Obama White House to give away US real estate to China

By Doc Vega

Have you ever wondered how the United States could continue to carry such enormous debt with foreign nations that we have borrowed from in order to pay the federal deficit? Perhaps it might have occurred to you that our federal government’s out of control spending has put this nation in fiscal danger. When our government is collateralizing our lands to guarantee the loans they have borrowed from our foreign debtors, something is wrong. Did you ever care that because of the massive debt onslaught being waged by the Obama administration that soon the signs of an approaching disaster would be everywhere? Well, that time is here and now. The final limits have been reached, and America is going to wake up to a new dawn of consequences for the bad fiscal policies of this radical administration. Let me explain how this is currently unfolding.

Stabbed in the back by federal policy

The Obama White House sells out the US to China and UN foreign control.

The Obama White House sells out the US to China and UN foreign control.

Of all our international creditors who have been given US Treasury notes in exchange for buying our federal debt, China is the largest shareholder in America. By 2011 they had already purchased 850 billion dollars in US debt with our Treasury Notes. Japan and Mexico are next in the size of the US deficit that they have bought in exchange for our Treasury Notes. We are already paying interest on that debt with the yield currently earned on US Treasury Notes which isn’t much because they have just about Junk Bond status. Now China could begin a trend for collecting on their debt that will allow America’s lands to be sold to the Chinese government to satisfy their demands for buying our debt. Thanks to Federal Reserve quantitative easing, our Treasury Notes are constantly being repurchased before those Treasury Notes reach maturity, but still those actions continue to devalue the US dollar.

The malevolent influence of the Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve is not a branch of the US government as we have been led to believe. It is an agency that prints money, controls monetary policy, and as well as money supply. By simply printing money, the Federal Reserve creates credit and indebtedness within its own computers and than begins to control the currency and national debt of all nations that partner with this malignant world banking organization. Third world governments who need cash to develop their fledgling countries accumulate so much debt that they are unable to create the revenue it takes to pay back their expenses that they default on their debts to the Federal Reserve, who has encouraged them to borrow by the billions at low or no interest. This thanks to the same mechanism that is eroding US financial stability-deficit spending.

In doing so, these third world countries have collateralized their resources to pay back their debt which didn’t cost the private banking cartel anymore than the paper and printing expense it took to create currency from thin air. As a result, these small struggling nations, often sold out by their dictators or governments, now become enslaved by the Federal Reserve. The citizens of these third world countries are now paying that debt back with the sweat off their backs that comes from their slave labor for pennies a day that is taxed by the governments who made a deal with the devil (Federal Reserve) and allowed their nation to become the property of private bankers who issued them credit that cost the lender almost nothing.

No better than a third world bananna republic

Here in the United States a number of bills have been voted on that would have begun the process of allowing American resources such as waterways, beaches, mineral rights, timber lands, and coastal waters to be awarded to the UN. Why? For years, the Communist element of Capitol Hill politicians have been trying to cede elements of our nation’s common wealth beneath foreign control. These are the collectivists, the statists, who believe that every thing should be state owned and government run. It is the greatest lie of them all globalism, the idea of a one world government.

Our leaders must want to sabotage the interests of our nation

HR 3534 and the LOST Treaty are just two supposedly environmentally oriented bills that supposedly center around the preservation of America’s and the world’s resources by stringently regulating the waterways and extracting huge sums of taxes paid to international and federal agencies for overseeing America’s coastal waters, rivers, beaches, and lakes not to mention ores used in industry. In response to the Deep Water Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico leftist advocates emerged with their typical opportunistic agenda to once again force Americans to pay more taxes, force the states to cede their land and water management rights to outside agencies even UN regulators, who will tell us Americans what we can and cannot do with our lands, waters, and minerals. This draconian legislation would stop recreational boating in the Great Lakes, fishing in coastal waters, offshore drilling, and even the patrol of Navy submarines along our coasts weakening our national security.

China is foreclosing on US debt

Now, getting back to China exercising its initiative in being allowed to confiscate US lands in exchange for the US Treasury Notes that it purchased for buying federal debt, this is unprecedented in our history. There are many who are even arguing that one of the reasons that the Obama administration has accelerated its attacks against Second Amendment rights has been because the Chinese are demanding this measure in anticipation of acquiring American land in exchange for the fiscal irresponsibility of the federal government’s unchecked spending.

Frightening uses of our land

The Chinese will want the US territories they occupy available for numerous governmental uses that will violate the rights of American citizens and raise questions about the national security of this country. Such uses as agricultural experimentation, military use, storage of many types of possibly dangerous chemicals, there are even rumors of Chinese government sanctioned bio-medical or bio-hazard testing that would be undertaken on the confiscated US lands. All of this exchanged with the Chinese over federal debt that was incessantly added to the deficit in record amounts under the last 4 years of the Obama White House!

Betrayed by the laws being passed on Capitol Hill

America is teetering under the weight of a federal government under the Obama presidency that is being subverted daily through a refusal to balance the budget, and rather than doing that the President and his staffers would rather allow foreign control over our lands and our sovereignty. Already there are 35 terrorist training facilities known to exist within the borders of the US. President Obama has recently given several Aleutian chain islands in the Bering Sea near Alaska to the Russians that have rich offshore oil reserves that could go far in making America energy independent, yet our President cedes these resource rich lands to the Russians by redrawing international boundaries. What the hell is happening here people?

The definition of treason

Anyone who would describe the acts of a government and its highest levels of leadership acceptable for handing over our waters, our lands, and our precious mineral rights to foreign nations, our enemies, or even the UN, qualify for another label. That is traitors! The Obama White House is guilty of many Constitutional violations, crimes against Americans, and the intentional mismanagement of our fiscal interests, and still no one raises a hand to do anything about it. I submit to you, that our country is in the eve of a transfer of power, citizen’s rights, and state’s rights to a one world government. We have been betrayed by our President in so many ways that its almost incomprehensible as we draw nearer to that ultimate collectivist agenda. In the process, the voices who cry out against this injustice will be vilified and incriminated as we who do care resist anyway we possibly can!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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  1. China, Europe, and the Middle East already own the US. Otherwise why would our military be fighting overseas to protect foreign governments and their real estate. Currently, not one conflict where our military is involved is in defense of the US.

  2. My own prediction:
    Our land and resources will be used as collateral after the implosion and a new
    global digital system is set up.

    (carbon?) tax bonds, may be part of the mix.

    1.  Billy, we have more than  enough proof that not only is Obama ineligible, but has committed a number of impeachable acts. The problem is the courts with all the liberal appointees and the cowardly Congress will not pursue their responsibility to the public and impeach this bastard much less put him up on charges of Treason!

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