Is a civil war in America inevitable?

Late actor Charleton Heston's statement reflects the general attitude of American gunowners.

Late actor Charleton Heston’s statement reflects the general attitude of American gun owners.

By Doc Vega

With the controversial presidency of Barack Obama having put the nation on a crisis footing on so many fronts, much social unrest has arisen. President Obama has challenged just about every cherished American heritage one can think of, from our Christian originated morality to the very guiding tenets of the US Constitution. The administration has been on a mission of assault and ridicule upon state’s rights, defending our southern borders, refusing to prosecute voter fraud, refusing to prosecute illegal aliens captured by US border agents, and even providing arms to nation states that harbor terrorists in the Middle East. It seems that the Obama White House has been on an urgent and accelerated objective to tear down American traditions and national security as fast as they possibly can. Perhaps this thrust for a radical transformation has been because these people realize that enough Americans are awaking from their stupors to realize what is going on.

A road to uncertainty

Now, with an unexplained and very suspect series of mass shootings through out the United States the federal government now seems poised to once again impose their will upon millions of American citizens who own firearms. It would seem to even the most logical and non-conspiracy leaning individuals that something very Machiavellian has taken place. That events have been orchestrated ruthlessly to bring about a public outcry for the restriction of all semi-automatic weapons especially those having large capacity magazines (multiple bullet clips). In doing so, rationalizes the leftist propaganda machine that composes the dogma of the Democrats, the absence of these weapons will magically stop gun violence in the US. This draconian regulation will be a panacea for ending mass shootings, they profess.

Media solicits defenselessness

Piers Morgan of CNN has made his insults and bully pulpit tactics against the self defense and Second Amendment proponents well known as has the rest of the main stream media, who parrot the bias of an Obama administration. Ready to steamroll new restrictions and gun bans upon the people of America, President Obama, according to Vice President, Joe Biden, is ready to address and act upon just one more crisis in a series of crises, that have continued to plague America under the weight of an Obama administration.

Where does government control end?

How do more than 100 million American citizens who own guns feel about the imposition of more possible federal laws to dictate to “We The People” in just what way are we supposed to comply now? How many more new confusing laws are we supposed to abide by now? How many more complicated and restricting regulations await Americans who rely on our government to honor the US Constitution rather than challenge it? Most of all, and ominously, what if? What if, the President demands that citizens turn in their weapons?

Americans speak out

In the words of one patriot, a responsible business man, a cornerstone in his community in his own words, “ they (Federal Government) tried to take our guns back in 1775 and disarm American citizens, who were gun owners, and even former British soldiers now American colonists committed to the cause of independence that when the first shots were fired at Concord and Lexington, by Americans against British redcoats, who had come for our fire arms. It didn’t turn out very good for them! (the British) As English troops were routed by a combination of Minute Men and local militia, who began to mass in numbers once they were alerted to government sanctioned intentions to take their rifles. In fact, the British were harassed by gunfire even as they retreated in answer to King George’s tyrannical demand for the arms of the 13 Colonies.”

Today, that same stubborn spirit is exemplified by Americans who have had enough of the most lawless federal government White House in memory. Conservatives and Constitutionalists alike are infuriated that the White House would use the current string of shooting tragedies to politically capitalize on these tragedies by outlawing firearms or outlawing assault weapons in the wake of very questionable mass shootings.

Straight from the mouth of a patriot

One man I talked to at a recent gun show had this to say. “Being that there are 100 million US gun owners opposed to government sanctioned gun control we can expect this kind of outcome. If the federal government demands that we give up our guns and that we should turn them in or the government will come and get them, I’ll make a conservative estimate that only 1/tenth of the 100 million gun owners who own as much as 500 million estimated weapons were to stand up to the government, that by itself would outnumber all the armed forces the US currently has within its ranks, especially when US troops are over extended abroad and Northcom has only 20,000 domestically stationed troops. This makes no mention of the well trained veterans among us, who will also be part of the movement to stop government urged gun control.”

“Then there are the Oath Keepers. An organization of US police and law enforcement agents who have taken an oath to uphold the US Constitution not to act on orders of the federal government in violating the rights of US Citizens, specifically detainment and gun confiscation. If the federal government were to demand such a lawless compromise by US gun owners, they (the feds) would be met with formidable resistance.”

A Constitutional argument

Within the bounds of the US Constitution and the Second Amendment. That amendment guarantees the right to bear arms to every US citizen, not just for personal protection against criminals, looters, burglars, foreign troops, or serial killers. The Second Amendment, according to Thomas Jefferson, one of 56 patriots who signed the US Constitution in 1776, in the event that the federal government should declare martial law, citizens would be equipped to resist the threat of their very own government. It is our right and lawful alternative according to the US Constitution!


Does this mean that the people of this land are ready to rebel? No. Does this mean that the people of this nation mean harm to the federal government. No. Does this mean that the American people of this nation are spoiling for a fight, a deadly show of arms, with the federal government. No. However, a message must be sent to President Obama, from the proud and Constitutionally led factions within American society that the confiscation of the firearms of US citizens will not be tolerated and will be considered to be an act of unjustifiable cause and a threat to the sovereignty of America. These I’ve mentioned and even more will take any act by the President using force against American citizens to be justifiable cause to use force in protecting themselves.

Is this article a call to arms? No. Is this written piece to be construed as an act of sedition? No. Is this article meant to make a clear distinction between remaining passive as an out of control regime steals more of our personal freedoms using murder as a persuader, in which case we the people have more than legal justification to act? Yes it does. We as citizens of the United States of America were empowered by the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution to seek liberation from the tyranny of a federal government that no longer upheld its very own responsibilities and no longer ruled by the will of that society of Americans anymore.

We, at this time, may very well be on the brink of that eve of destruction where by the government, after breaking its pact with those that it was elected to defend, govern, and uphold the rule of Constitutional law for, has failed to exercise its obligation to the people of America, and in doing so, has crossed a threshold that never should have been violated.


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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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