Who’s “courageous”?

By Laura Lorenzo

There was a story in Salon, written by Joan Walsh, about how Laura Bush and Dick Cheney aren’t really “courageous” for coming out in favor of same-sex marriage. First of all, I don’t know who’s demanding that they be dubbed “courageous”, but leave that aside.

Laura Bush Dick CheneyI once read that George Wallace didn’t really believe in the stuff that he was saying or doing, he just did it to get elected. I don’t know if that’s true, but if anything, it makes it seem worse. It’s one thing to be wrong in a sincerely held belief, no matter the degree of heinousness. It seems like a whole other thing to know it’s wrong, but to do it for political reasons. People can disagree on these issues, and have their reasons for doing so. You’d like to think that, at the very least, they’re representing what they really believe.

Barack Obama has favored same-sex marriage at least since the mid-90′s. This means that he flat-out lied, in order to get elected. Then he danced insultingly around the issue for three years, until he felt that the time was right to admit what he already believed. Even then, he lied about thinking that it should be ‘left to the states’. NO liberal wants ANYTHING ‘left to the states’, especially not a thing that they have dubbed a “right”. Anyone with any sense knew that once he was reelected, he would no longer defer to the states on the issue. Of course, we were “paranoid” for predicting that.

I do not consider Civil Rights and gay marriage to be directly comparable, but many people do. Barack Obama has lied about this issue from beginning to end, but the MSNBC/Salon Left will conveniently ignore that. Instead, they attack people who have truly evolved on the issue. You don’t have to credit Laura Bush or Dick Cheney as “heroes” or “courageous”, since one should reserve those words for actual heroes. It would be nice to momentarily acknowledge the political lubricant that has helped get us from Point A to Point B.
Laura Bush and Dick Cheney aren’t courageous – Salon.com

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