Global Warming Opponent Lord Monckton stripped of his UN membership!

Lord Monckton stripped of his UN membership!
By Doc Vega

The UN has just unleashed its true intentions with actions taken recently against Lord Christopher Monckton. Their tyrannical agenda is unfolding now!

You may think the following article is alarmist or conspiratorial in nature, but unfortunately it’s not. These days the treasonous US media either refuses to cover stories that reveal the truth or labels news they don’t want you to get to be a product of conspiracy theory, extremism, or simply from questionable sources. We as Americans have been misled far too long, and under the Obama administration we are now experiencing the full grim fruition of policies designed to enslave US citizens. Carefully read the following and you will see what I mean.

Recently Lord Monckton, well known British opponent to the cause of “Manmade Global Warming” and former adviser to the Margaret Thatcher government in Britain, was recently stripped of his UN membership. While making a stand against the issue while the United Nations was in session, Lord Christopher Monckton was escorted from the assembly, relieved of his UN credentials and forced to leave. Why? Because Monckton refused to back down on his rejection of the global warming theory as well as the Agenda 21 implementation of environmental measures that would violate the rights of all world citizens with the US being particularly called out. With the UN already unconstitutionally intervening in American domestic affairs, Monckton has resisted these attempts at a one world government approach to forcing citizens of the world to comply with a draconian power grab that will steal their rights in the name of saving the planet.

Lord Monckton a small voice against global warming alarmist silenced at the United Nations

That directive is even more powerful and tyrannical than it is planned for anywhere else in the world when pertaining to the US. UN directives to force 50% of the US landmass to be converted back to wilderness, stripping Americans of their property ownership as well as dissolving the US Constitution as law of the land will be only the beginning. American resources, waterways, beaches, and mineral rights will be redistributed to third world nations. UN courts will begin the legal takeover of the US judiciary while Americans will simply lose their liberty, land ownership, pursuit of happiness, among other aspects of our heritage all in the name of earth worship where the planet becomes more important than human life.

Of course, this is not the true reason behind the social upheaval. This is only an excuse for the what amounts to a national level compromise of citizen’s and state’s rights as the federal government under President Obama’s leadership becomes a puppet of foreign powers that have been wanting to topple America for a long time along with everything this nation stood for. You see, you can’t have such ideologies as Communism or even Globalism sharing the earth with you when individual rights and free enterprise trump tyranny every time, so you must use coercion, propaganda, and subversion to convince the foolish that being a subject of the mighty state is a better solution. It isn’t, but the collectivists, Marxists, Stalinist, and fascists who just can’t leave well enough alone want America to fail. These zealots hate America for its prosperity, human rights advocacy, and success as a society.

The United Nation’s intolerant and vicious actions toward Lord Monckton for refusing to knuckle under to their global warming fascism is only one action against a single individual but represents a greater threat to us all who are informed enough to resist the biggest lie ever perpetrated against mankind in order to take control of the world. Everything we earn by being industrious and hard working Americans and have saved for in order to realize a better quality of life will cease to exist as the federal government continues secretly voting away our rights, property, and sovereignty to foreign powers who hate us. It’s going on now and will continue until the American people can pierce the veil of lies strewn before us by the US media, and demand transparency in our federal government, but its not that simple. Our government is currently refusing to enforce the law in order to police itself.

This you can clearly see in the re-election of President Obama, a usurper who should not even hold the oval office not to mention all the crimes he has committed. The corruption of the Department of Justice and the FBI demonstrate that we Americans can no longer rely upon government accountability With rampant voter fraud, the suppression of military vote, and the subcontracting of US vote tallying to a foreign entity, Obama’s re-election was assured and the US suffered another soft coup. Ask yourself how 2 million less Republican and conservatives voted in 2012 as opposed to 2008 for the McCain Palin ticket? Too many people wanted Mitt Romney to win. Even with a predicted lighter turn out of pro-Obama minority voters, somehow the election went to a failed Presidency. This should be enough proof to anyone seeking it.

Recently Congress voted on Agenda 21. Just days ago the very fate of the Republic that hangs in the balance, could already have been decided. Why would any President, Congress, or Senate ever consider whether or not to vote for UN initiatives being implemented over the domestic affairs of the United States when it is expressly unconstitutional? Why? If Americans would simply stop what they were doing, forget about the last reality show they watched, put down that beer in front of the ballgame, and consider just why everything is happening as it is right now, they might actually do something about this unacceptable malaise that has befallen this once great nation.

If you were enough of an independent thinker to get away from the TV set and stop listening to the brainless drivel on the majority of the radio airways, you might just realize that the majority of programming in this country is designed to distract, desensitize, and dumb down Americans. The suppression of critical thinking in our society is at all time highs. The federal government just as the former Soviet Union, wants compliant worker bees, who don’t question why, who accept the false narratives, and who will obediently submit. This is your fate as an American should you choose to accept it. But, it’s not as simple as that. The repercussions will be totally unacceptable. You will become a subject, a serf, a peasant, without much in the way of rights except to be pushed around by an all knowing all seeing government that is not interested in your rights or even in your welfare.

In all this, it was your responsibility to keep this final scenario from taking place. Yes, it is despicable that the federal government has lied, committed fraud, and has refused to prosecute the outlandishly obvious law breaking that insults our collective intelligence, but we allowed it! People too busy surviving, too distracted by pointless broadcasting, and indoctrinated by public schools instead of being educated, were asleep at the wheel as our freedoms were being compromised by politicians who forgot that their oath to preserve and protect the US Constitution was their ultimate duty as that document defined our collective liberty as a society. Now, the ingenious work of our forefathers, their vision, their anticipation of the challenges ahead is in grave doubt. You had a part in this too. Yes, you were lied to, yes you were manipulated, but still, you have a brain, you know right from wrong, at least most of you do. In a very tragic way, you chose this wretched path that now threatens everything we now have as Americans.

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