America’s transition into a police state

The once trustworthy local policeman now viewed with suspicion.

The once trustworthy local policeman now viewed with suspicion.

By Doc Vega

If you have bothered to do any research or read alternative news sites you will notice a disturbing trend presently going on within the ranks of America’s law enforcement corps. Stories of men, women, and children being tasered to death in some cases now in the news, but not the mainstream media. Recently, a FEMA training film showed an instructor discussing the American Revolution with his class, portraying our founders as criminals? He identified such men as General George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Samuel Adams as being terrorists who ordered the deaths of British officials and Her Majesty’s Army officers. This fascist indoctrinator was characterizing American heroes as committing acts of terrorism, the fathers of our country!

Poorly qualified

Former police chiefs and career law enforcement agents are now warning citizens to fear the police in lieu of reported abusive behavior by officers in major cities as complaints pour in by the thousands from citizens claiming excessive force, unnecessary search and seizures, and even sexual crimes such as body cavity searches. Retired police chiefs being asked what has caused this sudden shift in the lawlessness of our supposed keepers of the peace is rooted in a faulty selection process where once the few bad apples who should never strap on a gun and put on a badge were once in the minority, but now are being hired in increasing numbers. The percentage of corrupt cops to goods cops has been on a steady rise.

Police academies tasked with the screening process along with training have been remiss in their responsibilities, allowing control freaks, and those who have watched too many episodes of “Bad Boys” on TV to be hired and entrusted with the use of deadly force. Many officers fired for negative conduct in one city end up being hired elsewhere with a whitewashed record. On top of some of the worst choices in psychological profiles being chosen as full-time police, there is a problem with a fraternal mentality that seeks to protect officers who have committed abuses or, worse, police who are honest being intimidated over turning in those they have witnessed committing corrupt acts within their ranks. Such was the case with Vincent A. Cefalu, a 25 year veteran of the ATF, an agent who found out that hard way what happens when you testify over corruption and gross misconduct within your agency.

When the police need to be policed

Vincent received a notice to meet a field supervisor at a Denny’s parking lot in Lake Tahoe where he was served with termination papers. This he received as a result of being a whistle-blower over the “Fast and Furious” operation which was commissioned under AG Holder’s Department of Justice authority. Cefalu characterized the program as being reckless and grotesquely dangerous, and should never have been allowed to take place. An illegal gun running operation responsible for the deaths of 2 law enforcement agents, US citizens, and countless Mexicans, Cefalu was eventually forced to move from his residence to another city due to threats from his colleagues.

One particular officer in Chicago had already had 5 previous complaints and charges filed against him before costing the city $700,000 in damages due to his abuses, and still had not been fired. These types of cases not against criminals, but against those hired to serve and protect the public are becoming more and more common. Of the thousands of complaints filed against these abusive officers few ever reach the judicial stage of trial. Most are discouraged, thrown out, or settled out of court to protect the reputation of the department, but there is no doubt that these cases are on the rise.

A massive buildup-what for?

To make matters worse, police departments all over the country are receiving through federal grants military style armored cars, battle ready Humvees, tanks, and new technology riot control weapons designed to sicken and disperse hundreds of people at a time! What massive social unrest are these departments preparing for, one might ask?

With reports of inappropriate personal and body cavity searches being carried out by the TSA at airports where airline passengers have been humiliated and forced to even stand undressed in public areas, it has been discovered that people convicted of sex crimes have been hurriedly hired to fill the ranks of TSA officers stationed at check points. Once again, poor screening has cost the reputation of these agencies and endangered innocent citizens in the process.

What happened to the affable police officer?

It seems that as America has been transformed into the status of being a police state, the former attitude of police as being a part of the community and there to protect and serve in a capacity that is funded by taxpayer dollars, a new hostility has been born. The once genial and helpful police officer is now heavily armed with military gear, highly mistrustful, and capable of using deadly force with the slightest provocation. Now police have adopted an adversarial relationship with the citizens of this land thanks to the new threat of terrorism, which many believe was knowingly allowed to happen in order to accelerate the police state transformation we are now seeing in our country.

The Clinton Years: government sanctioned kill offs

When did this new aggressiveness toward civilians begin, one might ask? Could it have intensified with the Massacre of David Koresh and the Branch Dividians near Waco, Texas? If you have not watched the documentary film “Rules of Engagement” directed by William Gazecki in 1997, you need to. It is here you will see the inside story of how the Mount Carmel complex of David Koresh was subjected to a 51 day siege that ended in the horrible deaths of 79 men, women, and children. Along with evidence that contradicts testimony by FBI and ATF officials in Washington DC over the ruthless and vindictive travesty of justice sanctioned by our government under AG Janet Reno, who left the slaughter in the hands of her henchmen, who master minded the operation in Texas.

Could it have been triggered by President Clinton’s 100,000 man police hiring program that was targeted at 12,000 US law enforcement agencies at a time when, supposedly, crime across the nation was at an all-time low? Did someone conveniently forget that under Clinton’s terms the first World Trade Center bombing had occurred in 1993 and the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing that rocked the nation from Oklahoma City in 1995, had just happened? As many have alleged President Clinton’s administration authorized a program that pork barreled money and hired many unfit officers in its wake. Could this event have bolstered the new attitude of the modern-day police as invincible, indifferent, not accountable to the public for their actions, and oriented toward the use of excessive, life threatening, force?

Yet, in all these examples of outright abuse of their power, departmental corruption, and threats against those courageous whistle blowers who want to stop the injustice, many of the honest and dedicated officers, fed up with the politics, quit. They then seek jobs in private security firms rather than deal with all the underhanded aspects of public service gone wrong.

There is more to this than just the frailty in human nature though when our federal government encourages lawlessness. It all stems from the top and trickles all the way down when US Attorney General, Eric Holder, authorizes Fast and Furious and is saved from divulging incriminating files thanks to executive privilege invoked by President Obama. When our Attorney General actually wages a legal war against states trying to defend their borders from the Mexican drug cartel and massive illegal immigration, our law enforcement system is no longer committed to the protection of its citizens. It is now very much committed to something else, something that history has labeled as fascist tyranny, and it is coming from the Obama White House!

Whose interests are the feds really concerned with?

As the nation just endured a massive federal government endorsed assault on our Second Amendment rights, was it not ironic that while trying to remove the ability of citizens to protect their families and property, that our federal government was selling weapons in North Africa using Ambassador Stevens in Libya as an arms dealer? Was it not tragically laughable that as our government told us we don’t need weapons to protect ourselves that it is giving 250 million dollars in F-16’s and assault weapons aid to the recently overthrown government of Egypt? So, is it reasonable for me to deduce here that our own government would arm terrorists the world over while disarming the legal citizen population within our own borders? Are these not the actions of a nation that has strayed from its own Constitution and is now behaving in the capacity of a police state?

Is there a more ominous motive concealed by the feds?

I’ll pose another question to you. With the millions of rounds of hollow point bullets having been purchased by such federal agencies as DHS, TSA, FBI, and now even the Social Security Administration, why have another 360,000 rounds recently been ordered? The Obama White House spins a lot of disinformation portraying people who ask these questions as being paranoid and irrational conspiracy theorists, yet the weapons arsenal buildup throughout the US continues. Why would the government try to redact evidence that demonstrated its obsession with the stock pile of enough ammunition to kill every man, woman, and child in this country several times over with what amounts to enough ammo to sustain a war for years to come? Could that be a civil war started by the kind of social unrest that comes from a financial crisis, food shortages, or a population tired of their draconian, out of control, government? Think about it.

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