Evidence does not add up over the Sandy Hook Shootings

By Doc Vega

It seems that we can never fail to become more outraged or even more amazed at the brazen aspects of each new mass shooting that has been taking place over the last few months since Secretary of State Hillary Clinton began negotiations with the UN for international gun control over the US last summer and ultimately failed. Since then, an irrational number of numerous killings in very quick succession have resulted which would indicate to most that the desperate attempts to speed up the timetable of US domestic disarmament has been underway. Why would there be a an urgent push for such a move? To top that off, the US media had been on a campaign to suppress any positive news that originates from a gun owner acting in effective ways to counter a mass shooting.

Media suppresses alternate evidence

Obama White House resorts to Machiavellian measures to impose UN gun control over millions of Americans.

Obama White House resorts to Machiavellian measures to impose UN gun control over millions of Americans.

In Oregon at the Clackamas Mall in Oregon, a camouflage outfitted man began shooting randomly before targeting shoppers. According to official reports Jason Roberts 22, who had no connection with the mall began a shooting spree, but some eye-witness reports say that an armed citizen with a concealed handgun permit took Roberts out with a fatal shot before his killing rampage got started. Yet, no follow-up on that report by our mainstream news media. Now conflicting reports have distorted that incident.

Now we come to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. There are several disturbing contradictions in the original report on top of aerial photography, news coverage, and eye-witness accounts that completely fail to support the official version. Let us consider several facets to the original story that do not match up to the synopsis that authorities would like us to believe. Here are the problems.

Official version says: that children were killed from very close range with a rifle.

Fact: Adam Lanza was found dead inside the school in a classroom with 2 hand guns.

Fact : Aerial film shows officers running down a suspect then handcuffing him and apparently waiting for someone, presumably a vehicle to haul this man away even though the suspect has been chased up slope into a cluster of trees where no typical paddy wagon or police cruiser would drive off-road. So, was this an accomplice? Why was there no announcement by the news media about this unknown person who local police apprehended and had subdued?

Fact : Another unexplained incident happened just outside of the Sandy Hook Elementary School parking lot where local police once again intervened and cornered an unknown suspect driving a van within the lot and forced the driver to surrender at gun point. Why was this not mentioned by either the law enforcement personnel or the mainstream media?

Official version says: Only one shooter no further details on other verified evidence.

Fact:There were those who had suspected that the dead shooter inside the elementary school classroom was, in truth, not Jason Roberts himself, but his younger brother, who had stolen his older brother’s ID. What do you make of that? Why was there no mention of these issues that tend to contradict not only the official version of the so-called events, but the competency over intelligence gathering of the authorities, not to mention the accuracy of the reported event that was portrayed by the news media. Something seems very wrong, or at least misleading here.

The government push to disarm Americans

Let’s add just one more bothersome aspect to this already perverse recipe that is supposed to represent an unthinkable atrocity that must indeed justify stripping firearms from millions of Americans, or at the very least, calls for international intervention that authorizes for a foreign entity, the UN, to intercede in American domestic law, and dictate to us that we should not own weapons for our personal protection, sport, or practice, much less as a deterrent against looters or armed robbers.

As if all of this couldn’t be more appalling, the supposed parents of the bereaved parents made media taped statements that were obviously the products of trained actors posing as stricken parents with very unconvincing results!

False testimony by actors instead of parents?

One Robbie Parker, the father of a supposedly murdered daughter, was filmed in a relaxed and jovial mood just prior to approaching the media cameras. Robbie quickly transformed his persona from casual, cool, and collected to having to hyperventilation just before giving his suddenly emotional account of what happened. It was clear that neither loss of sleep, red eyes from crying, or a typical haggard look of grief had left such marks upon his countenance. Robbie Parker appeared to be able to simply evoke emotions at the drop of a hat altering his mood from jovial to grief-stricken without tears within seconds, controlling his breathing to do so. This was the premeditated behavior of a professional actor whose services were hired for a fabricated atrocity. This insincere affect observed upon the Sandy Hook actors, who definitely lack the telltale appearances of devastated parents of slain young children only adds more doubt to the already controversial incident. Other parents of the alleged victims seem equally false in the manner in which they appear as the result of supposedly losing the lives of their young elementary aged kids. It seems that the urgent timetable of the powers that be to succeed in gaining gun control from Americans by using deadly instances that are widely publicized has been drastically accelerated, but poorly portrayed by the hired actors used to represent the actual parents.

Strange if not also indicative of a farce was the announcement by state troopers, that any attempts to spread false information concerning the shooting would be prosecuted. Was that to be interpreted as anyone attempting to tell the truth as opposed to the official version of the events, or did that mean anyone trying to propagate rumors or misleading information? This seems like a strange reaction by officials over such an upsetting mass murder. As though the release of information as the government intends for it to be released took precedence over the suffering and death that was allegedly witnessed. Bizarre.

More questionable theatrics

CNN reporter, Anderson Cooper was asked to read the letter of Natalie Barden, whose letter was written on behalf of the victims of the bullets allegedly fired at Sandy Hooks Elementary School. Natalie’s lette never had a chance to reach the President so it was handed back to the parents. A school official, Lillian Bittman, approached Cooper asking him to read this letter, hand written by this young child as Lillian was unable to read it herself. The letter talks about gun control telling President Obama that only police officers and soldiers should have guns, and if people want to use guns that they should go to shooting ranges. I ask you why would a child as young as Natalie Barden be talking to the President of the United States about gun control? Is this not a very unusual question for a kid to ask? Was this not an agenda driven comment that very likely was not the product of a child’s imagination? Isn’t this a convoluted political issue that would not even occur to most children if at all, especially since most kids consider guns play things to have fun with?

Statistics don’t lie

A local part-time police officer under the pseudo name of Mark living not 40 minutes from the crime scene in Connecticut brought up some interesting facts that further counter the government’s push to impose assault rifle bans and stricter gun control. Unlike most states, Connecticut already had assault rifle bans since 1993. Once these bans had expired years later, the state of Connecticut still required those gun owners possessing semi-automatic rifles to bring them in and get finger printed. Why were the assault rifle restrictions abandoned after 10 years? Not only authorities, but gun control groups could find no correlation at all between acts of violence, crimes involving guns, and shooting deaths that indicated that semi-automatic rifles played any role in the statistics contributing to increased casualties. As a result, the ban on assault weapons was rescinded. Despite the call for enhanced gun control laws by such Democratic leaders as Mayor Bloomberg of New York City or Democrat Senator Feinstein, the evidence that legalized firearms contribute to more shooting deaths is simply unsubstantiated. This makes it not only a moot point, but a political argument with a false agenda as is the case with many types of such legislation which imposes more violations of our Constitutionally guaranteed rights for reasons other than the supposed loss of human life in America.

The US mainstream media didn’t bother to follow-up on the main conflicting points of the whole mass shooting incident that cast doubts on the credibility of authorities, accuracy of first hand reports, and the motives involved in this strange and convoluted mass shooting that remains much in dispute.

1) One shooter found dead in the school with 2 hand guns

2) Medical examiner says that all children were killed at close range by an assault rifle

3) One man in camouflage fatigues was arrested by police on the nearby grounds of the school

4) One man in a van was cornered by police in the school parking lot and forced to surrender

All of these glaring inconsistencies to the official report not to mention many more were ignored by the US media. You tell me if this is not a false flag operation with more than one shooter used to further the cause of banning firearms to American citizens. You tell me if there is not a hidden yet obvious agenda being played out here by the US federal government and the lap dog mainstream media to slant their coverage toward the advocacy of gun control to be imposed whether the facts and statistics bear out that the ownership of assault weapons neither increases shooting deaths nor does banning weapons all together as in Europe and Britain stop criminals from obtaining illegal weapons and using them. This is one of the most Machiavellian schemes to manipulate the American public since Obamacare. There is no proof to support the government’s obsession with imposing their gun control agenda. Yet, they persist.

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