The leftist assault on American gun owner rights

Career leftist politicians such as Diane Feinstein have used the gun control issue to try and impose their fascist agenda upon US citizens who don't agree with it!

Career leftist politicians such as Diane Feinstein have used the gun control issue to try and impose their fascist agenda upon US citizens who don’t agree with it!

By Doc Vega

It is quite apparent, in the midst of the recent mass shootings, that seem much too coincidentally timed with former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s, failed UN gun control negotiations last summer, that the President is set to impose his own will upon Americans. Just days ago, Vice President, Joe Biden remarked that President Obama was ready to act on new gun control regulation by February. One might keep in mind that at last count President Obama has already signed 1000 executive orders. Ruling in this fashion intentionally overrides Congressional oversight as well as the permission of American voters effectively making the presidency into a dictatorship.

In Chicago, where President Obama began his political career, one of the nation’s murder capitals for a number of years, it isn’t the assault rifle that killed more than 506 victims. Instead, the weapon of choice was hand guns illegally obtained in most cases. This fact clearly illustrates the schism that exists between the true data of guns and fatalities, the anatomy of just who commits these crimes, as well as the preferred weapon of choice and the faulty response of government to this issue. In Chicago, the vast majority of killers and victims are gangs whose turf battles typically occur primarily in the ghetto neighborhoods.

The deadly White House double standard

The mass shootings have been highly suspect from the very beginning with many analysts pointing to MK-ultra type psyops as possibly being linked. Others have noted that each and every mass shooting assailant has to the very least been under psychiatric drug management, yet the mainstream media has blacked out this correlation. Why? There seems to be a very strong and accelerated push to eliminate American’s rights to protect themselves, yet the Obama White House will send arms to nations who harbor terrorists such as Libya and Egypt and will even engage in gun walking across our southern border with Mexico which has caused the deaths of US border patrol agents, American citizens, and hundreds of Mexicans. Does there seem to be a contradiction in government policy to you?

The statistics speak for themselves

Why is our government calling for Americans to endure more gun control legislation for assault rifles that do not account for anywhere near the number of deaths as do hand guns while our federal government condones giving US firearms to drug cartels and terrorist harboring foreign jurisdictions? Why would the federal government want to empower foreign nation states and criminal elements just across our southern borders, yet deny Americans the right to defend themselves as they see fit? It is these types of disturbing actions that have raised many an eyebrow.

Leftist DC leaders force Americans disarm?

Why do we Americans allow one leftist Senator from California, Diane Feinstein, to dictate policy to millions of  US gun owners due to her radical political convictions? Not everyone desires assault weapons, yet many indulge in recreation such as hunting and target practice at public shooting ranges. If these people are not criminals, under mental health medication, or irresponsible as determined by legal screening, what’s the problem?

The truth is that the weapon itself does nothing to harm anyone. It is the person, either evil, or mentally imbalanced that kills people, if that’s the only scenario you want to believe. While many, such as Alex Jones who represents the views of millions of American gun owners, thinks that an approaching confrontation with an out of control US government who will forcefully take our weapons from us, is just around the corner. Now this might seem like a peculiar opinion at first glance, but one might be compelled to ask questions due to the recent actions of the TSA and Homeland Security, who have made mass purchases of hollow point bullets to the tune of millions, enough to start a war with, quite frankly.

A government the won’t protect our borders yet denies 2nd amendment

Now one must realistically pose the question, just who is it that the federal government is so worried about, or just what scenario is likely to unfold that makes a huge stockpile of deadly ammunition necessary? Could it be social unrest caused by the policies of the Obama White House? Could it be an invasion across our southern borders? The actions of the administration in the past 4 years have certainly seemed to make such a possibility more viable since the government refuses to protect our borders. Does a sudden push for martial law qualify as a much needed resource of masses of deadly internal organ exploding bullets? Yet, this same administration would rather give military style firearms to hostile nation states, drug cartels (Fast and Furious), and demand more restrictions on arms for American citizen, themselves.

Remember that the Second Amendment was not only about the right to own and bear firearms, but that all Americans could protect themselves from the government itself should it transgress from the Constitutional Republic it was intended to being a totalitarian or fascist regime, as many would say they see evidence of more and more today. Thomas Jefferson was a staunch advocate of the right of US citizens to possess arms for self defense.

President Obama’s Arab Spring delusion

History is replete with grim examples of democracies transforming into brutal dictatorships and fascist regimes as millions of citizens denied the obvious, and eventually those protecting the original form of government found themselves persecuted, imprisoned, tortured, or even executed. The recent unrest in the Middle East and North Africa points to anything but the “Arab Spring” Obama envisioned, but rather a brutal emergence of radical, extremist Muslim factions who don’t mind attacking and burning US embassies

 A history of civilian disarmemant preceding fascist coups
For those who ignore the long, sad legacy of historic insurrections leading to Communist dictatorships that result in millions of deaths orchestrated by the newly reformed government, they also conveniently forget one major factor in this equation. That one of the first political moves made in the transition of the government was to disarm civilians and confiscate their firearms so that the planned coup would represent less risk to the aggressors. Is America under the threat of this ominous scenario? I advise you to consider the facts that surround this controversy.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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