Who was Bill Cooper and what were his chilling prophecies Part II

William Cooper an American patriot dies in the cause of truth.

William Cooper an American patriot dies in the cause of truth.

By Doc Vega

William Cooper met with many people during the military retirement phase of his life and discussed the facts of a true alternate history that they had never been taught in government funded public schools. As Bill told an audience, people who attended his lectures were informed or at least trying to be, but when he was broadcasting his short wave radio shows he was on a mission. That mission was to wake the sleeping sheep up, to arouse Americans from their passive and hypnotized state, and to grasp what was really happening to their country. It was his fiery desire to awaken the people too drugged over what the media had told them to think, too misinformed to draw intelligent conclusions, and too apathetic to involve themselves in changing a system that was sure to enslave them. Bill would anger people, insult them for their willful ignorance, and incite them as he verbalized his sermon of awakening to the truth.

Waking up the sleeping populace

In doing so, Cooper admitted, he didn’t care if he made enemies or enraged people as long as he got them to start asking questions and to begin looking for the answers to those tough questions that urged people to look past false misconceptions and for the real answers no matter how disconcerting that information might be. Bill’s message resonates even today among people who are piecing together the links between the US government corruption and who is behind it. This is a compelling question that most Americans are still unwilling to grasp.

Exposing deadly secrets

William Cooper’s allegations that DUMB (deep underground military bases) exist and point to ominous designs of the government for its people are corroborated by the experiences made public of Phil Schneider, who after also going on the lecture circuit and exposing secret government operations underground, was brutally assassinated by unknown assailants. Schneider, a geological expert, who served as a consultant for blasting and drilling of government operations through the identification of rock strata, was found dead in his apartment having been tortured and strangled with piano wire. The strange irony of Schneider’s situation was that he was already suffering from terminal cancer and was soon to die anyway yet he was executed in brutal fashion. Whatever he knew must have been damaging enough that they could not wait for Phil to die of natural causes!

A media used to incriminate

As Cooper’s popularity gained wide audience acceptance, at last, he began receiving mass media attention as well, but for the wrong reasons. The federal government began a campaign of harassment making false claims of tax violations against him. The government sanctioned program of surveillance and legal threats came to a head after several weeks time. William Cooper had appeared in court to answer to allegations of wrong doing by the IRS. Cooper effectively defended himself Pro Se and proved that the agency had no legal jurisdiction, but the official pressure continued.

A mounting confrontation

Outside his home in the small town of Eager, Arizona sheriff’s deputies waited outside his property and maintained a vigil. By now the mounting pressure had taken its toll. Bill Cooper was stressed out, but vowed publicly that if the authorities tried to trespass illegally on his property they would be met with his right to defend himself and family with force. The stand off ended late one afternoon as a shoot out occurred according to deputies. It was claimed that Bill Cooper had exchanged gun fire with county deputies and while running away from his pursuers, had fired at the trailing lawmen and had critically wounded one of them in the head. It was then, as reported, that Cooper was shot to death by authorities.

Trumped up charges

There was just one problem with the report concocted by sheriff’s deputies. William Cooper had lost the use of one of his legs in the service of his country. He was quite incapable of running. This virtually falsified version of the true events serves as a testament to just what the powers that be are ruthlessly capable of once a threat to their tyranny becomes well known enough by the populace. William Cooper died November 5, 2001, a victim of government sanctioned injustice. A price he was more than willing to pay, he stated over and over again, so that the American people would know the truth.

They can’t kill the truth

The final epitaph of one Milton William Cooper shall not ultimately be labeled as a mere radio broadcaster, author of a peculiar and well known book, as well as a conspiracy theorist, as the category they would neatly put him in. Bill Cooper, in his own right, was a courageous liberator
who stood in the path of tyranny and refused to compromise. He gave his life as a result. Bill did so for the sake of all Americans so that we would know the unpalatable truth, see through the illusions that our government and mass media have created, and more importantly than anything, realize that we as Americans have a right to our freedom. Our government is supposed to be answering to us. It is our heritage and birthright to be free of a police state ruled society that the William Coopers in our lives have sacrificed themselves over so that we would know that truth.

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