Benghazi Report Too Mild

By Amanda Hill

On Tuesday night, the ‘Benghazi Report’ was released to the media and the public. Supporters of the Obama administration have viewed the report as “harsh”, while right wingers have criticized the report of not pointing direct and specific fingers to individuals.

clinton-benghaziAs an average American, I couldn’t have felt as automatically dumbfounded as I did when this report came out. Although the report suggested the state departments role was “grossly inadequate”; it fails to bring out the “big guns”, and instead criticizes everyone as a whole instead of lying blame on the most central figures that could have controlled this catastrophe. The Accountability Review Board consisted of an independent panel, which is a reason why I’m confused on their lack of clarity since they had no reason to be bias or tight lipped on anyone’s behalf.

In the report it cites that there were “…management deficiencies at senior levels within the two bureaus of the state department…” With that blatant criticism of senior leadership, the report should just not stop there but condemn Hilary Clinton, Susan Rice, Joe Biden and Barack Obama specifically of failing to do their duties to overlook, control and squash the crisis in real time. Even the everyday American is fully aware that any terrorist attack info is rushed to the desks of the President, Vice President and Secretary of State, and that they are able to have real time update and factual information regarding such attacks. To fathom not one American fighter jet from an Italian base or an elite commando squad was deployed to Benghazi within minutes or previous to when the rebels started breaching the embassy walls is incredible and literally can make one speechless. If these events were not being constantly reported to the President as the situation was playing out, then Hilary Clinton has clearly not lived up to her job as Secretary of State to the President.

Even though the report fails to condemn individual key players as well as the mass confusion over the initial lie the President told the American people; there is clear evidence that more crucifying information will eventually surface. This evidence is the fact that three state department officials have resigned over the Libya report, as well Susan Rice taking her name out of consideration from becoming Secretary of State.

There are clearly things we do not know and that obviously have been covered up. This report was encouraging in the light that it did not excuse the lack of actions taken. Now, in the wake of these new resignations the public should have more hope of condemnations soon to come.

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