious suspect seems to have been overlooked with no explanation by authorities.

A weak administration has allowed Americans to be victimized

That all of these events intersected almost at once leads to obvious speculation that they were planned and coordinated by a single enemy seems undeniable. That America may be under the grip of a bungling administration that has shown unwarranted leniency to Middle Eastern and Arab antagonists and allowed them to have a dangerously influential hand in the affairs of federal government decisions seems assured.

Failure of the federal government

It would not be much of a stretch for one to infer that due to the reluctance of the Obama administration to defend our borders, to prosecute those guilty over Fast and Furious, for the lack of vengeance of the federal courts for those guilty over the Benghazi attacks. It isn’t that hard at all to arrive at the conclusion that the weakness and lack of value for the lives of Americans exhibited by the White House that has resulted in these rapidly unfolding tragedies that our government may well be engaged in trying to keep from being related to each other. To quell panic for the sake of maintaining control not for the sake of vanquishing the true perpetrators is, no doubt, the top priority!

The suppression of truth

The media, even Fox news seemed to have worked fervently to subdue any theories they construe as being conspiratorial. I remember as a child how in the aftermath of the JFK assassination how hard the authorities tried to suppress supposed conspiracy allegations which simply amounted to logically concluding that more than 1 gunman was responsible. It took more than 4 decades for the federal government to finally admit that more than one shooter was likely involved in the murder of JFK. Will it be that long before the truth behind this sudden scourge of orchestrated destruction against our country is finally disclosed?

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