Sheriff Arpaio’s Mike Zullo reveals new plan over eligibility investigation

Sheriff Arpaio's cold posse is still compiling evidence of forgery.

Sheriff Arpaio’s cold posse is still compiling evidence of forgery.

By Doc Vega

For all of you who may have been wondering about where the Sheriff Arpaio cold posse investigation of the background and legal identification of one Barack Hussein Obama has gone, those efforts are still under way. Regardless of whether or not the US mainstream media has blacked out coverage of the ongoing investigation is superfluous. Just because the White House can and does manipulate the press corps into saying and doing anything they demand does not mean that Mike Zullo and his investigative staff have not continued pursuing probably one of the most important investigations in the history of the United States in their race against time to not only convict the President for his unlawful concealment of identity and background, but the damage his policies are presently inflicting upon the nation.

Another event blacked out by maistream news media

On January sixth of this year, Zullo held a conference with members of the Arizona chapter of the Tea Party and others but did not hold a nationally televised event. He assured patriots and Tea Party citizens that efforts are still ongoing and that a Plan B is underway. In this particular plan, key national figures in the private and governing sectors of society will raise their concerns and voice their opinions that the President has violated the Constitution and has been allowed by Congress to continue in office because either the leaders on Capitol Hill have ignored the evidence at hand or have simply not acted as they should with the body of evidence to pursue due process and impeach a sitting President.

Undeniable charges

Their allegations may also be presented such as naming President Obama as a defendant, who has committed forgery of a federal document, falsified his identification, and has assumed office of the Presidency under false pretense. There are many other charges that this would involve such as treason for endangering national security, being an accessory in the murder of American federal employees overseas, the violation of national security through his unauthorized knowledge of secret intelligence releases, waging a foreign war without Congressional approval and more. Few can truly appreciate the extent of law breaking under this present oval executive, who has arrogantly flaunted the law and continued his assault upon the US Constitution and American society.

The bought off  US media

One amazing fact remains out of all the lack of media coverage and refusal of leftist supporters to review the evidence and to consider that the President like any other US citizens should submit to the letter of the law. When Sheriff Arpaio gave his first national press conference in 2011 on the results of his then, 6 month old investigation, he was met with pure skepticism and questions involving his credibility rather than any intrigue over what President Obama himself might have done to raise doubts over his questionable conduct. Remember during President Bush’s two terms people burned effigies and made death threats. In President Nixon’s term, the media was rabid in its obsession with seeing the President brought down, but under the Obama administration the media has blacked out coverage and even hidden potentially damaging facts concerning controversy over the President’s behavior.

The intentional denial of the American press corps

In an investigation that was crucial to the well being of a nation and its laws, the mainstream media gave little attention. Over an inquiry that should have been considered historic and should have raised serious doubts over our political system, the media was remiss in its duty to cover the issues and present both sides of the story. Instead, they refused to address the grave concerns that should have been brought up over how the Democrats and Republicans could have allowed an unconstitutional candidate to ascend into the White House without being properly vetted or having his background looked into. Yet, this was never done unlike such scandals as Watergate which was exhaustively covered by the US news media when Nixon did not commit a fraction of the violations that President Obama has been allowed to get away with. However, this is a sad reality of what America has descended into under a soft coup de tat completely enabled by a compromised US media.

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  1. In less than one month a year will have passed since this was posted, and Obama is still the president, and Sheriff Joe and his “posse” have not proven anything or even announced anything new.

  2. If any idiot were to accept the bogus April 27, 2011, birth certificate (BC), all any one needs to do to disregard this document as justification for Obama’s eligibility is to cite and investigate the depths of the British Nationality Act – 1948. This document alone proves that the usurper is a dual citizen. Being a dual citizen is mutually exclusive of being a natural born citizen [born of two US citizens (one male, one female) on US soil].
    With the assistance of one honest judge, the fake SSN and bogus Selective Service document should be enough to burn Obama’s ass and those of his criminal backers (100 US Senators, 535-some US Representatives, nine Supremes).

    Thank you Mr. Hagel for your software-rigged voting machines.

  3. Must be hell to be a birther. The same news every day and never any progress. Drooling all over their keyboards and pooping in their pants when they think something new is going to happen. You DO realize that the Shurf took his evidence to the DA there in Phoenix and the DA said it wasn’t evidence, don’t you?

    Any. Day. Now. LOL!

    1.  And I did not have sex with that woman…. The truth will come out one day.  You are the birther!  You believe anything that is said due to the boy king leader.  The truth is what is being searched, not propaganda.

      1. The truth is people like you have no interest in facts or due process of law as you lay down for your corrupt government. Obama is counting on spineless people like you! Congrats!

        1. ? The fact is Obama has a fake birth certificate, fake SS# and fake Selective Service Application. Spineless ? Who ?

    2. Well at least right now they are not drooling on themselves and pooping in their pants as you yourself evidently are. Get some help with that will you? It stinks!

    3. Obama is running scared. LOL have you seen him lately? He looks and acts like a rat caught in a trap. He is loosing it I can’t wait to see him tried for treason

  4. Americans have to accept that they now live in an Occupied country and that they no longer live under the rule of law or the Constitution. They must accept that the “media” is not biased or slanted at all: they are bought and paid for, fully controlled tool of propaganda and Psy Ops campaigns, Psychological Warfare Operations to manipulate the emotions and perceptions of American citizens. It is going to get worse. Do your own research. 

  5. Zullo suggested a “plan” that maybe some key national figures would finally speak up? Uhm, what are these alleged key national figures waiting for?

  6. DECEPTIVE!  Very Deceptive.! There is more than enough evidence to prove not only these charges but now with the overwhelming SAND HOOK evidence that OBAMA need to be locked up and prosecuted for treason!  SAND HOOK Exposes an treasonous president and loud mouth JOE ARPAIO who will not prosecute charity fraud as Rockefeller ACTOR (because ARPAIO is ROCKFELLER in makeup) who uses non-governmental investigators as stall tactic and diversion.  Sandy Hook reveals our Government has been overthrown by a Treasonous president and a NAZI media war criminals.   It’s time to prosecute these War Crimes and the Dreamworks RICO mob that brought us Sandy Hook and FLUNKY TREASONOUS OBAMA! YOU DON’T NEED A PUSSY POSSE TO DO THAT!   

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