250 million dollar lawsuit against Esquire Magazine over Obama eligibility question

When will the system react appropriately to the lies of the President?

When will the system react appropriately to the lies of the President?

By Doc Vega

If ever you wanted proof that the major news networks and broadcasting giants behind them are trying to suppress the facts about President Obama’s questionable eligibility under Constitutional law, this article will demonstrate it. World Net Daily, a conservative publication service was sponsoring a book by author, Doctor Jerome Corsi. His book ““Where’s the Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama Is Not Eligible To Be President”. In a report on their website on May 18, 2011 the Magazine, Esquire, Executive Editor, Mark Warren released a piece that stated the Jerome Corsi’s book was being recalled by Joseph Farah and WND as the book was at odds with the publisher as though there had been some factual discrepancy.

Klayman an experienced courtroom warrior

Larry Klayman is no stranger to litigation with the current administration over the eligibility of President Obama.  He has been involved in several law suits seeking a ruling by the US Supreme Court over damages suffered by numerous clients that Klayman has represented. In the interests of forcing the courts to acknowledge Barack Obama’s lack of ability to prove his true identification, unusual and contradictory personal background, not to mention the fraudulent attempts at altering documents that would put any ordinary citizen under felony charges, Larry has endured the color of law used by the system to protect a president of disputed origin. Recently Klayman represented a grand jury in Ocala, Florida, who had found not only President Obama, but also VP Joe Biden in violation of law over their part in the illegal disclosure of national security intelligence.

Now Attorney Larry Klayman again tries to bring justice to WND for the blatant misrepresentation of news in the ongoing black-out on the mainstream media’s coverage of the disputed eligibility of one Barack Hussein Obama when Esquire Magazine, a Hearst Publication, wrongfully released a report that defamed World Net Daily and the reputation of Doctor Jerome Corsi over the eligibility issue of the President. Klayman will represent World Net Daily in a 250 million dollar defamation lawsuit.

When corporations can get away with perjury

Earlier a court decision dismissing such allegations was won by the Hearst Corporation as lies were used to make the claim that no such intention was evidenced in the actions of Esquire Magazine, and that the report was, in actuality, a sarcastic joke being marked as such at the time it had been published. Not so, says WND and their attorney Klayman, who have the original web page copy which shows no such notation. This was an attempt to quash controversy and protect the reputation of the President despite the submission of perfectly plausible evidence in detailed book form by Doctor Jerome Corsi, who has documented all facts and testimony.

Proof of media complicity

This should serve notice to any skeptics who want to contest that a wide spectrum conspiracy among the US news networks to hide damaging facts, to suppress news unbecoming to the President, and to refuse to cover such events has been underway for more than 4 years now. As a matter of fact, The news agencies have gone as far as to ridicule those who dare to testify against a president of questionable credentials as Sheriff Joe Arpaio has found out in lieu of his in-depth investigations that have yielded indisputable proof that not only are Obama’s ID documents forgeries, but so are his professed claims of origin.

This is the sad commentary of what passes for law and justice in today’s crumbling Republic known as America. Yet, Congress and the courts demonstrate cowardice and unwillingness to pursue the course of due process of law.


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