Obama eligibility challenges still remain in 2 cases Part II

By Doc Vega


Montgomery Blair Sibley is a very dedicated and hard working lawyer who has devised a series of interesting ways of approaching the voter scandals and eligibility question of President Obama. On November 18, 2012 he filed a preliminary class action suit against 3 of the Washington DC electors in order to freeze the 538 electoral votes from being cast for Presidential candidate Barack Obama. He also issued a subpoena for any or all of Barack Obama’s original birth certificates by a deadline date of December 6, 2012.

President_Barack_Obama's_long_form_birth_certificateIn that service Montgomery Blair Sibley also filed a Verified Rule To Show Cause Why Barack Obama II, should not be held in contempt of court. Judge Mott has reserved his decision in that motion pending actions by the defendants named in this suit. The case, Sibley vs Alexander, Dinan, Lightfoot, was filed in the jurisdiction of District of Columbia.

On November 29, 2012 being in receipt of the aforementioned litigation. President Obama ignored the subpoena for his original birth certificates which set into motion Verified Rule For Motion To Show Cause Why Barack Obama II Should Not Be Held in Contempt of Court. Once again, Judge Mott made no decision pending the actions of the defendants.

The following verbiage accompanied the response by Montgomery Blair Sibley stating in view of  Article II Section 1 of the US Constitution has sworn to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. Everyone else in the United States has to follow the law and prove according to USCS 1324a in order to begin a job. Why does Mr. Obama think that he is above the law and can ignore it?

It seems that those residents living within the District of Columbia have no right from Congress to vote for their own representation but unlike other state voters, they have the unique right of statutorial standing to post-election challenge of the qualifications for the office of any elected official.

In addition, Montgomery Blair Sibley filed a Motion For Review in which he challenges Barack Obamas II qualifications for the office of the presidency. In accompaniment to this motion Sibley also filed an Omnibus Motion to subpoena Mr. Obama’s original birth certificates, social security records, selective service records, Occidental College applications, transcripts, Harvard Law school records, Columbia University records, passport records, all records that he had refused to disclose. Sibley added, “ what does he have to hide? I must say where there’s smoke there’s fire. He American people have a right to know.”

Additionally in a separate court action, Montgomery Blair Sibley applied to the court for an out of state examiner to file an out of state deposition and subpoena to the court for all documents related to Barack Obama II’s original state birth certificate. Making the following and understandable comment, Mr. Sibley said, “ the powers that be may want to block my attempts to get at the truth but it won’t be for the lack of my efforts to get at the truth.”

Hasn’t this been the case all along with so many other’s attempts at trying to arrive at the facts in this most reprehensible display of government deception and law breaking within recent memory?

I think it is interesting to note that just recently as Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s cold case posse traveled to Hawaii on a mission to obtain Barack Obama’s birth records that they were stonewalled, intentionally delayed, lied to by Hawaiian officials, Alvin Onaka, chief birth registrar, refused to even speak to lead investigator, Mike Zullo. Now, you can bet that if the tables were turned and Democrats wanted to know the true birth background of some prominent elected Republican that there would be a witch hunt and US media outcry that would not end until there were answers. This is the prevailing hypocrisy and law breaking that is now so prevalent within our government. In fact, it is so blatant that the government has become emboldened in its efforts to defy justice with the knowledge that American citizens will do nothing about it!


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