Alec Baldwin Racist or just Drawn that Way

By Laura Lorenzo,  Guest Op-Ed

For the better part of today, I have seen comments about Alec Baldwin, the bane of all conservatives, or at least those who get their banes from Sean Hannity.  He, apparently, called someone a “coon”, because he’s such a horrible person. Of course, that term was passe when Archie Bunker used it, which I recall thinking at the time. I didn’t bother with the New York Post article, because it was the usual gossip, whose subject was neatly communicated in a single tweet. To read the article would be to indulge in the evident “misfortune” of Mr Baldwin, about whom few should have much care in the first place.

The Racist Rant that didn't happen - Media Credit: The NY Post.

The Racist Rant that didn’t happen – Media Credit: The NY Post.

Later in the day we discover, via TMZ, that he didn’t say it. Now, I have not studied the tape nor read the transcript because, as I may have communicated, I don’t care. He’s an actor. An ill-tempered one, it seems, but an actor. The fact that so many conservatives find him infuriating is a mystery to me.

So, the story is refuted, and  Politisite was my only source to actually mention it (the place was lit-up this morning, when the “story” broke). The only other comment I’ve see was from this one strange little individual who basically said What about NBC and George Zimmerman!?!“. This, unfortunately, is the usual response when such things happen: ignore or deflect. The Post writes a story, easily refuted by TMZ, and the response is either “Eh, no biggie” or “But they did it first!!”. Does anyone think for a moment that the Post would have reported some gossip that portrays a conservative as a racist, any more that the New York Times vice versa?

I realize it’s naive, but I have this idea that the press should report the truth, or at least make their best effort to do so. Toward that end, it might help if we got half as bent over a dishonest story about someone we dislike as we do when it’s one of our own.


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