More Evidence of the New World Order Part II

By Doc Vega

In 1969 American culture was under rapid change and the duress of the Vietnam War which was in full swing. Campus protests were prevalent across the US. Rock music was at its peak with such bands as Cream, Deep Purple, the Doors, and King Crimson cranking out new sounds, power chords, a fusion of styles, and lyrics that spoke out against social injustice. Skirts had gotten shorter, the birth control pill was all the rage, and couples were pushing the boundaries of acceptable social behavior and promiscuity. Drug use had become a common form of illegal practice among nearly all levels of society. Yes, America was in the chaotic grip of a revolution of liberal ideology as the bitter arguments raged between morally acceptable attitudes and the supposed liberated mindset.

Who would dare?

the fate of the world the fate of mankind dominated byruthless and arrogant global elites. Is America in trouble? Guess

the fate of the world the fate of mankind dominated by
ruthless and arrogant global elites. Is America in trouble? Guess

In all this, there was little awareness of a very insidious plot that had been launched against America for quite some time. This scheme was hatched by the power elites who saw themselves as being more qualified to socially engineer America than any other group or individuals. These people felt justified in perpetrating whatever acts, no matter how ruthless, in manipulating mankind in order to attain their twisted agenda. We have today seen the fruition of their designs in the corruption of the US government, out of control deficit spending, massive entitlement mentality, the grip of socialist legislation upon our nation, and the repeated violations against our Constitution, but in 1969, it was unthinkable, or was it?

In that fateful year of upheaval another voice speaks to us from the past. On March 20, 1969 Doctor Lawrence Dunegan attended a lecture that would prove both shocking and instructive about an issue that few saw developing into the earth-shaking prominence that it dictates today. Doctor Richard Day was giving a lecture that fateful day at Mount Sinai Medical School in New York. Dr. Richard Day had served as Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Dr. Dunegan, a Pediatric Specialist had been taught by Doctor Richard Day before at University of Pittsburgh, so he was no stranger to Richard Day.

The horrific plot revealed

However, what was to transpire as Doctor Day gave his lecture concerning a secret order and the influence they were exerting on American society to bring about a form of change most citizens would have found disturbing, left Doctor Lawrence Dunegan and his colleagues, who had attended this event speechless. In 1988, Dunegan made a series of three audio tapes that to the best of his memory, detailed the rationale and plans of a New World Order of globalist elites who were committed to the transformation of American society into a much different nation than most of the population would have envisioned. A brave new world of collectivist control, subjugation of the masses by an all-powerful federal government, and the compromise of our Constitutional rights among so many other disconcerting ideas was presented to the distinguished audience of doctors.

Few saw it coming

There were few people aside from perhaps, G. Edward Griffin, were aware that something was amiss and there were evil plans afoot for America’s future at that time in the turbulent year of 1969, but this account does corroborate the scheme that has been underway for decades to undermine our free society with Marxist change and draconian federal government. The plans were already well underway by 1969, and according to Doctor Richard Day, they were fairly assured by that time that there was nothing anyone could do about it. Note that this ominous presentation was given at Mt. Sinai Medical School, a prominent fixture in the medical field demonstrating how arrogantly confident this secret order had become that they could use a well-respected venue to broadcast their draconian intentions that were already being unleashed upon American society. This also illustrates that global elitists had already permeated every level of society by 1969 as they pursued their tyrannical agenda. Though most Americans were caught up in the swift current of social upheaval, little did they realize that it was all being intentionally orchestrated by one central force, a secret order of megalomaniacs, who were purposely altering our society for their own designs.

A deadly list of targeted initiatives

Below, you will find a long list of objectives that Doctor Richard Day, who died in 1989, informed his professional audience of on March 20, 1969 from the lecture hall at Mt. Sinai Medical School. This is a shocking, unpatriotic, and anti-human rights criteria being undertaken by these globalist elites who included millionaire, David Rockefeller, among many other powerful businessmen and financial moguls. Dr. Lawrence Dunegan was interviewed in 1991 by a pro-life group against abortions and from that recorded event, gave the world an extraordinary insight into the foreboding plans that had been laid in place for mankind unless they could be stopped using public exposure.

The following topics were discussed in alarming detail to a flabbergasted audience of physicians. Why no one thought to speak out, report the ominous activities in the lecture, or make mention of it to their peers in the professional community is beyond me. Maybe some of them did, but apparently it was not enough.

  • There is an influential and secret group of powerful men organizing change and dedicated to this purpose
  • All preparations are now in place and no one can stand in their way now
  • People will be forced to experience change
  • This group has very real and prescribed goals in order to attain their agenda
  • Population control
  • Government sanctioned control to force parents to seek permission to have babies
  • Redefining the reasons for sex (no longer for pro-creation)
  • Contraception easily available to all
  • Using sex education as a tool by the world government
  • Using taxes to fund abortions used as population control
  • Spreading the practice of homosexuality
  • Using technology to affect social change
  • Dissolving family unity
  • Euthanasia and a morning after pill
  • Making access to medical treatment unaffordable
  • The intentional control exerted over medical practice
  • Ending the practice of private doctors
  • The introduction of new diseases that are difficult or impossible to treat
  • Suppressing cures for cancer as a means of population control
  • Inducing heart attacks as a form of undetectable assassination
  • Education as a tool for hastening puberty and evolution
  • Combining all religions traditional ones will be discouraged until gone
  • Altering passages in the Bible with key words
  • Getting churches to assist in this transformation
  • Reforming public education into a tool of indoctrination
  • Forcing children to spend more time in school without learning anything more
  • Controlling who has access to knowledge
  • Making schools a center for the community
  • Removal of books from the libraries
  • Changing laws
  • Encouraging drug abuse to create a hostile environment
  • Restricting travel
  • Building more jails and using hospitals as jails
  • No more security
  • Using crime to manage society
  • Intentional reduction of American industry (no longer a world leader)
  • Shifting populations and economies to disrupt social roots
  • Using sports as a form of social change
  • Entertainment that features sex and violence
  • Travel curtailment and implanted ID
  • Food control
  • Weather control
  • Social control of the masses forcing them to change
  • Falsified scientific research
  • Terrorism
  • Financial Control
  • Surveillance, implants, TV that can monitor the viewer
  • No more property or home ownership
  • Imposing a global fascist state

Change for the sake of destruction

As one could deduce from this shocking list of intentionally enforced changes that would be imposed upon American society and the rest of the world, everything considered normal, comforting, reassuring, one’s own family and cultural roots, would be subverted. Everything that people had been able to rely upon in the past such as close family ties, old neighborhoods that forged friendships, and a sense of safety were all to be destroyed by crime, rapid social change, moral affliction, terrorist acts, public schools which would now implement state agenda, drug abuse, and forced financial stress would all be brought to bear against American society as a process of destabilization and demoralization much as tactics the Soviets had used to eventually overthrow a society were already in place being used. This is a chilling exposure of an agenda that threatens to permanently transform America, a Constitutional Republic, into the equivalent of a third world socialist regime weighed down with a massive welfare state. And it’s even worse than that with the planned state ownership of everything while individuals are no longer to own their home or property.

The price of ignorance

This, my follow Americans, is what awaits you should you choose to continue living as an apathetic, politically uninvolved dupe, who only worries about the next big ballgame, reality TV show, or hoping that if you ignore all this it will simply go away. The level of corruption within our government along with the majority of American politicians and media anchors who will say anything they are told to say, and will not care about the ultimate impact their complicity has upon a catastrophically declining society is way beyond denial. You will not be able to go on shirking your responsibility as a member of society to do something once your existence as for millions of Americans right now becoming so miserable and devoid of a viable future, you will be forced to take action or simply die as government control weighs more and more heavily upon your life.

Do you think this is a joke? Do you think that I am some kind of paranoid alarmist? Do you think that you can simply go to the comfort of your home and act as though none of this ever happened? Right now there are millions of Americans already affected by the impact of government sanctioned decline who can’t go home and deny what’s happening. You could be next!


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