Why is the White House out of Control?

By Doc Vega

When evaluating the last four years of continued US decline it is not difficult for us to establish that our own federal government has not only been remiss, but intentional in its efforts to obstruct an economic recovery. Not only that, but the illegal use of tax payers funds to promote failed businesses based upon politically correct models that cannot compete in the market place. Did the taxpayers have anything to say in the waste of this money? No. Why were projects that could have employed thousands rejected by the President? Why has foreign policy turned into a nightmare that needlessly costs American lives overseas? These are the tough questions that the US media refuses to delve into in order to keep from tarnishing the image of President Obama.


Is there any sanity left in Washington DC?

It would not be too hard to see that President Obama and his administration seem hell bent on not only standing in the way of US prosperity, but vindictively fabricating policies that cost American lives. In any society that was practicing their own due process of law these actions would be construed as treasonous. Yet, we see no prosecutorial response of the GOP in either addressing these incriminating aspects or using these examples of misconduct to regain the oval office of the presidency. Something indeed is very wrong.

Gun walking and the murder of US Border patrol agents

Let us not forget the impact and wrong doing of such acts as what was exposed as a result of operation “Fast and Furious”. The President obviously obstructed the Republican investigation into it while refusing to turn over documents subpoenaed by Darrel Issa and Charles Grassley for more than a year and a half. When border patrol agents, US Citizens, and Mexicans were being killed with weapons sold by the ATF to drug cartel gangs, there was obviously a lack of procedure and no consideration for human safety. That Attorney General Eric Holder stonewalled the investigation into those deaths for 18 months and was found to be in contempt of Congress seemed to have been lost on Republicans who had vowed to get to the bottom of this situation. In 1973 President Richard Nixon would have been convicted of obstruction of justice and impeached over less than this. He was forced to resign by a Democrat led Watergate investigation, yet Republicans under Speaker of the House, John Boehner have done nothing to stop President Obama’s assault of illegality and constitutional challenges. By using executive privilege, the President protected criminal acts by his own US Attorney General that might well have implicated himself.

Failed White House business agenda

In order to push his green agenda, President Obama authorized huge bailout funding for solar batteries, voltaic cells, and electric cars guaranteeing risky loans for these industries with tax payer funds. The result-Solyndra went bankrupt after being awarded 535 million in federal funding, A 123 went bankrupt after receiving 380 million in federal funds, Ener Del, a battery maker, had received 118 million, Aptera, an electric car maker went bankrupt after receiving federal funds, while Johnson Controls who received 299 million failed to open 2 factories as promised and now only operates 1 factory at half the number of employees projected. The President’s business policies are a clear failure. With allegations that his personal friends profited from their investments in these companies there could be legal grounds for a criminal investigation, yet Republicans have not pursued it.

Refusing to sell arms to our allies?

August 21, 2011, the Obama White House refused a sale of 66 F-16’s to Taiwan, our trusted ally in the Far East. The sale would have created more than a thousand defense contracting jobs, but the administration said no depriving a US contractor of much needed revenue. Taiwan was willing to pay in order to offset the growing aggression being demonstrated by China’s continual military build up. Yet, President Obama will extend billions in foreign aid to Pakistan who harbors terrorists! Where is the logic?

Killing jobs for what?

Why would President Obama refuse to approve the Keystone Pipeline XL project, a petroleum pipeline that would have transported Canadian tar sands oil all the way to the US Gulf Coast. This projected would produced an estimated 40 thousand jobs, would have provided tax revenues in each state the pipeline was routed through, and provided a cheap, secure, source of energy for the US, yet President Obama rejected the pipeline permit. This course of action can only be seen as a political move to prevent a Republican promoted economic recovery plan. Americans out of work and states who cannot balance their budgets have much to thank President Obama’s political decisions for. Where politics were determined to be more important than American’s going back to work, state revenues, or America having secured source of domestic energy, this is another destructive example of the President’s rationale in action.

Violating Constitutional consent

President Obama’s decision to deploy US forces to Libya to aid the rebellion against the Gaddafi Regime was not only unconstitutional, but an impeachable offense. According to the US Constitution only Congress can give the consent to send American servicemen into harm’s way under the aegis of war. President Obama knowingly violated that protocol acting like s dictator. Republican leadership should have pushed hard for impeachment at that point. A resolution, in fact, was adopted for impeachment, and did not attain enough votes even with a Democrat, Dennis Kucinich, helping to support the measure.

Benghazi attacks the true reason behind them

Probably the most deplorable and inexcusable foreign policy misconduct in US history occurred on September 11, 2012 when the US embassy in Benghazi, Libya was assaulted by a heavy, well coordinated attack. After fabricating an excuse about some little known film made by a small time Egyptian producer was blamed for days afterward then spending $70,000.00 in tax payer’s money to advertise on Syrian TV, President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stating that they did not support the supposedly offensive film that insulted Muslims. Of course, this was a hoax and a distraction from the real issue. Evidence now shows that President Obama was with CIA Director Leon Panetta watching the 7 hour attack from the Situation Room in the White House. The President ordered a stand down to AFRICOM command 2 hours away, a CIA facility very close, and numerous other commands within the region that could have intervened. Five Americans were killed as the President, CIA Director Panetta, numerous Defense Department offices, and who knows who else viewed the attack live.

Within hours of Ambassador Stevens body being carried to a Libyan hospital and allegations of him being raped before being killed, attacks through out the Arab world were sparked as all together 20 US diplomatic facilities were attacked and burned down. The Egyptian scapegoat film maker was dragged from his home in LA Gestapo style for something he was not responsible for. General Carter Ham who was reportedly relieved of command by his second in command after ignoring the stand down order when the US embassy alert came from Benghazi would be another scapegoat. While the White House lied and stated that no US Forces were ordered in because they did not know the situation that existed, oh really, they watched the situation for 7 hours live! The truth finally emerged thanks to Glen Beck who produced sources that provided documents and files showing that Ambassador Stevens had been acting as an arms dealer in the region and at the time of the attack had been trying to relocate US weapons sold to Libyan rebels in order to quell the evidence of another Fast and Furious operation right there in Libya.

The damning evidence behind the murderous acts

Not only that, but evidence indicated that President Obama had been planning to hand over Libya to Al-Qaeda, that Al-Qaeda had infiltrated the government, that the US has awarded Al-Qaeda security contracts for other US embassies in Libya while and awarded al-Qaeda border security duty. All this was found in files recovered from the burned out Benghazi embassy and recovered from onsite. Now, this very terrorist organization that has taken so many American lives has turned Libya into a haven for other terrorist operations. The truth is that Obama allowed Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, who had requested help several times prior to the fatal assault on the eleventh, to be killed in order to try and cover up the revelations that would inevitably surface.

Disastrous Middle East Policy

This is one of the most traitorous acts in the history of the United States by an American President who retains a cloud of secrecy about his true identity and origin, while oblivious liberals, Democrats, immigrants with no sense of patriotism continually defending acts of stupidity by an oval office leader that never would have been tolerated 30 years ago. Yet, Barack Obama was re-elected. People, something is very wrong here and many of you are refusing to admit it! This is tyranny pure and simple!

With the Middle Eastern countries of Libya and Egypt, under new leadership in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood after recent overthrows while our US Navy aircraft carrier group sits off the coast of Syria, the White House still plans on sending millions in foreign aid and even F-16’s to Egypt. There is only one explanation for the ineptitude and lack of concern for America exhibited by President Obama’s hideous misconduct. It can only be that he is a traitor as he commands a renegade administration who also share their arrogant disregard for our country! This reckless form of governance has got to stop and unless enough Americans express their anger over this idiocy on Capitol Hill, it will only get worse!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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  1. Good report Doc.  A report on Benghazi issued today, widespread failures in the State Department were cited, yet no disciplinary action was recommended.  Go figure.  All the signs of lack of proper protection for the Ambassador and the consulate staff were known, yet nothing was done.

    In addition Susan Rice was send on all these Sunday talk shows to misrepresent the reason for the attack.  This sucks big time.You pointed out what needed to be pointed out and all of it is factual. 

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