Henry Kissinger confirming suspicions of New World Order

By Doc Vega

In 2009 at the very threshold of a President Obama administration, a curious thing happened that could have been interpreted as a harbinger of things to come. With all the crisis and chaos making its way across America in the last 4 years under the present White House, one might find it ironic that this particular figure made such an insightful statement about how international relations could take on a new and ominous development as a result of President Obama’s presence.

An influential statesman with a globalist philosophy

Henry Kissinger appearing on a CNN financial report made a revealing statement, as he was interviewed by Haines on the Wall Street trading floor. When asked about what he thought about such problems as Gaza in the Middle East, 30 years of diplomatic relations between the US and China, and how the new presidential candidate, Barack Obama, would do coming into office at such a pivotal time, Kissinger made a telling statement.

Henry Kissinger a one world government proponent.

Henry Kissinger a one world government proponent.

Kissinger had been known to have attended the latest Builder Berg Group, a secretive alliance of elite industrialists, politicians, media moguls, and academic figures who conduct discreet meetings on global issues, and have done so since 1954. When Kissinger appeared on the PBS show, Charlie Rose, he had mentioned that there existed a unique opportunity by the end of the Obama term for the creation of a “New World Order”.

Henry Kissinger who has been instrumental in a number of administrations on foreign relations going back to Nixon, has remained active in such a capacity throughout the Bush Senior, Clinton, and G. W. Bush presidencies. Once again while standing on the trading floor, Henry Kissinger echoed his view that there was an opportunity for the Obama presidency to introduce a New World Order into the international affairs of the world as many nations face an abyss without such a development that might bring peace and order to the nations of the world.

This allusion to a One World Government has alarmed many conservatives who see the UN being used to rob Americans of their sovereignty under international law. Many Christians have seen a New World Order as qualifying under an “End Times” scenario where many ominous Biblical prophecies will be fulfilled. One must keep in mind the findings of whistle blowers who have penetrated into the Builder Berg meetings and found that the new agenda of the partners within that secretive order now view individual freedoms, national allegiance, and the free will of an individual nation to be obsolete concepts of the past under the new aegis of globalism. One world government banker was once quoted as saying he owed no allegiance to any one nation because he was an international banker. Such is the rationale of the elite globalist community.

Reducing America to the standards of Marxism

At the time members of the US diplomatic community were celebrating 30 years of formal  relations with China first established through Henry Kissinger. One most wonder when looking at two of the most populated super powers in history (Russia and China) if the globalist plans for the US were not the same to emulate a Marxist society in America itself as leadership in such a society is much less complicated and easier to maintain rule over. Oppression always seems to be the easier of the two alternatives as compared to a free society that must always have the freedom of different views under discussion.

With the draconian NDAA laws signed by President Obama, S.1867 which allowed the US Army to begin domestic operations inside the US and being able to detain terrorist suspects indefinitely, not to mention the National Defense Resources Preparedness Act, the US Presidency is poised to act as a dictatorship on a moment’s notice with only the President and Secretary of Defense acting as a quorum to determine the martial law and the seizure of all US resources and businesses upon the whim of only two men in the government. It is little wonder that informed US citizens aware of the implications of these acts are jittery about the prospects of the future of American freedoms.

A proven proponent of one world government

Henry Kissinger in more than 30 years of international foreign relations has had the opportunity to weigh all factors and to act as a guardian over US interests, yet in view of his remarks about a New World Order under the Obama White House, we must realize that Kissinger seeks an authority other than that of the US Constitution. CIA Director, Leon Panetta voiced the same view when he announced that he sought the guidance of a UN security council over seeking the permission of the US Congress to declare war upon Libya. Yes, the New World Order phrase has become problematical for many who wonder just who our executive branch leaders actually answer to and why they commit to these seemingly destructive policies that do little to protect Americans. This phrase represents the emergence of a global government that should worry anybody concerned with the individual sovereignty of nations and the human rights of all people, American or not.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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  1. Too many typos to take this article seriously… How can I be expected to take seriously words from a man who can’t use the proper form of the word “their”, or the correct article attached to a word?

  2. A possible conclusion over such a statement, is that when Obama gets finished with his agenda. The United States Dollar (Federal Reserve Note) will represent so much debt it will be trash, and because of the abuse of the note being used in such a way as a instrument of debt, and as a promissory note of such debt. The Federal Reserve Charter will be moved to China under the advice of the major stock holders in currency. One of them being George Sorose. Who has publicly suggested this. Or there will be a Floating Charter that will have special drawing privileges concerning the wealthiest nations evolved with the permission and recommendation of the board of directors.

    If and when this event should occur the United States of America will be bankrupt and no more a major player as a superpower. This would pave the way for the United Nations, and or a special board of congress, and or the Queen or Possibly a king of England being a (Baby king) to be appointed to a position as world leader.

    If and when the United States Federal Reserve Note collapses under its own weight in debt ,or is no longer excepted because of the debt it carries. Will cause extreme economic problems world wide and a artificial correction much like the correction of 1929 will be implemented by the world bank and world wide moratorium will take place on all national banks world wide. When they reopen the correction will have been made and the coronation completed. Later it will be made public with all the hoopla of celabration of a new age of supposedly peace and tranquility, and wealth and power, for of course the elite class only.

    This is always the best time for a take over of any nation or all nations. With Rome in power once again and a new Cesar on the throne?

    This may or may not be a possible conclusion of events some of it may be different with a similar result. But Rome intends to rule the world again one day, and has made four definite attempts in the last five centuries. Another slight problem that could stop these events is the people of the United States of America as a majority might be concerned enough to get of there lazy patriotic asses and go back to work.

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