The Insanity of Tax Hikes encouraged by Obama

By Doc Vega

Recently as the GOP and Democrats negotiated on the debt crisis and did little more than enable the federal government to go on spending until the next debt ceiling, Obama insisted that another 60 billion in revenues would have to be bled from an ailing US economy and a dwindling middle class. All the while, the President continues to blame Congress and threaten to initiate his own plans as he has done since his first term in office. His use of executive orders to rule despite opposition from Congress is the equivalent of running the country like a dictatorship. Having signed 1000 executive orders to date, there has been no Congressional oversight or vote by the people. This is the definition of a dictatorship!

Tax hikes are not the way out of this mess

Through intentional economic failure President Obama wages a war against a prosperous America and he’s winning!

Through intentional economic failure President Obama wages a war against a prosperous America and he’s winning!

I almost laugh though it isn’t funny when I hear of the Democrats and the President saying that the government needs more revenue, which means taxes! More taxation in a slow growth economy is about as helpful as the practice of bloodletting during the time of President George Washington, it does absolutely nothing to remedy the ailment. Yet, President Obama insists on policies that punish Americans for federal government fiscal mismanagement.

Take for instance, the present job numbers for December rolled out by the administration as proof that the White House’s pathetic economic stewardship is working. Another 155,000 jobs during Christmas season, mostly part time work for the unemployed, teenagers, and middle aged housewives, sure Mister President, that’s rock solid proof that your nonexistent economic recovery is working. You will find that just about 100% of those low paying seasonal, part time jobs will fall off as people are let go after what few Americans can still afford to shop!

History has shown that taxation hurts the economy because it gives the consumer less spending money to stimulate that economy with. Higher taxes merely supply the federal government with more money to waste as it falls into a never ending black hole of out of control deficits. You will almost never hear any government official form either party advocated cutting government spending. You will never hear them admit that there are billions of dollars wasted in agencies that continue to duplicate the functions of other departments. This duplicity adds up to unnecessary federal employees, who receive the excessive benefit’s the government bestows upon them without the vote of tax payers. Duplicity, only increases a growing deficit by the federal government that exceeds the total output of the US economy.

Perpetuating a bad economy

The Obama White House continues to rule by crisis ignoring the lessons of the past on how other Presidents were able to use policies that facilitated economic recovery, in particular President Ronald Reagan. By lowering income taxes not only does the consumer have more discretionary income to stimulate retail activity with, but that also boosts employment. Reducing corporate taxes allows employers to hire more Americans and remain within the tax jurisdiction of the US instead of relocating their operations offshore. The Democrats have been opposed to policies that promote small businesses which employ more people in the US than GM, IBM, Chrysler, and GE put together. Yet, federal policies discourage small business and favor the large corporations.

Why does the fed refuse to cut spending?

The federal government is perfectly capable of streamlining its operations and getting lean and mean, but rather than doing that, the political aspects of Congressmen and Senators getting re-elected for another term will always overshadow what’s best for America. That means more taxes from the pocket of working Americans who are continually pinched by a devaluing US dollar, high unemployment, and the ever tightening grip of income tax hikes. Under these circumstances the US economy will remain flat, this works fine for the banks, who have been investing to profiteer off of opportunities that they profit from while withholding money for small business finance and home buyers.
Why would the federal government continue to impose policies upon the American people that don’t work, need the continuing support of the media as propaganda to instill some kind of faith by beleaguered Americans gullible enough to believe, and have to release intentionally deceptive government statistics? Why? I will tell you why. So pay attention. The only way that the Obama White House and the Democrats can rule is by crisis, if not creating it, then by perpetuating it. Why, is that, you might ask? Socialism, collectivism, or statism cannot work, cannot provide a logical alternative to a healthy and vibrant supply side economy where unemployment is low, job salaries are high due to prosperity, and taxes are low which provides the government with more revenue when more work in sheer volume rather than Obama’s futile and pathetic efforts at squeezing more blood out of an onion by raising taxes under high unemployment that merely continues to punish the few who still have a job.

Any President that would support tax hikes in the current economic crisis that exists has a bone to pick with Americans. It demonstrates that he does not care about the people, or at the very least favors only those who are living on entitlement provided by the federal government. In a healthy and prosperous US economy the lie, being perpetrated by the Democrats, will simply not work because the private sector provides a much more attractive alternative of earned prosperity that has no political ties or entitlement. Self reliance and independence will always win out with the majority of Americans as that is an example of our heritage, our desire for a better life that we are not afraid to work for.

Buying votes

However, the Democrats with their social engineering can only succeed by creating victims of injustice, enticing the lazy and unambitious with government subsidy. This is how they buy votes at the cost of discouraging a healthy economy and penalizing tax payers for the hand outs they give to their voters. This is how the Democratic ideology has been co-opted by a predominantly Communist goal of conquest. Where government rules supremely and oppresses the private sector, who is the true engine of the economy. It is not the other around. The federal government cannot be the engine of the economy as it must confiscate taxes in order to do that sapping the financial strength and economic stability from businesses and the people in order for their twisted agenda to work, and this is the heart of the dilemma right now in America. We are a nation that suffers under the federal policies that have created the crisis we now must endure.

Only lies and ignorance would condone such suffering

Only among a populace who has been sufficiently deceived or indoctrinated by government funded public schools and the rhetoric of the mass media who parrot the lies of the federal government can a nation willingly submit to such inherently bad policy. Only a people morally weakened, economically destabilized, and a government infiltrated by those who refuse to uphold American exceptionalism, can this type of social disingenuousness exist. It is unconscienable when a viable, proven, and time tested alternative that has already worked is intentionally ignored by the government. It is a crime that should be punishable by law when millions of us are forced to knuckle under to government sanctioned  mediocrity and corruption.

Globalism the enemy of American prosperity

Obama’s proposed insistence upon another 60 billion in punishing federal income taxes will do nothing more than flog suffering tax payers. It will take that money directly out of the private economy and award it to those who make their living from entitlements. It will ensure that Democrats can continue to buy votes at the expense of the working Americans who did not vote for such self destructive policies. If you support this president, than you support the social injustice that he has allowed to grow and overwhelm a society that did quite well without him and the hope and change that he promised. A hope and change based upon class warfare, racial division, punishing the affluent for being successful, aiding our enemies, and intentionally keeping the America in a decline, the greatest society in the world, forced to suffer, because of Obama’s globalist agenda!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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  1. President Reagan lowered taxes, reduced unnecessary regulations, and allowed a private sector engine drive the economy. The results were an unprecedented 20 million or more jobs, restoration of military might, collapse of the Soviet Bloc, and the destruction of the Berlin Wall. Not only did Reagan restore American prestige by allowing free enterprise without the constraints of an Obama style government, but all of mankind benefited by the termination of the Cold War. Case in point. End of story. 

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