The Democratic Motto: “It Makes Sense Not To Make Sense”

“What difference at this point does it make? It is our job to figure out what happened and prevent it from ever happening again, Senator.”

This statement, uttered by Secretary To Hate Hillary Clinton, is perhaps one of the most ridiculous lines ever heard from an administration that prides itself on being ridiculous.

To all Americans that still have some semblance of a brain, its contradictory words perfectly embody the reason(s) so many of us distrust politicians. The only things steadily growing in this country are spending, debts, and the lengths of our leaders’ noses.

Sensible people know that finding out details of the Benghazi incident, just like any other incident in history, or any event in our daily lives, is not only important, but vital to our very existence.

Most parents instill in their children the ability to learn from their mistakes. As we grow older, we study and relate to our problems of the past, so as not to repeat them; we come to realize the behaviors and actions which often lead to troublesome results.

If  Hillary truly believes in not analyzing past events in the Middle East, to look for patterns, trouble spots, and countless other details, then what in the world does she believe? It appears she is encouraging investigation,  as long as it doesn’t make her side look bad.

However, inability to assume responsibility could be a Clinton secret strategy. Perhaps, in the midst of the Monica Lewinsky saga, Bill said to his wife, “Honey, there’s Monica, there’s Linda, there’s many others….what difference does it make?”



Fortunately,  we quickly found out that our Secretary of State does deem it important to scrutinize all major events that occur involving Americans. For, in her very next line, she tells us the importance of figuring out the facts:  “It is our job to figure out what happened and prevent it from ever happening again, Senator.”

Hmm… why did she change her mind all of a sudden?

Maybe because these terrorists aren’t finished, and might attack again?

I don’t know how any American can stand such foolery from its own officials. But, then again, this is the same administration that wants us to believe significant spending has little to do with our national debt.

I sometimes think about “what if” I had used  Democratic philosophy in my own life, particularly in regard to arguments with my parents over squandering money.

“Mom, all this spending has nothing to do with my debts. Contrary to your argument, I think the best thing to do would be to open up more accounts and increase my spending limits. What difference does it make?”

Thankfully, I did not try to rationalize my excessive shopping, for it certainly would have made a difference.

My parents would have cut my fingers off one by one.





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As an American, I am very concerned. In an age where the media is becoming less and less trustworthy, with virtually all networks having a political agenda, Americans must do their own "homework" to establish the facts. I am a 28 year old writer from Baltimore, who, once upon a time, cared very little about politics. In fact, along with a majority of other young Americans, I, too, was naively swept up by the "obama-mania" of 2008. However, being a student in journalism, I started to see that the ethics that were taught to me, principally objectivity, were no longer being adhered to by the American media. Furthermore, being a lover of history and the ideals that helped create this nation, I became appalled as I watched the current administration "work around" the Constitution; obviously, their main job, upholding and enforcing it, no longer mattered. I woke up! Unfortunately, too many people are still asleep! The Obama administration , with virtually all the media networks in its pocket, is destroying our country. We must stand up for our conservative principles, or the America we know and love, with principles of freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, will fade into the history books. My degree is in English Literature, and my art is communication. Whether it be written or spoken, I am a man who is confident that he will get his point across. The main point now is that we must, as Sean Hannity puts it, "take our country back."

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