Sheriff Arpaio’s Mike Zullo reveals new plan over eligibility investigation

Sheriff Arpaio's cold posse is still compiling evidence of forgery.

Sheriff Arpaio’s cold posse is still compiling evidence of forgery.

By Doc Vega

For all of you who may have been wondering about where the Sheriff Arpaio cold posse investigation of the background and legal identification of one Barack Hussein Obama has gone, those efforts are still under way. Regardless of whether or not the US mainstream media has blacked out coverage of the ongoing investigation is superfluous. Just because the White House can and does manipulate the press corps into saying and doing anything they demand does not mean that Mike Zullo and his investigative staff have not continued pursuing probably one of the most important investigations in the history of the United States in their race against time to not only convict the President for his unlawful concealment of identity and background, but the damage his policies are presently inflicting upon the nation.

Another event blacked out by maistream news media

On January sixth of this year, Zullo held a conference with members of the Arizona chapter of the Tea Party and others but did not hold a nationally televised event. He assured patriots and Tea Party citizens that efforts are still ongoing and that a Plan B is underway. In this particular plan, key national figures in the private and governing sectors of society will raise their concerns and voice their opinions that the President has violated the Constitution and has been allowed by Congress to continue in office because either the leaders on Capitol Hill have ignored the evidence at hand or have simply not acted as they should with the body of evidence to pursue due process and impeach a sitting President.

Undeniable charges

Their allegations may also be presented such as naming President Obama as a defendant, who has committed forgery of a federal document, falsified his identification, and has assumed office of the Presidency under false pretense. There are many other charges that this would involve such as treason for endangering national security, being an accessory in the murder of American federal employees overseas, the violation of national security through his unauthorized knowledge of secret intelligence releases, waging a foreign war without Congressional approval and more. Few can truly appreciate the extent of law breaking under this present oval executive, who has arrogantly flaunted the law and continued his assault upon the US Constitution and American society.

The bought off  US media

One amazing fact remains out of all the lack of media coverage and refusal of leftist supporters to review the evidence and to consider that the President like any other US citizens should submit to the letter of the law. When Sheriff Arpaio gave his first national press conference in 2011 on the results of his then, 6 month old investigation, he was met with pure skepticism and questions involving his credibility rather than any intrigue over what President Obama himself might have done to raise doubts over his questionable conduct. Remember during President Bush’s two terms people burned effigies and made death threats. In President Nixon’s term, the media was rabid in its obsession with seeing the President brought down, but under the Obama administration the media has blacked out coverage and even hidden potentially damaging facts concerning controversy over the President’s behavior.

The intentional denial of the American press corps

In an investigation that was crucial to the well being of a nation and its laws, the mainstream media gave little attention. Over an inquiry that should have been considered historic and should have raised serious doubts over our political system, the media was remiss in its duty to cover the issues and present both sides of the story. Instead, they refused to address the grave concerns that should have been brought up over how the Democrats and Republicans could have allowed an unconstitutional candidate to ascend into the White House without being properly vetted or having his background looked into. Yet, this was never done unlike such scandals as Watergate which was exhaustively covered by the US news media when Nixon did not commit a fraction of the violations that President Obama has been allowed to get away with. However, this is a sad reality of what America has descended into under a soft coup de tat completely enabled by a compromised US media.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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  1. In less than one month a year will have passed since this was posted, and Obama is still the president, and Sheriff Joe and his “posse” have not proven anything or even announced anything new.

  2. Obama is running scared. LOL have you seen him lately? He looks and acts like a rat caught in a trap. He is loosing it I can’t wait to see him tried for treason

  3. ? The fact is Obama has a fake birth certificate, fake SS# and fake Selective Service Application. Spineless ? Who ?

  4. It is the responsibility of the candidate to prove they are eligible in the first place, just as it is your responsibility to prove you are who you say you are, and that you are old enough to drive, when you apply for a learner’s permit to get a driver’s license. What Arpaio has uncovered is evidence of the crime of forgery. That the forgery was done to cover up Obama’s eligiblity is secondary, but, it pertains to the motive for the forgery. There is no evidence Obama created the forgery himself, but, he claimed the forgery as his genuine certificate, when he posted it online, implicating him in the crime.

  5. Docvega , You are wasting your time , you are arguing with an Obot / liberal moron . They could care less about facts and evidence . They will still be waiting for their obama phones and free everything until hell freezes over . As a country friend of mine likes to say ” You can’t fix stupid “

  6. Well isn’t that interesting when a major university in Israel just identified layers of forged information?

  7. Well at least right now they are not drooling on themselves and pooping in their pants as you yourself evidently are. Get some help with that will you? It stinks!

  8. The truth is people like you have no interest in facts or due process of law as you lay down for your corrupt government. Obama is counting on spineless people like you! Congrats!

  9. There is contradictory evidence fool! The President has committed fraud and forgery while hiding his academic, health, and personal records! And so much more. These are criminal acts. get it?

  10. You are correctomundo we have been taken over because our apathetic public have shown no interest what so ever if finding the truth. This what they deserve! My only problem is why should me and all the others have to suffer.

  11. The problem is that we have a leftist media with huge influence over a clueless and unpatriotic population who want entitlement!

  12. Guess you didn’t hear about the mysterious disappearance of the micro film did you? Gosh wonder how that happened!

  13. Obama’s past forgeries have nothing to do with Bush just because he was putting out fraudulent info in years past

  14. These people are not interested in the truth, they only want their messiah in office!

  15. Don’t listen to that lame grain it’s the typical procedure of the left to ridicule the messenger!

  16. You are the the moron, Sir! There is an overwhelming amount of evidence pointing to Obama’s forgery. Do the research and stop being a brainless drone!

  17. If any idiot were to accept the bogus April 27, 2011, birth certificate (BC), all any one needs to do to disregard this document as justification for Obama’s eligibility is to cite and investigate the depths of the British Nationality Act – 1948. This document alone proves that the usurper is a dual citizen. Being a dual citizen is mutually exclusive of being a natural born citizen [born of two US citizens (one male, one female) on US soil].
    With the assistance of one honest judge, the fake SSN and bogus Selective Service document should be enough to burn Obama’s ass and those of his criminal backers (100 US Senators, 535-some US Representatives, nine Supremes).

    Thank you Mr. Hagel for your software-rigged voting machines.

  18. I would take you seriously, if you didn’t have to demean Birthers when you talk to us. What evidence do you have that Bush authorized the forging of his Selective Service card? And what does Reagan have to do with Obama’s Social Security number? You’re the one who’s wrong for making accusations like that, without any evidence. And by your standards, Obama is a criminal for selling his books, and asking for donations for his campaigns, because you imply it’s a crime just to do those things.

  19. You sound just like your hero, Obama. All disinformation, misinformation, denials, and outright lies. No sense talking to a devoted fanatic like you. Goodbye.

  20. “An obsolete Makiki Station P.O. round hand stamp could not be found for 1980. ”

    Obama’s SSR card has a round Makiki Station Post Office Stamp.

    Darrel Oniwa’s and Henderson’s DLNs are around Obama’s and theirs were issued in 1980. Where did Obama get his DLN?

    How did Obama’s SSR card get on the SSS microfilm rolls in 2008?

  21.  Thanks for a logical question.  Zullo showed and explained how this happened on video.  Another host explained where the ssr card came from.  I’ll try and find the links.  But it was an amateur crime. 1. It is a 2008 ssr card that Obama had turned in and not his 1980 ssr card. The last two digits were then turned upside down, cut out and put in. An obsolete Makiki Station P.O. round hand stamp could not be found for 1980.  A 1980 ssr card also could not be found and a ssr card from Chicago, 2008, was used. There is an error in that 0897 080 632 (Barack Obama) JUL 30 1980 is JUL 30 80.  Also no identification was shown with the ssr.  Anyone could have turned this in.  It was too hard to forge a 1980 drivers license and  give away a fake Obama location.  No identification is considered an incomplete form and would disqualify anyone from federal office.  The SS Adm. will not give Zullo any information.  No one knows what is in the files.  The person who broke into Obama Federal Passport Data File was shot dead.  Obama can not let anyone see his ssr, bc or ss# because he is hiding something.  I’m just looking for the truth like Zullo.  Just interesting how obvious some aspects are and how you already formed an opinion.  I found that Obama paid some people to do exactly what you are doing.  Noyt sure you are one of them.  Zullo reproduced the forgery.

  22. So you believe that “Obama operatives” broke into the Selective Service System computers and inserted his info into the database.  Then they broke into two different Federal Data Centers and spliced microfilm copies of the forged SSR card onto the microfilm rolls.

    But these same operatives, who also obtained an obsolete Post Office hand stamp from the Makiki Station and a 1980s era SSR card and got a ten digit DLN that happens to fit in the range of other DLNs issued to people who registered in July/August, 1980 at the Makiki Station Post Office, could not come up with a 19xx date plug to put in the stamp.  They didn’t need to find a 1980 plug because a 1970 or 1985 or 1990 plug would also work by cutting off the first two digits.

    How dumb is that?

  23. There are two other registration cards from the Makiki Station Post Office in Honolulu.  Here are the DLN’s stamped on those cards and on President Obama’s

    0897 080 653 (Darrel Oniwa) JUL 31 1980

    0897 080 632 (Barack Obama) JUL 30 1980

    0897 080 613 (Bruce Henderson) AUG 2 1980

    President Obama’s DLN is from 1980.  His SSR card was first released in October, 2008.

    So here is what you have to believe happened:

    1.) Forger obtains a 1980 ssr card.
    2) Forger obtains a 1980 DLN.
    3) Forger obtains an obsolete Makiki Station P.O. round handstamp.  But cannot find a 19xx plug to put in the P.O. stamp.  He doesn’t even need a 1980 plug as he can cut off the first two (19) digits from any 4-digit plug.
    4) Creates a microfilm image of the forged card. 
    5) Forger breaks into the Selective Service System computers and inserts President Obama’s info.
    6) Breaks into two different Federal Data Repositories and splices the micofilm copy into the rolls.

    All this was done during President Bush’s Administration.

    But here is where your theory of the crime falls apart.

    You have to explain how the forged SSR card got onto the microfilm rolls for the Selective Service System.

    Did the Selective Service Administration make the microfilm copy of the forged ssr card?  When 1980, 2007, 2008?

    Why would the Bush Administration do that?

    Did the Forgers break into the Federal Data Centers and splice in the microfilm images?

    If that is the case then the forger never needed to create an actual ssr card only a microfilm image of a card, there was no reason to cut a date plug in half.  They could have simply photoshopped a 1980 and pasted onto their image before creating the microfilm copy.

  24.  And I did not have sex with that woman…. The truth will come out one day.  You are the birther!  You believe anything that is said due to the boy king leader.  The truth is what is being searched, not propaganda.

  25.  The loops are not the same size so you can tell the “08” upside down.  Zullo got many Selective Service applications from the same post office on days before and after Obama.  They are all four digits.  Maybe you should look harder and search for Obama’s fake Selective Service application and find another illegal two digit date.  And stop blaming Bush, Zullo has asked the Selective Service within the past year and they are refusing to cooperate as is Obama.  Who is paying you?

  26.  That would turn more than two centuries of American legal and moral values on their head. It is the responsibility of the accusers to prove their case, not the defendant. Since the US Constitution declares Hawaii’s attestation legal proof of the document’s authenticity, there can be no serious call for a forensic examination of the original birth records until the accusers first provide evidence that contradicts it. No such evidence has ever even been hinted at.

    That said, by every measure of documentary evidence, Barack Obama is the most comprehensively vetted President in American history. For what prior president can you show us their birth certificates (both long and short form), their draft registration, their newspaper birth announcements, the INS files for their parents, the the divorce records for their parents and mother’s second marriage, their mother’s passport records, and more a dozen years of their tax returns?

    As to the “all cases have been dismissed on technicalities” myth, that has never been true. Even the first birther case to reach the Supreme Court, Donofrio v. Wells was judged on its merits. More than a dozen subsequent cases have explicitly declared the President to be a natural-born citizen.

  27.  Wrong again, Neil. It came directly from the SSS in response to a FOAI request from a birther, in October of 2008… i.e. before the election.

    There is no possibility of “Obama operatives” having been involved.

  28. The number on the stamp is clearly not “upside down.” This can be seen because the loops of the “8” are not the same size, so you can clearly tell that is absolutely right side up.

    No other two digit stamps have been found because in honesty. nobody has bothered to look very hard.

    Finally, the registration was retreieved in a FOIA response directly from the SSS during the Bush administration.

  29.  Only idiots believe that the President has spent any significant amount of money (let alone $5 M) to “hide his past.” The anencephalic credulity needed to bleieve that is it’s own reward.

  30. Wow, you cannot dispute the facts and end up having to resort to name-calling.  This is why birthers are such total failures. 

    All you have to look forward to is January 20th, 2017 when a new President is sworn in. 

    Sucks to be you.

  31. Must be hell to be a birther. The same news every day and never any progress. Drooling all over their keyboards and pooping in their pants when they think something new is going to happen. You DO realize that the Shurf took his evidence to the DA there in Phoenix and the DA said it wasn’t evidence, don’t you?

    Any. Day. Now. LOL!

  32. William Rawie , You just proved the old adage ” You should keep you mouth closed and let people think you are an idiot then open it and remove all doubt . You are a true obama moron . 

  33. Americans have to accept that they now live in an Occupied country and that they no longer live under the rule of law or the Constitution. They must accept that the “media” is not biased or slanted at all: they are bought and paid for, fully controlled tool of propaganda and Psy Ops campaigns, Psychological Warfare Operations to manipulate the emotions and perceptions of American citizens. It is going to get worse. Do your own research. 

  34. Zullo suggested a “plan” that maybe some key national figures would finally speak up? Uhm, what are these alleged key national figures waiting for?

  35. So what do you think of the evidence Mike Zullo showed on how Obama forged his Selective Service application ?  Do you believe a 2008 stamp was used for the “08” turned upside down and not centered to “80” (1980)?  Why have no other two digit numbers for year ever been found except for Obama’s .  Will you address the facts behind the forgery ?   I am not a”birther” but a person searching for the truth.  People as yourself do not look at evidence but are part of a blind cult behind Obama.  OK, so what about the evidence I mention to you about the forged date ?

  36. You have exposed these scheme and Actors!  Their job in the media is to make it look futile!  YOU DON’T NEED A PUSSY POSSE you need a badge of authority… not ZULLO a pussy who dies not have an ounce of authority other than his  right to make a citizens arrest!   It an orchestrated Media Fraud!  
    They even having fun naming their media Actors “ZULLO” is some African medicine doctor!  They are laughing at us when they do this, not with us! The full truth can be seen here:
    www(dot)robinsoncrusoesgetaway(dot)calm  You will be amazed and ready to serve treason notices to prosecutors like  
    APE FACE Arpaio who lie to us as actors while ignoring their oath of office! Prosecute or get out of office!  NOW!  

  37. Are you missing a brick or what?  Are you a professional debunker?  That is the exact motive the media is using and has been using to make profit of it’s crimes against our Constitution!  You are intentional misinformation proving the age old adage it always the one pointing the finger!  Your are a media Shill! Get lost, we are about to shut down your GREENBERG / KATZENBERG RICO web!  We don’t need to even prosecute you for teh WW2 war crimes, we have SANDY HOOK! 

  38.  What’s funnier are the deniers like yourself who would allow your messiah to continue breaking the law as long as your party stays in control. Fools play a fool’s game, Pal!

  39. DECEPTIVE!  Very Deceptive.! There is more than enough evidence to prove not only these charges but now with the overwhelming SAND HOOK evidence that OBAMA need to be locked up and prosecuted for treason!  SAND HOOK Exposes an treasonous president and loud mouth JOE ARPAIO who will not prosecute charity fraud as Rockefeller ACTOR (because ARPAIO is ROCKFELLER in makeup) who uses non-governmental investigators as stall tactic and diversion.  Sandy Hook reveals our Government has been overthrown by a Treasonous president and a NAZI media war criminals.   It’s time to prosecute these War Crimes and the Dreamworks RICO mob that brought us Sandy Hook and FLUNKY TREASONOUS OBAMA! YOU DON’T NEED A PUSSY POSSE TO DO THAT!   

  40.  The Selective Service Registration forgery was created in 2008 – by Obama operatives, not GW Bush! (How dumb is that?)

    And it was obviously created to cover for the fact that  the Foreign Exchange Student Obama/Soetoro/AKA??? was not required to register for the draft in 1980.

    Article II specifically says: ‘No person, not even a Foreign Exchange Student, except a natural born Citizen, … shall be eligible for the Office of President.’

  41. If Sheriff Joe and Posse-man Mike would stop making the dumb argument that they are looking to charge the forger of the ‘bad checks’ instead of the passer of the ‘bad checks’ (forged Certificate of Birth and Selective Service Registration), then perhaps we could have some hope that something will be done about the ‘Forger in Chief’ occupying the Office of pResident!

    “Not charging Obama with anything.” “We’re just looking for the person who forged the documents he uses to maintain employment with the U.S. Government.”

    How dumb is that?

  42. BC -The pdf has been examined by real computer imaging experts (Dr. Neal Krawetz and Professor Ricardo de Queiroz) both say that there is no evidence of forgery in the pdf file or anything out of the ordinary for the file.  A certified forensic document examiner (Ivan Zatkovich ) says that while the pdf has been altered there is no evidence that it is a forgery.   BTW, if the White House pdf is a forgery, why does the Hawaii Department of Health website instruct people to view President Obama’s certified BC by going to the White House website and also provide a link?

    SSN – President Obama’s SSN was first published on the internet in October, 2009.  The E-Verify was run in August, 2011 (see Linda Jordan affidavit).  By that time President Obama’s SSN was public knowledge for almost two years.  At the very least, his SSN is flagged in the Social Security Administration’s system, if in fact he was not issued a new number.

    SSR – In February, 2008, the Selective Service Administration stated that President Obama properly registered in 1980 (see Jeffery Coffman affidavit), in August, 2008 the SSA stated that President Obama correctly registered for the draft in 1980 (e-mail to PJMedia), in October, 2008 the SSA publically released President Obama’s ssr card (the one with the two digit date stamp) (see Jeffery Coffman affidavit).

    Why would President Bush’s Administration go to such trouble to help elect President Obama?

    If we look deeper into President Obama’s ssr card we see that here is a 10 digit Document Locator Number (DLN) stamped on it.  Susan Daniels has obtained ssr cards for men who registered at the same post office and within days of President Obama.  Here are her results:

    0897 080 653 (Darrel Oniwa) JUL 31 1980
    0897 080 632 (Barack Obama) JUL 30 1980
    0897 080 613 (Bruce Henderson) AUG 2 1980

    How did President Obama get a 1980 DLN?

  43. Tom Burfoot , I believe that this crime is so large that ( the US Congress and the US Supreme Court ) don’t know how to deal with it or are afraid to deal with because so many people  are involved in this fraud on the US Constitution and the American people .

  44. If your boy has done nothing in his past to be concerned about, why would he spend upwards of $5,000,000 to hide it?  I would love to compare my college transcripts to his.  I’ll bet my GPA is higher than obama’s!  It’s fun knowing you’ve performed better in college than all but one of the last ten candidates for the presidency…but due to obama’s fear of disclosing his past college records, I can only assume his grades were terrible and got into his expensive schools through affirmative action deferrals…unless he was welcomed with open arms for student body diversity as a foreign student, Kenya???  Either way, I’d want to hide all those facts about my past, as well, if I had a lust for power.

    So “they” ridicule anyone who would like to know the truth.  “They” don’t want to know the truth.  “They” are afraid of what the sealed records hold inside, or “they” would demand, shoulder-to-shoulder with us, that obama produce his records to shut us up once and for all.  But “they” won’t do that because deep down inside “they” know that we’re right.  Their fearless leader, their hero  has feet of clay.  “They” would rather allow obama to destroy America rather than to have to admit “they” were duped.  

    By the way, when the truth ultimately comes out, as it ALWAYS does, we won’t won’t rub it in your faces, we won’t be saying, “We told you so.  We’ll invite you to help us rebuild what obama tore down.  

  45. WIlliam Rawle , or should I call you Obot ? NO evidence ? Are you completely out of your mind ?
    How about the forged birth certificate on the White House website ? Or the social security number that wont pass E Verify ? Or the forged selective service registration card that has only two digits for the year and not four like it is required by law ? Just to name of few . 

  46. Birthers Are Funny , You have to be a complete moron to believe this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama is a legal sitting US President . I have not seen one Obot come up with any evidence that this pice of garbage barack hussein obama is a US Citizen let alone a Natural  Born US Citizen . Wake Up Fool you  and the rest of the Obots have been led like lemmings . 

  47. The vetting process has not only not been upheld, it has been turned upside down. The burden of proof should be on Obama to prove his eligibility, but not one government official, at any level of government, has upheld their oaths to the Constitution, and demanded that Obama provide valid documentation. of his eligibility. The only document he has supplied, the online birth certificate, has been accused of being a forgery, and the one way to prove, or disprove that, to compare it to the original on file, according to common law, is being blocked, illegally, by Hawaiian officials, denying officers of the court, access. Not one court has allowed the evidence that “Zullo, Orly, or Apuzzo,” have, to go to trial, or have made a proper judgement on it, such as ruling against Obama by default, because he, or his lawyers, offered no defense. All cases have been dismissed on technicalities, and those that have made it to the Supreme Court, have been turned away, wthout explanation. The bottom line is, the legal system refuses to deal with Obama’s eligibility, denying everyone our Constitutional, 1st Amendment right to “petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Nobody in a position of influence, not even one member of Congress, will even start an investigation, based on the evidence already aquired. Besides the birth certificate, there is evidence of a forged Selective Service registration card, and evidence that Obama is using the Social Security number of a dead man born in 1890, which is ID theft. Anyone who’s name is other than Barack Hussein Obama, would be investigated, if there were any evidence of those felonies. Everyone in a position of influence is protecting Obama, and committing treason. 

  48. Our Constitution disqualifies Obama for not being a “natural born citizen” born in the nation to citizen parents (plural)[1], pursuant to Article 2, Section 1, intended to exclude anyone harboring foreign allegiance from eligibility.[2]

    Obama is British by birth, likely also Kenyan and by adoption perhaps Indonesian, as his father was a British citizen of colonial Kenya, further precluding eligibility pursuant to 1948 British Nationality Act.[3]

    Sheriff Arpaio’s ongoing investigation of Obama’s alleged birth certificate, altered Selective Service Registration, stolen SS#(s) and aliases: Barry Soetoro, Harrison J. Bounel, Barack Soebarkah, all suggesting he’s not a citizen, released evidence proving Obamas’ birth certificate is fraudulent![4]

    “Let no more be said about the confidence of men,
    but bind them down from mischief with the chains of the Constitution”.

    Thomas Jefferson”The Constitution is not an instrument for
    the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to
    restrain the government.”
    — Patrick Henry

    “Government is not reason, it is not
    eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master.
    Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.”
    — George Washington


    1. Mario Apuzzo, Esq., “Barack Obama: The De Facto President of the United States-Maybe a Born Citizen But Not A “Natural born Citizen,” (1/21/2013)

    2. Dr. Herb Titus, Esq., constitutional law professor, former dean of the Regent University School of Law, “Born In HI Does Not Make Obama Natural Born Citizen,” (5/9/2011)

    3. Leo Donofrio, Esq., “Why Obama is ineligible – regardless of his birthplace,” (4/01/2010)

    4. Sheriff Arpaio, “Full Press Conference Sheriff Joe Arpaio Barack Obama Birth Certificate,” (July 17, 2012)

  49.  Because Arpaio just needed Birther donations for his reelection. Zullo is now trying to position himself into making some money now. More than likely another book deal this time without Corsi who screwed him last time.

  50.  Actually it would be President Bush who authorized the Forging of his Selective Service Card.  Then you would have to go after Reagan about Obama’s Social Security Number.  The only criminals are the Birthers who are selling books and asking for donations for their investigations who are criminals.

  51. Isn’t it time to present this evidence to a Grand Jury? Crimes have been committed, evidence collected, and Constitutional eligibility issues are blatantly obvious…Sheriff Joe should go see Bill Montgomery and convene a Grand Jury…Congress is nt going to do anything…

  52. Having kept a keen interest on the whole obama frauds since long before his first election, i can only wonder what the CCP is thinking… there is NOTHING new in this article,   everything mentioned here today is OLD news… wtf???    JUST ARREST HIM AND THEN PRESENT THE EVIDENCE TO THE PEOPLE !!!

  53. There is a fourth option… they believe Obama is eligible.

    Everything Zullo and Arpaio has is at best circumstantial… and that will never stand up against the State of Hawaii declaring Obama to be natural-born. Such a declaration is prima facie true in any court in the land. To rebut prima facie evidence, you need contradictory evidence that is as strong or stronger.

    Until Zullo, or Orly, or Apuzzo, or somebody comes up with actual evidence that Obama was born overseas… nobody in a position of influence will take them seriously.

  54.  Since when do real police investigations depend on “the media” instead of prosecutorial agencies to get action?

  55.  They’re a sheriff’s department, for god’s sake. If anybody should know how to initiate a prosecution, it’s them. Why have they not even tried?

  56. No tactics should be revealed until the CCP has everything in order. To reveal even minor details is a recipe for suicide/disaster.

  57. I commend Zullo, Sheriff Joe, and the posse for their efforts. However, it is obvious that nothing will be done until a more worthy generation of Americans hold true to the rule of law. However, for the sake of the history of the Republic and our posterity, I pray that they complete their work soon, and the truth becomes forever embedded in the sanctum of American history. It is true of most human endeavors that shame and regret lead to repentance and virtue, if only they are recognized.

  58.  don’t you think they are trying to get anyone to listen who might make people wake up?  Every person who has looked and has decided to speak out about this has been made fun of by the left and media. 

  59. Go sign the petition at Orly Taitz, Esq.Please, pleaseplease go sign !If you want to get rid of Obama , GO SIGN !

  60. “Why isn’t the AZ congressional delegation knee deep in this? ”

    Anyone can make an accusation but you need evidence to start an investigation.

    This lack of evidence (real evidence, not hearsay), is why there will never be any action taken on President Obama’s eligibility.  People will just have to deal with that fact.

  61. That is because the media has been bought out by the same people who want the destruction of the United States of America.

  62. Why would impeachment equate to pursuing due process? If Mr. Obama/Soetoro/Soebarkah/Bounel fraudulently represented himself as eligible to be president after having had himself publicized for some 16 years as having been born in the then British Protectorate of East Africa–commonly referred to by Brits as the ‘Kenyan Colony–by his long time literary agent; and attended Occidental College, Columbia University and Harvard Law School registered as a foreign student, then he nothing more right now than a criminal in the commission of a crime.

    If the ‘Manchurian Muslim from Mombasa is in the commission of the criminal usurpation of the office of the president of the United States of America as well as the criminal occupation of the military rank of commander-in-chief, then America is in the midst of a constitutional crisis of unparalleled magnitude: America has no legal sitting president and has not had a legal sitting president since the first (and second, if you want to get technical!) swearing-in as president of the Empty Chair, ‘Bath House Barry’ Soetoro. 

    The threat that the Muslim practicing taqqiya criminally occupying the Oval Office presents to the national security of the U.S.A. and her allies is immeasurable. Judeo-Christian, Western culture shall pay dearly for the U.S. having permitted an enemy agent of Islam to take the helm of the American ship of state, the government, military industrial complex and armed forces of the most powerful nation in history.

    No impeachment will suffice. To impeach the fraud and forger illegally occupying the White House, one would first need to recognize his legitimate, legal occupation of the office of the president of the United States of America which is not at present and never has been the case for in order to legally sport the vestiges of the office of the president of the United States of America with honor, one may not have conducted himself in the commission of the crime of fraudulently representing oneself as constitutionally  eligible be the president.

    Obama criminally, fraudulently misrepresented himself as eligible to be president. 

    An enormous cover-up of unimaginable proportions continues in the effort to conceal the criminal usurpation of the presidency by an enemy agent of Islam practicing taqqiya.

    All those complicit with the criminal usurpation of the presidency must be brought to justice. The institutions of higher learning which Mr. Obama supposedly attended would be complicit in high treason if they have known of an ongoing felonious criminal usurpation of the presidency by an ineligible candidate who attended their school registered as a foreign student and have chosen to remain silent and facilitate the criminal usurpation of the office of the POTUSA.

    Official documents have been proven to be forged (and even non-existent as actual paper document-electronic files) by Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s volunteer Cold Case Posse.

    Can our constitutional right to redress of grievance simply be disregarded by our elected officials because main-stream media outlets have decided that they will not report on the biggest news story in the history of the United States of America?

    In God we trust. God bless America. One nation under God.

  63. Our government is impotent in the face of this “soft” coup d’etat. Coups are not usually countered by legal means. Someone out there, must have the means, and the expertise, to engineer a counter coup. The question is, is there anyone out there with the motivation, and the courage, to attempt one? The security around Obama should be the best in the world, and a counter coup would have to take that into account. Those involved in providing that security, should be able to determine the legitimacy of who they are guarding. Either they have fallen down on the job, or they don’t care, or they are complicit. If they are complicit, a counter coup is that much harder.

  64. Why isn’t the AZ congressional delegation knee deep in this?  The AZ Tea Party surely contacted their representative and both senators, right?  If the evidence was presented to them, don’t they have a constitutional duty to act?

  65. The Zullo team keeps going to the B-Team people to look for their next 15-minutes of fame… rather than seek out the A-Team people. I agree with previous comments posted. Just arrest the guy… they have hard-core proof of treason and fraud. Everything else is demagoguery…

  66. The truth is out there.  Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo have an open and shut case on how Obama forged his Selective Service information.  The same on Obama’s fake Social Security number.  We are waiting for what is already is out there.  OBAMA IS A CRIMINAL!

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