Senator Ted Cruz demands an answer over drone strikes against Americans

One of many deadly precision strike drones built by numerous US defense contractors.

One of many deadly precision strike drones built by numerous US defense contractors.

By Doc Vega

Today the controversy over recent NDAA enactments signed by President Obama came to a climax when Senator Ted Cruz demanded from US Attorney General Eric Holder whether or not it was legal for the federal government to order the literal execution of not only terrorists, but US citizens within our borders. This, as Senator Rand Paul conducts a filibuster against the appointment of John Brennan as CIA Director over his comments implying that US citizens are subject to drone strikes without due process of law or trial if so determined to be terrorists by the President or his cabinet.

Killing people in public from above

Asking if it was okay to use a drone strike to kill an American citizen while he is sitting in a street café  here, Senator Cruz put the question to an ambivalent US Attorney General Eric Holder, which proved to be a chore to belaboring the point. After 4 times, finally, AG Holder relented and admitted that there was no Constitutional provision for using drone strikes to kill Americans. When asked the same question in an earlier appointment hearing, John Brennan would not give an answer to this same question because he advocates such actions within the zone interior of the United States.

Obama has already signed draconian laws

There are many far reaching legal issues that are raised here. When President Obama signed S.1867 of the NDAA as well as HR 347 and the Defense Resources Preparedness Act, extraordinary measures had been enacted by the pen in President Obama’s hand. The Posse Comitatus Act, a law for the last 187 years, has stood to prevent the US Army from being used in a policing capacity within the civilian domestic sectors of America, however that ended in 2011 once the NDAA measures were signed in December of 2011.

The US is the police state in Orwell’s “1984”

Today unmanned drones have been equipped with incredible capabilities to follow and identify suspects, determine if that person possesses a firearm, these UAV’s can listen in on people, spy on US citizens, and finally drones have the capability to launch deadly missiles. This capacity exceeds anything envisioned by George Orwell in his frightening novel about a futuristic police state entitled “1984”. The United States now has the undeniable distinction of having the most thorough surveillance of any society on the face of this earth. Being able to determine that any citizen can be a terrorist and make the ensuing decision on the spot to have this person killed with a sophisticated drone strike on the whim of authorities without legal right of a trial in US court is a very scary proposition, yet the Obama White House wants this power, and has already signed measures to put this awesome capability to do so.

Two Republicans actually behaving like conservatives

Rand Paul is blocking the appointment of John Brennan as CIA director to prevent the bureaucratic implementation of a draconian threat to our rights as American citizens. Ted Cruz was asking a very simple question about the Constitutionality of using drones to kill US citizens on American soil with no condition or appropriate rationale by the federal government, and it took the highest legal official in the US government 4 distinct requests for a Constitutional determination on whether or not US citizens will appear in the cross hairs of a drone weapons system at the whim of a few federal executives. Whoever does not find this possible eventuality chilling is simply refusing to accept the reality of an encroaching government that values little its Constitution and even less, the lives of those citizens it should protect!


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