President Obama’s Lies over looming sequester

 By Doc Vega

President Obama does not want to solve the unemployment problem self reliant Americans won't support Democratic rule!

President Obama does not want to solve the unemployment problem self-reliant Americans won’t support Democratic rule!

In a recent speech President Obama, surrounded by first responders for effect, warned that the coming automatic slash of across the board federal spending cuts we know as the “Sequester” will hit by the first of March. This 85 billion dollar reduction in government spending has been characterized by the President as some catastrophic interruption of government services, lay offs of federal employees, weakening of armed services, furloughs of FBI personnel, border patrol agents losing hours, and prosecutors having to give up cases against criminals, letting them go unpunished.

Creating crisis again

Once again, the President fabricates lies, exaggerations, and fear mongers over having to comply with not only spending constraints, but a bill that he himself approved and authorized. When are the people going to wake up to the fact that this President does not want to streamline unnecessary federal government expenses and that he will lie whenever possible in order to protect the growth and size of government as this will also demonstrate to the people that they don’t need big government regulating every aspect of their lives if they see that with reductions in unnecessary waste, and that we can still survive without the unnecessary influence of the feds in our lives.

Since when did Obama care about the border patrol?

Mentioning that border patrol agents will get less hours is almost a moronic assertion by the President as his administration has maintained attacks against every state that has attempted to enforce federal immigration. Border patrol agents with dwindling support have even been instructed to duck or run and hide when confronted by drug cartel shoot outs. Why would Obama even show any concerns over supposed sequester budget cuts for our border defense? Who is he kidding?

What is sequestration really?

In a government that has now accumulated more spending at an excess  of 16 trillion, than the total annual output of the US economy at 14.2 trillion, 85 billion is the equivalent of a tiny percentage. This amount out of 3.8 trillion dollar annual budget is indeed only a small part of the federal spending agenda. Layoffs of federal employees, even if they were to happen, would not occur immediately as federal employees must be given a 30 day notice, and that’s not going to happen. The sequester is an across the board reduction in the expansion of the federal government, not a cut in funding!  Current federal income as of 2011 was 900 billion per month. The sequester does not take money away from the federal government, it prevents the government from spending more!

As in every debt ceiling that President Obama has brought about as a result of his out of control spending he continues to fault Congress for his very own actions. Obama has already cost the America 3 credit downgrades as a result of the excessive spending which continues to exceed the Congressional supplied budget. The Obama White House has yet to adopt an approved budget in more than 4 years.

Where’s the President when you need him?

A president who would use a private jet to go on a secret golf weekend with Tiger Woods in Florida while a national defense crisis as well as an unemployment nightmare are in full swing has no excuses! The Russians used nuclear bombers to fly circles around the island of Guam, a US strategic Naval base, infringing on defended air space. Iran is getting closer to extracting fissionable grade plutonium for a nuclear arsenal. North Korea is testing nuclear devices. China has been identified as conducting cyber attacks against the Pentagon’s network. Unemployment continues unabated with more of slow growth economy, and the President secretly goes on a golfing weekend. Are these the actions of a connected and committed President? I don’t think so.

Intentional pain doled out to the American public

It seems that rather than pick the unimportant and wasteful federal programs to cut out of the budget all together, even though essential government services cannot be interrupted under the budget sequester, the President and Democrats want to make this a painful experience for Americans just to remind them of the importance of the infrastructure created on Capitol Hill whether we need it or not. For purely political means, as he always has, President Obama will force the country to suffer rather than make decisions based upon the good of Americans.

Still killing jobs

Have you wondered why President Obama has yet to sign the permits for the Keystone Pipeline? Remember how much we need 40,000 jobs, secure energy, tax revenue for the states, and a cheap source of oil with a domestic pipeline in place. There’s not a reason in the world not to sign that bill and create jobs and revenue, but still the President refuses. Yet, Obama continues to demand tax hikes on beleaguered middle class and blue collar workers.

With the new shale oil reserves discovered in North Dakota that now represent more than the crude that exists in Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Iraq, America has the opportunity to become the top energy producer in the world. Add that to our coal deposits, and there is no reason why this country should not have cheap and abundant energy while supplying enough jobs to end the unemployment nightmare that has plagued America, but what have the Democrats and the President done?

Democratic Party suppresses recovery

Under the aegis of environmental controls, the Democrats refuse to release federal lands for drilling. The only reason that the US even has a viable gas and oil industry is due to the production from privately owned lands. Currently the oil and gas industry provides 9 million jobs yet the President remains at odds with the energy producers wanting to remove legal expense deductions calling them “subsidies”.

All the tools needed but for government interference

Not only does the US now lead the world in oil and gas reserves, but we have an absolute surplus of natural gas that can supply present demand for the next 100 years. Natural gas is clean burning and can be adapted to diesel burning and gas burning engines. In truth, America has all the resources, manpower, and technology it needs to prosper and rise to new heights but for a President and Democratic party, who want to promote joblessness and dependency upon big government that has no intention of practicing responsible fiscal policy.

Lies that insult our intelligence

Once again US citizens must face an insult to their collective intelligence, and listen to the lies of President Obama who will refuse to exercise smart fiscal management and force the people to endure unnecessary hardship. Democrats can only exist under the circumstance of big government and federal aid because who in their right mind would want to accept the crumbs offered by big government when there is a healthy, vibrant economy that rewards those who work with great salaries and the dignity of independence!

The truth behind intentionally bad policy

To the President and his party self-reliance is a threat to the Democratic party’s existence. So, they must, as they see it, persist in perpetuating a declining economy with bad policies, a government induced recession. This what the budget sequester is all about. President Obama must create a crisis where there is none. He has no interest in solving the problems of Americans.








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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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