Could President Obama face impeachment over gun control?

Texas Republican Steve Stockman warns Obama he will file for an impeachment over an executive order on the 2nd Amendment!

Texas Republican Steve Stockman warns Obama he will file for an impeachment over an executive order on the 2nd Amendment!

By Doc Vega

Representative of Texas, Steve Stockman thinks so. He has warned that if President Obama uses another one of his executive orders to deny the Second Amendment rights of American citizens that he will file articles of impeachment against the President. Has someone in the GOP finally grown a spine and decided to oppose the Obama White House’s sustained attack against the US Constitution over the last 4 years? Yes, those Texas politicians can get pretty rowdy sometimes. You might recall Governor Rick Perry when running during the GOP primaries for Republican presidential candidate had talked about state secession and had also called Chairman Ben Bernanke of the Federal Reserve, a traitor for the impact of his monetary policies and the negative effects they were having on the US economy. Oh those Texans!

President Obama’s hypocritical spending policies

As the President continues to mislead and pontificate as he accuses Congress of not wanting to feed the poor, one might ask the President himself just how much that 20 million dollars of US taxpayers money he spent while on his Hawaiian vacation could have fed the mouths of the poor. But, you see President Obama has never been too worried about leading by example. He always seems to be able to rationalize all those games of golf that he plays or those lavish trips that he and Michelle enjoy at the expense of American taxpayers as he tells all Americans that they should tighten their belts, pay their fair share, and expect to pay higher taxes, all while as the President frequently vacations, golf’s, while throwing White House bashes ordering expensive Kobe steaks flown in fresh from Japan, once again, all on the taxpayer’s dime.

Another potentially impeachable action

An executive order is also being threatened by Obama over the debt ceiling too. This would effectively challenge the enumerating powers of Congress, a unilateral menace over the decision making protocol that establishes Congressional authority to ratify laws. President Obama has already overstepped his boundaries by deploying US forces during the Libyan revolt that resulted in the assassination and overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi. A motion to impeach was started but did not get the support needed at that time. Perhaps as President Obama accelerates his agenda and becomes even more reckless, someone will slow him down and make him accountable for his blatant violations.

2nd Amendment not to be trifled with

Republican Steve Stockman warned that President Obama’s attack on the Second Amendment is also an attack on Americans, and that if he (Obama) can violate the rights of Americans on his own personal whim, then America is without a Constitution and is no longer a Republic. The question remains. Will Speaker of the House, John Boehner continue to capitulate and allow the Obama White House to run rough shod over the GOP when it comes to passing unpopular and destructive laws that have enraged American citizens or will the Republicans rise to the challenge and stop the out of control Obama White House?

What will it take?

With President Obama fear mongering over a debt ceiling that has nothing to do with paying the bills as the federal government has enough revenue to pay expenses each and every month from tax revenues (60%) and the sale of government securities (40%). This covers Social Security and entitlement programs as well as all other expenditures. The only way that the federal government can incur a credit downgrade or default on any of its debts is for President Obama himself to instruct the Treasury Secretary not to pay the bills. All this as the President continues to refuse to adopt a budget just as he has done over the previous 4 years. In truth, the only spending the people must worry about is President Obama’s politically targeted excessive spending that continues to exceed debt ceilings set by Congress to begin with. Perhaps the Republican led Congress can finally hold the President’s feet to the fire, but don’t hold your breath on it.

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