New Game: America 2012; Rated Mature for Everyone

By Scott Tomko

Welcome to America, we’ve got fun and games, and everyone is encouraged to play. As news networks and left wing nuts continue their predictable assault on the 2nd Amendment, the real problems, the problems of a culture that has morphed into a society of sex, drugs, and violence, continue to go on unnoticed.

rated-m-for-maturePlease proceed to turn on your television; however, don’t get frustrated, there are only three types of programming available. First off, we have coverage of 26 innocent people being laid to rest, interspersed with clueless reporters repeatedly asking “why, why, why?” Sadly, these puppets are looking for crime and motives in every place but one: the mirror.

No wonder why so many parts of the world despise us; our news programs are hosting a parade of “mental wackos,” trying to determine the psychological deficiencies of Adam Lanza. There is no way we could ever say evil was rooted in this creature, could we? Heck, he only  looked right into the eyes of 20 little children and shot them to pieces.

I am in full agreement with Michael Savage, one of the few remaining voices of reason on our airwaves, who characterized this killer as a “sub-human coward.”


Anyway, back to the TV, the box that gives us the decline of our great nation right before our very eyes. The second type of programming you will see as you skim the channels is fine, upstanding businesses advertising their product. I was quite amazed to flip from pictures of Sandy Oak Elementary school directly to the promotion for Assasins Creed, rated M for Mature Audiences. I was relieved by this rating, for certainly no parent is letting little Johnny shoot down countless people with that big “M” on the cover.

Finally, as for the rest of your shows, you will find nothing but sex, violence, and overall filth. I counted 4 different programs about angry housewives, 3 depicting the trials and trbulations of ghost hunters, 2 about the impending Apocolypse, and, as far as shows centering on violence as their major theme, far too many to count.

There was a time in this country when entertainment was subject to ethical guidelines and review boards that were relentless in their censuring. Unfortunately, once Hollywood moguls decided glorifying violence was a potential money maker, they unleashed a tidal wave that washed away any such regulations.

But, wait a minute, you might want to cut these guys some slack. Famed director Quentin Tarantino, one of the bloodiest of the bloody, says “I just think, you know, there’s violence in the world, tragedies happen, blame the playmakers. It’s a Western. Give me a break.”


The breaks need to end. We are coming to a point in this country where good morality is as hard to find as good, clean comedy(the kind without 100 profanities inserted).

The fact overriding all of this degradation is that our entertainment industry, and henceforth our entire society, has long been clouding the difference between good and evil, right and wrong. When you add in the startling number of absent fathers and busy mothers, mixed in with the ever-growing obcession with technology, many children just aren’t getting enough doses of healthy values.

The events that took place at Sandy Oak Elementary weigh heavily on all of our minds. Yet, it seems like such massacres are more and more likely in the new 2012 version of the American game; if President Obama really wants to take action against these tradegies, he can tell Hollywood that the game is over. If directors and producers won’t curtail the violence, government will.

As for us, let’s turn off the TV and spend time with our children. God bless and Merry Christmas.

About the Author

As an American, I am very concerned. In an age where the media is becoming less and less trustworthy, with virtually all networks having a political agenda, Americans must do their own "homework" to establish the facts. I am a 28 year old writer from Baltimore, who, once upon a time, cared very little about politics. In fact, along with a majority of other young Americans, I, too, was naively swept up by the "obama-mania" of 2008. However, being a student in journalism, I started to see that the ethics that were taught to me, principally objectivity, were no longer being adhered to by the American media. Furthermore, being a lover of history and the ideals that helped create this nation, I became appalled as I watched the current administration "work around" the Constitution; obviously, their main job, upholding and enforcing it, no longer mattered. I woke up! Unfortunately, too many people are still asleep! The Obama administration , with virtually all the media networks in its pocket, is destroying our country. We must stand up for our conservative principles, or the America we know and love, with principles of freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, will fade into the history books. My degree is in English Literature, and my art is communication. Whether it be written or spoken, I am a man who is confident that he will get his point across. The main point now is that we must, as Sean Hannity puts it, "take our country back."

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