Sandy Hook shootings an American Reichstag moment

The Reichstag burned down by the Nazis to justify the sanction of a police state in pre-World War II Germany.

The Reichstag burned down by the Nazis to justify the sanction of a police state in pre-World War II Germany.

By Doc Vega

With the pervasive implementation of police state tactics by the Obama White House, many people are now drawing very accurate comparisons between America now under its current siege and pre-World War II Germany. You might think this is a shocking analogy, but after I show you the historic facts behind the actions of both governments, now, and then, you too will be forced to acknowledge that something very wrong has been happening within our society, and it must be stopped before it’s too late.

The beginning of a fearsome fascist state

Many could easily have made a hasty generalization about pre-World War II Germany as being a nation of inherently evil people, who hated Jews and wanted world domination as a goal for their nation, but in most cases this would be a woefully inaccurate picture. Germany was a very skilled and intellectual society, probably even more so than America today. Germany had an unparalleled scientific community and led the world in the great leaps of physics and psychology not to mention advanced aircraft design.

Germany was even ahead of the rest of the world in its appraisal of ancient archeology and sociology. German researchers realized very quickly that every society they had studied had crumbled under the weight of multiculturalism and wide spectrums of racial division undermining allegiance to the flag of that single nation they occupied and derived comfort from. Much the same kind of social unrest that America, under the Obama administration, is experiencing today.

History in retrospect not much different than today

So what happened to the good people of Germany who seemingly lost sight of civility, tolerance, and had somehow adopted government sanctioned genocide against Jews? How had a very civilized society descended to the depths of one of the cruelest fascist states ever to have crushed the human spirit in the history of mankind? How did the people of Germany allow a mad man to overthrow their government and conduct a world war that could have destroyed much of what we take for granted today?

The following are parallels I will draw that portray an accurate picture of the America of today with that pre-World War II Germany of 7 decades ago with alarming similarity. Remember that an effective and well synchronized political movement aimed at overthrowing an unsuspecting nation can achieve vast successes unopposed when the general population in unwilling to accept the grim reality of change going on around them much as we see in America today.

Denial the tool relied upon by the aggressor

For one thing, the intellectual community within Germany refused to take the Nazi party headed by Adolf Hitler seriously. They looked at them with disbelieving eyes thinking that their nation’s countrymen could never have accepted such ludicrous ideology nor could they adopt such barbarian mentality. Yet, Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of propaganda, was a master of utilizing the media as a tool of seduction and justification to rouse the ranks of embittered Germans who had suffered greatly at the hands of harsh reparations under the unconditional surrender to the League of Nations during the post World War I years. Germans had lost their currency, had starved, and were still enduring the effects of the Great Depression. Hitler’s government gave them false hopes of resurrecting a new mighty nation from the ashes of despair.

So denial played a huge factor in pre-World War II Germany. The people were simply too apathetic and too trusting of government to question just what indeed was going on until it was too late. The refusal of the good people of that society to accept that something was afoot that would lead to disaster was prevalent in Germany then just as it is today in America under the failed leadership of the Obama White House.

Some things never change

As it began to become clear to some Germans that the Nazi party was not only hostile to opposing political parties, but headed toward forcing a terrible transformation upon German society, Hitler’s brown shirts began their campaigns of terror against Jews and intellectuals opposed to such a belligerent government. To add to the chaos, Hitler using his liberal ideology, demanded gun control which further emboldened the Brown Shirts in their brutal confrontations often kicking the doors down of dissidents in the middle of the night, beating them, and whisking them away to a concentration camp. Had the civilian population drawn a redline, held onto their rifles, shotguns, and pistols and been prepared for the nightly terror of SS officers and their henchmen, the resultant casualties suffered by the Brown Shirts would have quickly demoralized their sadistic ranks and served as an effective deterrent to the government sanctioned violence, but they didn’t. Cowering behind their doors flinching at the next noise made from outside only convinced Hitler’s minions they were invincible.

Much as we see today with the cowardice in our society as President Obama grooms himself and his regime for a dictator-like takeover of the US. Americans are content to watch football on TV, reality shows, talents shows, spend their time on the internet, and remain distracted from the ominous changes going on within our government and society. Senseless mass shootings only happen to someone else, besides won’t taking away people’s guns finally solve the problem? This is the rationale of the lemmings that primarily populate American society.

The Reichstag scenario

Glen Beck has often alluded to the Reichstag moment. What is he talking about? In pre-World War II German terrorism was used to herd the masses into accepting war as a response to the supposed attacks by Bolsheviks whom Hitler assured the people were responsible for the burning of a major government building. Much as Al-Qaeda is blamed for all major atrocities here in the US today, in Germany, the Bolsheviks were the source of all terrorism. In reality, it was a false flag operation with a poor almost retarded scapegoat being incriminated for supposedly setting the fires. Nazi prosecutors quickly convicted the man and sentenced him to death. In response to this alleged terrorism, Hitler demanded the drastic alteration of the laws that quickly compromised the rights of citizens, allowed deployment of police state measures, and put Germany on a wartime footing in response to the terrorism that was allegedly afoot in the “Fatherland”. Hitler got the warmongering atmosphere he wanted in preparation for more acts of aggression.

Here in America there have been several Reichstag incidents, alleged false flag operations that have cost American lives and property, in order to urge emergency powers enactments, and our armies being deployed across the sea to fight in the Middle East, in order to compel the transformation of laws that remove citizen’s rights and authorize indefinite arrests without due process of law or trial by jury, military mobilization within our cities, and the confiscation of our guns. Recently the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut is the latest headline grabbing incident. We have conflicting reports of how 27 deaths were carried out, conflicting numbers of assailants reported, no photos of the supposedly gunned down children, no evidence presented by the news agencies of wounded and dead adults at the elementary school grounds, yet we have been utterly deluged with an outpouring for gun control rhetoric not only by government officials but by the news agencies and Hollywood celebrities.

A long list of questionable atrocities in the US for what?

I could go on with a long list of other Reichstag moments, false flag, operations as the 9-11 disaster, the Oklahoma City bombing, the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993, Aurora Theater shootings in Colorado, the Sikh Temple shootings, black flash mob violence in Chicago, the Occupy Movement in many major US cities, bundled by the unions and Democrats, and many more. These incidents were orchestrated as part of an effort to create unrest and elicit draconian government legislation that would legitimize taking away our rights under the pretense that these laws are needed to protect us from terrorism just as Hitler was able to achieve in pre-World War II Germany. In prelude to war, Hitler and his regime hastily pushed Germany into an orchestrated mobilization of men and materiel for the purpose of rationalized conquest. Disaster awaited those who refused to act or realize just what their government had done first beneath their noses then in broad daylight.


One of the most devastating works devised by Joseph Goebbels to solidify government control and ideological alignment with the forces of coercion within Germany was a strategy they called “Gleichshaltung” which meant coordination. This term refers to the alignment with all major elements of society with the ideology of the government. Joseph Goebbels forced the news agencies to report only what the government wanted them to say, the schools, scholastic and university level began to reflect the indoctrination of the state, the courts were ordered to rule according to state sponsored agendas, and even German entertainment was to reflect nationalism and the direction dictated to them by the ruling class.

Attacking the second amendment with fals flag operations

Do we not see the very same thing here in America today? Sandy Hook shootings become the Reichstag of our Second Amendment rights. Our US media admittedly reports what the White House tells them to say. Our colleges and public schools have been teaching government influenced progressive teaching until critical thinking in the US is almost nonexistent. With each new mass shooting Hollywood actors come out making public statements against firearms and for gun control. Hollywood has always been the Babylon of radical politics. The Supreme Court has ruled in contradiction of upholding the US Constitution in affirming President Obama’s radical socialist agenda. In America, we now see the very precepts of the kind of coordination strived for by the Hitler government in Nazi Germany.

As Hitler’s Brown Shirts perpetrated more violence, book burnings, and the surrender of what was left of the legitimate factions of the German government and loyalist Army to the Nazis, still intellectual Germans, well educated and of sound mind refused to see the wicked transformation that was taking place. Even as Jewish families were abducted in the night and carted off to death camps, German citizens maintained blind faith in the leadership of Hitler’s government. Here in America, too many Americans deny that something is more than amiss, that there is a literal coup going on from within that is gaining momentum. With economic failure, high unemployment, and the promise of higher taxes, liberal Americans continue to rationalize President Obama’s actions. Little did pre-World War II America see the brewing crisis that was about to spew over into the world when famed German scientist, Albert Einstein defected to the US as tensions grew against the Jews, orchestrated by Joseph Goebbels hateful anti-Semitic narratives.

Further federal coercion

Today the Obama White House wages war against Christian churches and businesses who refuse to pay taxes to support abortion, yet the government persists. Families who want to home school their children apart from the government influenced public school systems risk being jailed for educating their own families. The federal government now forces Americans to participate in socialized medicine whether they want to or not. Government sanctioned flu virus vaccination is now becoming the next step in coercing the citizens of this nation to endure federal agency endorsed medical treatment of questionable benefit and potentially dangerous exposure to the deadly symptoms. This approach by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has been advocated by the authorities today much as were such measures in Nazi Germany prior to the outbreak of World War II.

American leaders support war abroad violating sanctions
In what seems to be an unbelievable scenario. American bankers along with those of Great Britain had leant as much as 1.2 billion to the Nazi Germany regime, knowing that this money was being used to develop a war machine. It was only when it was clear that Hitler had little intention of paying back this massive debt that bankers began to turn away from the Third Reich and support the war effort against Germany. American corporations had also been establishing trade and investments in Nazi Germany with supporters of such activity being such prominent figures as aviator, Charles Lindbergh and Prescott Bush. In violation of the Trading With the Enemy Act of 1942. Today a massive lawsuit is supposedly in play that identifies many US Federal Reserve chartered banks that have been indicted for violations of sanctions against our enemies or nations who have been determined to be hostile to the interests of the United States.

Through out the world some 140 US military bases are maintained on international lands through agreements with nation states that we provide arms and foreign aid to. To the tune of billions of dollars each year the federal government funds the largest military presence in the world that is in direct contradiction to the non-interventionalist policy that the framers of our US Constitution and Declaration of Independence intended. George Washington, the father of our country, and Commander in Chief in memoriam warned from the very dawn of this nation against foreign entanglements and overseas conflicts, and yet our federal government continues to operate on a War Powers footing at all times. Nazi Germany was geared up for a global war that it thought the rest of the world was not prepared for or willing to engage in.

The unrelenting war machine

As America pressures and threatens every regime in the world that wants to develop its own nuclear arsenal under the aegis of wanting to limit such a deadly arms race, these countries are rapidly coming to the realization that American aggression can only be defied once a nation actually attains nuclear arsenal status. It seems the only way of preventing the massive US war machine from intervening in the affairs of their country. By admission of US military leaders and some politicians, it seems there is a list of conquest that is being pursued under federal government mandate. With the recent overthrow of Libya, Egypt, insurrections in Syria, and Pakistan, one must ask if indeed these allegations are not true. Some have come to even go further in their assessment of the American military presence in the world as the Roman Empire bound to crumble under the very weight of trying to maintain its own dominance over the rest of the world.

The present inescapable situation

With the continued devaluation of the US dollar under Federal Reserve quantitative easing and the further resolve of the Obama White House not only to resist Congressional efforts on spending and adopting a budget, tax hikes are now an assured future development for besieged Americans. What one must surely ask is, what next? As the US undergoes the very same program of propaganda assault and targeted political unrest, reserved for third world countries ripe for takeover, how long will the American public choose to ignore the danger signs and remain in a cowardly posture as the federal government brings us nearer to the edge of an unprecedented disaster?

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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