Secession by the states is a workable solution

Would state secession bring about war or a resolution to the poor leadership of Washington?

Would state secession bring about war or a resolution to the poor leadership of Washington?

By Doc Vega

If one goes back in time to the early history of our nation when the first Continental Congress met and declared independence from Great Britain one aspect was clear among the statesmen and signers. Individual states were intended to make their own laws while the federal government was to be kept in its place to merely handle the minimum tasks of fielding an army and navy for protection of the borders, minting coins, establishing a legal court system to administer bankruptcy and so forth, as well as for the diplomatic establishment of peaceful relations with foreign countries. What we have seen transpire over the decades since than has been the encroachment of a heavy handed government with out of control spending and draconian taxes while imposing into the privacy of every man, woman, and child in this nation. This was not the vision of government envisioned by our founding fathers.

A White House at odds with state’s rights

With the continued controversy and incessant violations by the federal government of Constitutional law the concept of seceding from the United States of America and forming their own territorial jurisdiction is provided for already. The states that support the draconian grab of the federal government could remain firmly in the pocket of Washington while states that value independence, self reliance, and free labor without the threat of union violence could forge their own laws, and enjoy separatism. Since President Obama took office, the Department of Justice has interfered with the state’s abilities to stop illegal immigration, to enforce federal immigration law, and has even allowed foreign countries to try to sue US states over immigration, which is illegal and unconstitutional. In a time when the economy is bad and federal expenditures must be curbed, AG Eric Holder has conducted a costly campaign of legal harassment against US states that uphold federal law with their county sheriff’s departments.

Destroying opportunity

Last year, President Obama refused to sign a permit to allow the Keystone Pipeline to be built in a massive construction project that would have created more than an estimated 40,000 jobs and tax revenues to all state jurisdictions hosting the pipeline. This is another example of how the federal government interfered with state’s rights and further hurt the job market along with the income of states who could have obtained help over balancing their budgets with the proceeds that would have come from the pipeline project. Now unemployment and the inability of states to balance their budgets further weighs down on tax payers and the looming deficit disaster as opposed to allowing a secure source of energy within the US, a cheap source of oil, jobs created by the pipeline, and, of course, revenues for the states. What government would further set out to punish the states and the citizens with counter productive legislative leadership like this? Secession is the obvious answer to this nonsense!

Arming other nations while stealing the weapons of citizens

With the looming assault weapons ban coming, once again, those states that think disarming their citizens will be the answer to the bullets of mad men and criminals, then they belong suckling at the breast of big government while those states that welcome fire arm recreation, hunting, and personal protection to secede form a corrupt federal government that simply obstructs all avenues of freedom. It is tragically humorous to watch the Obama administration walk guns across the Mexican border and put them in the hands of the drug cartel, allowing our ambassador to Libya to act as an arms dealer in order to stir more violent rebellions in North Africa, and arm Egypt with weapons and F-16’s while banning protection to US citizens. This is abject absurdity! Actions such as this definitely fuel the beliefs of many Americans that their government is planning martial law in lieu of this insanity!

Many states better off as an individual economy

Just look at the economies of some US states. Texas is one of the largest independent economies among nation states in the world. I think it is safe to say that Texas does more for the US government than the federal government does for Texas. Being the largest producer of gas and oil in the nation, having produced 48% of the employment for the nation in 2011, and what has that gotten Texas in response by the federal government. President Obama sends the EPA to Texas to shut down drilling platforms in the Gulf, and sue the state for new air quality standards when Texas has a state environmental board that has complied with past national standards. The message is clear from Washington. “Knuckle under no matter what or we will make your life miserable!” and this is exactly what the Obama White House has been doing for the last 4 years.

There is a Constitutional provision for the states to secede in the event that the federal government fails to perform its duties and represent the will of the people. Even Thomas Jefferson clearly stated that should the government cease to function in a capacity that supports the freedoms and liberties outlined in the Constitution they are within their rights to secede!

The Civil War was not necessarily about slavery

The idea of secession is not an old one. During the Civil War the states were forced to secede for economic reasons and intrusions by the federal government into their resources and profitable foreign trade that allowed the agricultural economy of the South to become economically viable. As many believe, the issue of slavery was not the main question that drove the South to secede from the Union. As a matter of fact, President Lincoln had been willing to allow the Union to remain while still allowing slavery in order to avoid a war, but the North maintained an economic strange hold over Southern states that threatened the economy. The Civil War was more about the preservation of state’s rights than it was over slavery. I am not justifying slavery at all, and had a Civil War been averted, no doubt as time went on, the abolition of slavery would have taken place without the bloodiest war in US history causing 600,000 deaths.

A refusal to resolve the nation’s problems

Today, many of the same issues over the imposition of a corrupt federal government weighing too heavily upon states that were not responsible for such fiscal irresponsibility, forces thousands of Americans to weigh the options of remaining under the tyranny of the Obama White House, or forming an independent territorial government that is free of many of the constraints imposed by a politically inept Capitol Hill that refuses to solve major issues over the insanity of making biased decisions. If the central government is unwilling to comply with the US Constitution, as it has demonstrated consistently while penalizing the states for upholding federal law, it behooves citizens to demand that their states petition for secession. This way the federal government can continue its mediocre form of governance upon those states naïve and gullible enough to submit to it while those states who take to heart the freedom and sovereignty established by our forefathers can travel down that road of independence.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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