Where does the Administration Stand?


As President Obama and his cabinet are wrapping up their first presidential term, I have found that the president and those who work for him are giant contradictions in and of themselves.

Throughout his Presidency he has praised the Muslim faith, all the while speaking Christian praises when convenient. Obama has been quoted saying “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam”. As well, the President has accepted and not criticized the Muslim Brotherhood and has recalled how lovely the Islamic call to prayer is. Of course the President has never spoke of how beautiful the notion of Christ is or how proud he is that America is a predominantly Christian nation. However, when there are national tragedies such as a public shooting massacre or a 9/11 remembrance, the President stoically adds the word “God” and “bless” in public speeches.

Members of the Obama administration are also obviously guilty of apparently trying to walk two tight ropes at once. People like Susan Rice and Hilary Clinton who’ve had had ups and downs as leaders, have stuck up for long held American views but at the same time have sat like a ducks to situations that actively oppose our values. For example, the U.S. has boycotted U.N. decisions such as more worldwide government regulated web use and Palestine state recognition. At the same time the administration also stands back while a U.S. embassy was overrun by terrorists and was hardly verbally supportive of the Green Revolution in Iran during its heyday. Not to mention how vocally weak they have been toward potentially dangerous and questionable situations in places like Egypt and China that threaten U.S. interests.

These acts of firm pro American value standings mixed with lackluster and weak stances not only send the American public mixed signals but also the world mixed signals. With an unspoken war on religion, the nation divided like night and day and international governments that are as rogue as Al Capone; I certainly hope Obama and his administration will make clearer their moral, international and domestic stances in the second term.

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Hello all! I'm a Minnesota raised 24 year old who has always had a natural passion for politics and world affairs. The patriotism that is in my bled lept out into passion (like many Americans) in September 2001. As a young conservative I stand up for my beliefs when many my age think very left winged. I am a seasoned traveler of many countries in this great world and have always thought of myself as the odd Republican American representative to whomever I meet abroad. By these posts I am trying to prove that the base of the Grand Old Party is dead and does have a young peoples base.

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