The ominous transformation of government and society Part II

World government is now shrewdly uses humanity as a cheap and abundant resource.

World government is now shrewdly using humanity as a cheap and abundant resource.

By Doc Vega

Many of us cannot recall or identify when it was that we lost our freedom and became slaves. For that matter, we can’t identify the source of the enslavement. Because we don’t normally think of ourselves as a resource to be utilized by governments, instead, we feel we are more unique than that. Yet, in reality, we are no more than that. We are but cannon fodder for the battlefield, producers of revenue for the tax man, and we are the cheap and abundant raw resource that can always be called up for whatever emergency governments see fit to create.

Two events that furthered the cause human enslavement

Two major events occurred in the late nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century that had a dramatic effect upon the global human resource that changed the face of the world as we know it. These developments accelerated the use of slavery and the government power grab for human rights. These two regrettable developments were the blueprint for the use the human resource as an ever more dynamic tool in appropriating revenues, as tools of the battleground, and sources for the proliferation of propaganda.

Karl Marx published his Communist Manifesto late in the nineteenth century. Though he was a hypocrite who lived off his friends and dabbled in stocks like a capitalist, he advocated collectivism as a way of leveling the playing field between the rich and the poor to be dictated by Communistic governments. In his warped world view, Karl Marx envisioned government sanctioned statism as a means of establishing equality among the masses. Administered by the Russians in lieu of the Bolshevik Revolution that toppled the Czar’s rule, one blood bath after another resulted in the quest for a socialist government in the massive lands of Russia.

Destructive political ideology as a tool

Marxism was secretly introduced into the American public classrooms prior to World War I installed by the efforts of America’s trusted educational trusts such as the Ford Foundation, the Carnegie Endowment, the Rockefeller Foundation, and others in a supposed effort to bring the two world powers Russia and America together. Instead, the political conflict created by Communism in the world would ensure the endless conflicts, rebellions, and isolation of cultures in the world under the aegis of revolutions that liberated people from the grip of capitalism. Stalin in Russia and Mao in Red China doomed generations of their people to government oppression and fearful rule under the lies of the Marxist doctrine. In the void left by the absence of industry and free will, Russia and China organized gigantic armies that devoured GDP over providing services for their citizens.

The world government

In the modern emerging age of world government that began as President Woodrow Wilson, a staunch progressive, worked feverishly with European leaders in the aftermath of World War I to create the League of Nations, the first incarnation of organized world government. This confederation of western nations proved totally useless in suppressing the Second World War as Hitler and his Nazi regime rampaged over Europe and North Africa until a US led allied effort liberated their newly established empire. The League of Nations gave way to the establishment of the United Nations, a new organized world government effort that has proven just as inept. Yet, this international alliance has been instrumental in the formation of a world government that wants to strip the sovereignty from every individual nation.

Same methodology in a new package

The new paradigm of the utilization of the human resource under the new world order is now through world government. Rather than individually taxing and regulating the masses from one nation to another pales in comparison to a centralized world government that can initiate schemes among its individual partners behind the scenes further the work of enslaving the masses through liberal globalist policies that can stage new lies to justify more taxation, more regulation, and more infringement upon the freedoms of the masses.

Think of the multitude of false narratives created by the new world order that have been fabricated to elicit more taxes and restrictions. Global warming, water, a nonrenewable resource, the looming fossil fuel shortage, over population, world food shortages, and more, the familiar fear mongering of the world government broadcasted by a world government controlled media, who obediently release the supporting news their false agenda. A world government that now controls governments promotes the careers of politicians willing to carry out the policies that serve that draconian global entity.

Instilling a sense of hopelessness

As we become perplexed over the continued conflicts that cost human lives, the senseless laws that punish us financially, as our freedoms evaporate over ridiculously cumbersome regulations, we ask ourselves what is happening in this world. None of it has a logical explanation. Governments get overthrown, food shortages cause thousands to starve, civil wars rage in third world countries, the cost of energy is high even with the announcement of new petroleum reserves, and our very own government is now running America like it is a banana republic.  The inexplicable tragedies, the needless suffering, and the mounting tensions between nations who threaten nuclear strikes, are all designed to manipulate the masses through fear.

What you reduce your human resource to through conditioning

Remember man has not essentially changed in centuries. Unlike animals who can’t be intimidated over threats, humans know the implications of imprisonment, torture, and execution. People don’t want to endure the threats imposed upon them by government sanctioned police and armies. So they submit. They allow the propaganda of state owned news agencies to indoctrinate them. They become the livestock to be herded, manipulated, and controlled by the policies of agencies, the Machiavellian acts of ruthless intelligence operations, they submit to high taxes, and are expected to comply with the absurd pseudoscience’s that have proclaimed environmental disasters that require the drastic imposition upon their lives.

True agenda of world government

It has been discovered that the United Nations have the ultimate agenda of depopulating the earth, reclaiming occupied land for reversion to wilderness, while robbing resources of the United States for distribution administered by the UN for vague purposes. The utilization of the human population in society as a tool for government gain has reached new sophisticated levels along numerous lines of communication, government tainted education, taxation, legislating regulations, controlling the media, and amassing enormous military infrastructure with which to engage in multiple police actions abroad. Globalism has ensured that the unsolved and perpetual complexity of worldwide problems continue as excuses for government intervention and even government created crises so that endless symphony of ends justifying the means can played over and over again across the news networks for the masses to consume and be hypnotized by.

Why American politics make no sense

And you wonder why America, with more fossil fuel reserves than any number of nations in the world suffers from high energy prices, high unemployment when the Democrats won’t sign the permits to allow the Keystone Pipeline to go underway, you wonder why Obamacare can be de-funded yet the GOP with an opportunity to do just that will not take the necessary action. You wonder why our President creates social division instead of acting like a leader who takes responsibility for the best interests of the people, ask yourself why. The governments of the world are only interested in what’s best for them not the people. To resolve problems when money can be made from allowing those problems to continue is exactly what will come to pass. Allowing international tensions to continue because defense contractors can make billions that go under the table to government officials is the answer to the frequently asked question of why governments never solve problems. Why does government spend itself into dangerous deficits that it refuses to remedy and even calls for tax hikes rather than reducing its size?

Final realization

If governments never solve problems, what’s in it for them, won’t their leaders become unpopular, and lose their next election, if indeed they have fair and honest elections? Ask yourself this, as long as governments have access to their most abundant and cheap resource that is more expendable than fuel, what are they worried about? As long as people can always be used, manipulated, and if need be sacrificed, all for the good of the government, why solve problems? It’s much less expensive to burn your cheapest resource, the people.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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