The Fiscal cliff of no return Part II

America does not need UN influence in foreign affairs or our domestic policy it is the plague of world government!

America does not need UN influence in foreign affairs or our domestic policy it is the plague of world government!

By Doc Vega

For those of us with a reasonable amount of comprehensive skills it would be easy to assign not only blame but an insidious conspiracy to the ineffectual actions of a government who is actively ignoring sound economic policy and imposing destructive measures upon the people, the private business sectors, and financial markets. They, the federal government, have delivered us to these terrible times. Furthermore, it would be hard not to attribute to our leadership an intentionally damaging set of objectives that have been imposed upon we, the American people. Especially when one considers just how far to the edge of the abyss we are now dangling. Is this beyond the comprehension of our leaders on Capitol Hill, who are just too out of touch? Are these just the symptoms of an administration who is so ideologically rigid they can’t see the dangerous results of their agenda? No! These people must know what they are doing! They are forcibly contributing to the end of the Constitutional Republic that Americans were once traditionally able to rely upon. The current actions of our federal government are the intended collective efforts of a White House entrenched in the methodic dismantling of a great society under the aegis of government sanctioned change. However, we know differently.

News media-the hired hands

With the aid of a US media who has been paid and assigned the task of intelligence disinformation and lulling the rage of an afflicted populace into complacency with lies, we must ask why. Why would our Constitutionally guaranteed free press, be following a path of misinforming the public and character assassination of those who are trying to rectify this nation from its current state of crisis? The US media has been repeatedly reconsolidated by its corporate ownership as well it has been bought by multinational companies to the point that it now voices the opinions dictated to it by its owners. The broadcast of news reporting and editorializing has been monopolized into the hands of so few who are powerfully directed against our wishes that it is staggering. Those owners, either foreign or domestic, are most definitely not aligned with the best interests of the American public. They absolutely have no concern for the travail and suffering of the average United States citizen nor the nation he lives in.

World government drawing nearer

To make matters worse, the US government has been on a tear to submit itself under the influence of the United Nations and a one world government, who will push any destructive agenda no matter how false and dangerous that lie is intended to be. When President Obama and CIA Director Leon Panetta both publicly state that they bow to a greater authority than our US Constitution and Congress, you can bet that our nation is under a coup of ideological and foreign origin that has no interest in recognizing the rights of the American citizen. Our Constitution is under siege, and it won’t stop until they have succeeded in their long-range goals of delivering America beneath the tyranny of a globalist agenda.

Disinformation on our TV and radio

Now you know why or federal government is making such efforts that are contra to our well-being and survival. Now you must know that every major broadcasting news anchor, male or female, in the US is a member of the 4000 strong CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) who have been committed to urging the US under a global disposition for decades in the aegis of international cooperation. These people were interviewed by the CFR and pre-qualified as agents of propaganda. They simply accept their huge salaries and are told what to say. They have no allegiance to the plight of their country as they egos are too enormous, their pre-occupation with their own self-importance too pervading to stop and consider what they are doing to their fellow Americans. If more Americans realized this and embraced the simple and undeniable truth, the people of America just might get an accurate picture of where and from whom the ultimate threats are coming from. But, that’s their job! The US media has been commissioned by the federal government to mislead, distract, and falsely reassure the American public into being so confused that they can’t identify the threat to our freedoms and society. Convincing Americans that their floundering federal government is actually operating in their own best interests, when in fact, it is not.

Penalizing the middle class for federal mismanagement

This is why we wonder and question over and over again why we are held accountable for the fiscal irresponsibility of our federal government. Why we get angry over why the President tells us that we must pay more and more income tax to do our duty in supporting social engineering programs like welfare, food stamps, or foreign aid to the tune of billions to nations who harbor terrorists and do not see eye to eye with American interests. This is why we wonder where all the jobs went when President Obama insists on taxing US corporations the highest taxes in the world while blaming them for not employing more Americans. This is exactly why we vent our rage when we try to understand the federal government’s penchant for ignoring our Constitutional rights as each draconian bill controlling our personal lives is voted into existence. Once again we ask just whose side are these Senators and the President on? You can be sure, they are not on our side.

Now that I have illustrated for you the source of the problem, I will give you the solutions to these manufactured difficulties that are very easily within our resolvable reach except for the intentional bungling of a federal government who has no interest in righting this US economy nor – our former state of prosperity. Most assuredly, there has been a plan for a long time in place to take down the United States from being a world power, a world-class industrial nation, and a leader of human rights. We are on the threshold of an overthrow that has not been sanctioned by our enemies and their standing armies but from within.

In Part III, you will see the answers that your leaders refuse to acknowledge or utilize.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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