The Fiscal cliff of no return Part III (the recovery)

By Doc Vega

In previous articles I’ve discussed not only the challenges faced by America over the fiscal debacle, but the implications of what inaction or indecision will cause if we allow the looming deficit to become an insurmountable number than can never be realistically reduced. I have also explained what insidious forces America is up against in its battle to overturn the foreign and domestic influences that may make efforts to restore this country to its former condition impossible. The ominous prospect of falling victim to a one world government under the aegis of UN cooperation is a very real threat. Now you should know the causes and who is behind the literal conspiracy to bring down America.

Where there’s a will there’s a way right?

Responsible for the greatest economic recovery in US history yet Obama White House refuses Reagan's lesson.

Responsible for the greatest economic recovery in US history yet Obama White House refuses Reagan’s lesson.

Now, let’s talk about the solution to this orchestrated assault that has been allowed to continue much too long. John Lennon once said, and I paraphrase, “that problems were merely opportunities for a solution.” However, I don’t think that he necessarily considered the present situation America is in under within that realm of possibility. Regardless of whether the powers that be will allow it, there are viable, effective, and timely solutions available regardless of how the US media and the leftist pundits rationalize that our government is actually trying to solve our grave dilemma.

The remedy to Democratic crisis

In 1981, President Ronald Reagan inherited a deep recession, foreign relations were in a state of chaos, and energy prices that were completely out of synch with what the relative economic state of the world was actually in. President Jimmy Carter just as President Obama has voiced, accused Americans of being lazy and deserving of a declining economy. Much as the current situation mirrors that problematical era, the answers remain relevant to this day, yet are purposely ignored by the Democrats and our arrogant president.

Courage to overcome adversity

President Reagan was even faced with a majority disadvantage in the Congress and Senate facing a hostile Democratic contingent. Yet, President Reagan using the force of his personal will, his belief in free enterprise, and the his respect for individual rights prevailed far beyond all reasonable expectations. His faith in the precepts that fostered everything that had led to American success inspired his visionary goals of restoring the American dream with the promise of opportunity through hard work, innovation, and education. President Reagan re-instilled the principles of self-reliance and independence in Americans who just wanted a job and a future they could earn for themselves in a prosperous economy.

Allowing Americans to do what they do best

President Reagan freed the American economy to do what it does best and that was operating without the restriction of the federal government, with low taxes, and with a renewed faith in this nation as a force in the world to be reckoned with. Rather than making the federal government the center of all control and policy, Reagan allowed private sector business to flourish unfettered by excessive EPA regulations or the highest corporate taxes on the planet as is the case now. Using the supply side economics advocated by economist, Milton Friedman, President Reagan used a sound fiscal model as a guide post to recovery. Keynesian economics had been used haphazardly all through the 1970’s with continued recession and inflationary cycles, the same model used frivolously by the Obama White House that has proven to be not only ineffective but destructive.

Killing dinosaurs

Mitt Romney in revealing his economic plans for a US recovery illustrated an evaluation scenario where he would put each and every nonessential federal government agency and department to a cost efficiency test. Those that failed would have been closed down at a savings of cost to the people. Such federal bureaucracies that might have been closed down at a huge savings to the taxpayers would have been the Department of Energy created during the Carter Administration that has grown exponentially yet duplicates many of the functions of already established agencies such as the Department of Commerce of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It is no wonder that the federal government would have been desperate to keep Mitt Romney from getting elected as he would have eliminated much of the waste and unnecessary infrastructure that adds to the swollen federal budget.

Reagan knew big government and why it needed limits

Ronald Reagan was against nationalized healthcare. He would never have allowed it to materialize under his watch. President Reagan going back to his days as Governor of California knew that the inefficiency and cost of Washington DC red tape, building infrastructure for administration of the program, and the burden of federal employee benefits would far out weigh the expenses of private sector insurance companies who could operate faster, more cost effectively, and competitively without rationing care for the elderly and chronically ill. Yet, President Obama rather than let the private sector lead by example, expertise, and efficiency would rather use government to politically gain voter support by creating costly handouts to the willing wards of the state who would automatically support such programs as they pay no taxes that must support these social engineering entitlements.

A refusal to face the facts

Democrats have a conveniently short-term memory loss when failing to acknowledge President Reagan’s achievements and how he was able to pull off the most effective economic recovery in US history. FDR, in retrospect, had utterly failed in his bid to use the federal government as the center of economic stimulus during the Great Depression with his deficit spending that did not curb high unemployment for 9 years going into the start of World War II. How could anyone with a rational mind not credit Reagan for the creation of more than 20 million jobs, lowering the cost of gasoline, forcing the economic collapse and military capitulation of the Soviet Union, and restoring America’s prestige on a worldwide scale?

With a tawdry 1% to 2 % annual growth, which does not even offset the cost of living while using federal economic indicators to outright lie about the continued rise in consumer food costs over the last 4 years, the Obama administration must use deception to hide the failure of their economic policy. The majority of jobs created by the Obama White House have been between 10 to 14 dollar an hour food service and non-management employment that is not the stuff of careers or higher education placement as college graduates remain largely unemployed or underemployed.

Lowering taxes has always had economic impact

By lowering income taxes, President Reagan gave the US consumer more expendable income to stimulate retail activity. This generated sales taxes which helped local government balance their budgets while strengthening the US economy. This activity also created jobs with the demand for growth. With more jobs the federal government gained more income taxes in volume rather than through individual tax increases. Reagan demanded that corporate taxes be brought down to all time lows which in turn encouraged employers to remain under US jurisdiction rather than moving their operations offshore to avoid the profit robbing burden of the highest corporate taxes on the planet as we now experience under the Obama administration. The Obama White House is discouraging domestic American employment with such practices

Reagan trail-blazed a path to success, but Obama won’t take a hint

When President Reagan ordered cuts on the costly EPA and other regulations that were making domestic operations too costly for American employers, jobs numbers dramatically increased. More Americans went to work and gained prosperity, a future, and the money to fund college education for their children rather than relying on government backed student loans as has been the case in recent years. Yet, the government once again did not lose revenues as the more Americans employed in greater numbers provided more federal tax revenues. President Reagan using “Supply Side” economics was able to allow the private sector to profit and be the engine that drove the economy, this, in essence was the remedy that soundly fixed the US financial picture. In comparison, President Obama relies on deficit spending to create costly job growth and federal employee hiring that further punishes tax payers to create unsatisfactory economic growth, but it won’t work and has been proven history of failure.

Insanity of tyranny?

Einstein’s definition of insanity was to do something the same way over and over again with unsuccessful results yet to continue expecting a different outcome. I wish it were that simple that the Obama White House just doesn’t understand the economic recovery equation due to their ineptitude, but it’s more than that. The Obama administration is committed to a Cloward-Piven forced economic failure of the nation and its economic system in order to bring about political change through crisis. By ruling through the manipulation of crisis President Obama does the bidding of his true employers who have sent him on a mission of destroying the American paradigm of success, individual freedom, and independence. America has become an oppressive, leftist. police state, by design and is being intentionally run into the ground. This is the true obstacle that stands in the way of the relatively easy road to recovery that the Democrats absolutely refuse to follow laid down a little more than a couple of decades ago by President Ronald Reagan.

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