Planned Parenthood: 333,964 Abortions, 2,300 Adoption Referrals, $1.2 Billion

Planned Parenthood killed enough children to wipe out a city the size of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and referred out for adoption enough to fill a small Arena…  and they performed not one mammogram.   That’s Planned Parenthood idea of Family Planning.

The number of babies Planned Parenthood aborted last year could fill a city the size of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The number of babies Planned Parenthood aborted last year could fill a city the size of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“For decades now, Planned Parenthood has operated the most proficient killing machine in the United States,” said Douglas R. Scott, Jr., president of the Planned Parenthood watchdog organization Life Decisions International (LDI). “And the machine has set yet another record.”

In a new report released by the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), the group confesses to having slaughtered a record 333,964 preborn children last year, generating an estimated $150 million. Only 2,300 Planned Parenthood customers were referred to adoption agencies during the 2011-2012 fiscal year.

In 2010-2011, PPFA generated nearly $1.22 billion—the largest sum ever. The behemoth took in slightly less in the most recent fiscal year—nearly 1.2 billion.

PPFA’s income included a hefty and ever-increasing check from American taxpayers. In 2009-2010, government funding reached a whopping $487.4 million. In 2010-2011 the figure jumped to $538.5 million. The total for 2011-2012 reached a staggering $542.4 million, which represents 45.2 percent of the group’s total annual budget.

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