Federal government preparing to arrest US sheriffs

The typical Sheriff acting within his assigned county jurisdiction now under just another of the White House assaults upon our system of law!

The typical Sheriff acting within his assigned county jurisdiction now under just another one of many White House assaults upon our system of law!

By Doc Vega

In lieu of the recent announcement by counties across the country that some 340 sheriff’s departments will refuse to observe and enforce federal law if it comes down to collecting guns from their owners, a new threat has been hatched by our lawmakers! It seems the assault on our rights and liberties is endless under the Obama White House. Federal authorities have been putting pressure on state legislatures to enact measures that will allow such federal officials as the Secret Service, special federal officers, federal agents, and other specialized federal personnel to actually arrest county sheriffs for not enforcing federal laws.

Bold power play by Obama regime

This proposed legislation would set a dangerous precedent allowing never before sanctioned powers by the central government to impose its influence where only county jurisdiction was traditionally acknowledged. States were originally intended to formulate their own laws apart from federal jurisdiction and superior to the infringement of federal intervention. The modern day structure of American government allows for the highest authority for the enforcement of law at the county level to be the sheriff and his deputized department or appointees. Many sheriffs have acted to revoke the federal authority of agents such as the IRS or even US Marshalls if their papers are not in order or have not been properly filed with the secretary of that particular state.

The normal checks and balances that exist in the federal government are also exercised at the state, county, and municipal levels, yet the new proposed law to allow federal infringement upon county level government in the form of arresting sheriffs for doing their lawful duty is just one more ominous step in solidifying the superiority of centralized power by the President over jurisdictions he was never supposed to have been able to supersede before.

Colorado first to cave in

Currently, the state of Colorado is set to be the first to capitulate on allowing imposition of federal jurisdiction on the county level under the aegis of SB-13-013 already passed by the state legislature is now slated for signing by Governor, Hickenlooper. This bill will authorize police powers of arrest within the state counties under orders of the executive branch (US President) by the Secret Service. The state of Texas, despite much conservative and independent banter by Governor, Rick Perry, is expected to review such a measure next. If Texas capitulates, this will open the floodgates to a host of southern states who have vowed not to bow to federal pressure.

White House influence on state governments

President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden have said to have been pressuring state legislatures to adopt the latest effort by the federal government to further erode state sovereignty and dissolve the lines of jurisdiction between the states and Washington DC, which our founding fathers were adamantly opposed to. Having multiple layers of separate levels of jurisdiction kept government from becoming too draconian under the intentions of our forefathers in their great wisdom. Now that particular mandate like so many others in America seems in jeopardy.

The Obama administration seems hell-bent on positioning themselves to dissolve any opposition to their authority and to be able to assert their influence at will with as little answer to their plans as possible. Our state level representatives should have seen this coming and listened to their constituents as many gun owners in Colorado had already voiced their opposition to the federal government’s attack on the Second Amendment, yet, having a Democratic Governor didn’t help! The future of this nation literally hangs in the balance and is being eroded bit by bit piece by piece while the major battles are being waged on Capitol Hill to elicit the bigger assaults upon our freedoms from the national level. At present, we have a fragmented rather than a united front of citizens who are aware of the issues and willing to stand up for their rights.

Undermining our system of powers

Separation of executive powers from direct influence over states and counties was intended by our forefathers to prevent the dictator-like whim of an out of control presidency that was intent upon imposing his will. Yet, everything we have seen President Obama do from signing the recent NDAA laws to his heavy use of executive orders and executive privilege points to his ultimate intention of becoming a dictator.

To the American people, you have been forewarned!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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  1. What the $&^* is going on in Colorado??? They just recalled two federal or state level representatives there, one of them a Senator. Or maybe both of their senators because of their anti gun stance. The governor will be next if he signs that garbage. I can see it now why they are starting there, they want to start busting all the med marijuana operations. Rick Perry will be in harms way if he does any such thing. He will NOT get a pass just because he is not running for re election in November. But I can see it now. It is in the works big time and their trying to keep it quiet for sure. Got to raise the alarm big time now.

  2. Reading some of the comments and seeing news reports the latest of a mum shot dead in her front door way holding her 10 day old baby by a stray bullet kind of makes me think America is falling apart. Nooooooooo don’t fall apart, you are a proud people but you can’t look beyond the fog and see that gun control can work. Yes I’m Australian and Yes we did have gun problems(mass shootings ect) and Yes gun control worked. no mass shooting and we can walk down the street and not jump to the ground when a car “backfires”, You don’t have to do things the way the Australian Government did but just look into it, have a think about it because as an outsider looking in, there is no way ur forefathers(some bloody great one to) who created ur great nation, would NOT want their Free American People Shooting Each Other to pieces. They made it ur right but not like this 🙂 don’t be mad:O

    1. I like Aussies but you’re wrong here. Americans are not going to go out and shoot each other to pieces. Having a weapon for protection keeps that from happening. The police don’t always get there in time in fact not nearly enough. This is our right and we will have it.

    2. You are absolutely wrong and I think a liar to boot. I hear stabbings, bludgeoning’s and other methods are being used in place of guns by those who desire to kill another person. The same as the other countries where the people have had their firearms taken from them along with their liberties and rights. My forefathers specifically wanted us to have firearms in order to protect ourselves from tyrants. They have also been the reason many lives have been saved but the other side of that coin is the “gun free zones” where firearms are not allowed at all but the crazies who want to kill people don’t care about those rules and so they choose those places to shoot people. If guns were allowed in those places, a lot of people would not get killed, only one or two. The first victim and the offending shooter being shot by surrounding individuals who had their gun on them.

  3. We need this moron out of office….before his 3 1/2 yrs are up. The same goes for Bloomberg , Cuomo ,Schumer, Feinstein…and more.

  4. In that case he and Holder needs to be arrested for not securing our borders and enforcing immagration laws and thousands of others. if he doesn’t like he ignores it but if the sheriffs feel it’s uncontitutional that wrong. F*** OBAMA and ship him home to granma in Kenya postage due.

  5. I think you’ve got one thing backwards. The legislation that is up for consideration in the State of Texas would bust sheriffs who HELP the Feds, and not the other way around. Colorado may be ready to give away any law enforcement sovereignty, but I don’t think Texas is going down that road, not from what I have read.

    1. I know the measure is up for consideration and I hope that Governor Rick Perry sticks to his guns and backs up his CPAC bluster with conservative legislation.

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