More Evidence of the New World Order Part I

Adam Lanza just one of many lone disturbed gunmen with a mission to push UN gun control over the people of America.

Adam Lanza just one of many lone disturbed gunmen with a mission to push UN gun control over the people of America.

By Doc Vega

If you, like many Americans, are wondering why the situation here in the US seems to be spiraling out of control for no apparent reason, if you have found that our news media seems to be complicit in a blackout of pertinent information, and if you wonder why the White House simply repeats one bad decision after another, you are witnessing the agenda of the New World Order or One World Government, which ever you like.

With the internet and our age of instant information, the conspiracy can no longer be concealed. Events are now moving more rapidly than ever. The powerful globalist elite who are behind the government and behind the scenes dictating numerous outcomes are moving to complete their agenda fast. They know more people are finding out why this world is in a constant state of chaos, which is exactly how these elitists capitalize on war, famine, strife, and controlling world currency. They profit while mankind suffers. They use the media to distract, confuse, and discredit. They manipulate the currency in order to control money supply, interest rates, and economic conditions. More and more we are finding out the truth behind the chaotic circumstances of mankind, the wars, the recessions, and the political struggles that keep the people of the world off balance, confused, and deceived.

Temptations too great for the control mongers to resist

The thirst for power, the envy of that control, and the resultant suffering that has plagued the world is now coming under the scrutiny of the masses thanks to whistle blowers who have done the research and identified the sources of this antagonism. The world is fast becoming a prison planet controlled by a handful of manipulators who dictate the ultimate choices and directions of mankind who has languished under their thumbs, but perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel, perhaps with the help of a few enlightened minds that have slashed through the veil of evil deception, we can now know the truth. We can now identify who is responsible for triggering the suffering of humanity to profit for their own gain, and what we can do about it before it’s too late.

You have been programmed to scoff

I want to ask you skeptics before I go further. Why do you think that we have had an odd and disturbing out break of lone gunmen shootings in recent months? Do you think it has to do with Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s negotiations with the UN over gun control for the US? Why would the globalist elites be so determined to disarm or greatly curtail the possession of firearms in the US that they would ruthlessly deploy the tactics of mass shootings upon innocent men, women, and children? As Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant US Treasurer told an interviewer for R.T. on television, you cannot have an armed society that coincides with a police state. I’ll repeat that comment. You cannot have an armed society that coincides with a police state.With each convenient denial of our mainstream media, the concept of identifying conspiracies has been thrust into the category of wacko’s and extremists when it is a well documented historical fact that conspiracy is the very tactic used to bring about drastic change even war to a nation by the hand of the unseen!

The United States has now transformed into the most draconian public surveillance oriented fascist governed society perhaps in history. The technical innovations of eavesdropping, miniature cameras, GPS tracking, legalized wiretapping of people innocent until proven guilty, and airborne “Predator” drones, ensures that no one has privacy anymore, and no one is safe. The incredible ability of US intelligence agencies to spy on Americans as though they are nothing more than potential detainees or terrorists has led many to consider we are far beyond the horrors of George Orwell’s visionary science fiction novel, “1984”.

The methodology of fiendishly orchestrated change

It took numerous acts of terrorism killing thousands of Americans and assassinating or attempting to assassinate many US leaders to get us to this point. Inside jobs that once ruthlessly executed, would pave the way for new laws to be enacted that would further and further legislate Americans beyond the protection of our US Constitutional rights. These supposed acts of foreign conducted terrorism, were most likely deployed by agents of the New World Order. As the evidence continues to mount that the Oklahoma City bombing was not just the act of Timothy McVeigh and his fertilizer bomb, that the 9-11 disaster was more much more than a couple of Muslim aviation students flying Boeing passenger jets into the World Trade Center towers, that mass shootings in public places are not simply the work of disturbed individuals alone, we are faced with another realization. Things are not what they seem. These atrocities are not what they have been reported to be.

Decades old plan of subversion

This is the unrepentant work of the New World Order who have been trying to take down America for decades. To finally eliminate the US as the bastion of freedom, individual rights, and free enterprise that it has always been and excelled at. This shining aspect of our society has been intentionally shot down just like the innocent victims at the Aurora Movie Theater. Shot down with the intention by the evil minions of the One World Government for the purpose of robbing us of our rights and permanently subduing America as a world influence and leader as well as an inspiration to all seeking freedom. The more senseless killings, the further advocacy of draconian legislation targeted at imposing more police state laws that regulate guns, authorize invasion of privacy, and will even eventually limit access to the internet as Congress and Senate brainlessly comply, voting into existence lengthy bills of hundreds of pages that no one has read or been allowed to the time to read.

The secret societies responsible

We now know that secret societies are not just the paranoid delusions of conspiracy theorists that should be dismissed outright as our mainstream treasonous US media would have you believe. No, these secret societies such as the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, The Covenant of the Skull and Cross Bones, The Bilderberg, and the Illuminati are all well established organizations that interview and pre-qualify media, political, and business leaders for positions of high power and control in exchange for their allegiance to a One World Order that will see to it that they comply with their mission or be murderously punished for resisting their instructions and their ominous purpose. These secretive societies answer to no one and conduct meetings not covered by a free press. It is interesting to note that a small consortium of Northeastern schools are the staging ground for these elitist decisions. You won’t see the vast majority of leaders in charge of the most crucial decisions coming from schools such as University of Texas at Austin, University of Oklahoma, or California State University. They approve the cream of the crop graduates of Harvard, Yale, and other specific Ivy League schools, and hand-pick new generations of up and coming leaders whose careers will be assured once they accept the loyalty to their secret society owners so that the will of the One World Government can continue to be exerted over the masses of America and the world.

Space limitation leaves me without the reasonable length necessary to reveal all I have in one article. In Part II there will be further evidence that comes from the witnessing of a lecture that outlines future plans for the downfall of the US orchestrated from this secret group.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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