Czars, Bailouts and a Fiscal Cliff, Oh My!

As the fiscal cliff looms over everyday Americans, and our children are inheriting a growing 16.3 trillion dollar national debt: Obama has taken some half hearted and controversial steps solve both these problems. Part of his “solution” has been the formation of “Czars”. Unfortunately, the general public is largely unaware of Obama’s “czars” which he had started to build up from the moment he took office in 2009.

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Since Obama took office he has appointed some forty Czars in charge of new miscellaneous government posts. Mind you, none of these Czar appointees have been subjected to congressional review, which then places Obama himself on a fine line of acting unconstitutionally. However, it is not the tyrannical word “czar” given to these “out-of-thin-air” government posts or the fact that the President could be held accountable for actions that could be deemed un-constitutional; it is actually the question of what progress, if any, these czars have contributed to our looming national problems and why we now find ourselves to close to economic collapse.

Many Americans are unaware that the government has an Economic Czar and the purpose of this Czar is of course overseeing the economy and creating solutions for it. The purpose of this Economic Czar has clearly failed. Also, having two major failed stimulus packages that did not meet its goal of cutting the national debt, it seems a fair assumption that the actual and very real post of a “Stimulus Accountability Czar” also has not progressed the country. Other Czars that Obama has appointed during his administration are a “Pay Czar”, “Technology Czar”, “Green Jobs Czar” and “TARP Czar”. With so many people bearing accountability of success of these posts, it is astounding not one positive change has occurred to bolster our fiscal and economic problems.

While it is clear President Obama has made great efforts to attempt fixing the economy with all these Czar establishments, it is also clear none have completed their missions of regulations, economic stabilization and jobs creations. One would rightly think the Pay Czar, Green Jobs Czar and the Technology Czar could all put their heads together and come up with no nonsense solution to give Americans jobs and a secure financial future.

Between stimulus packages, bailouts and less than effective Czars of multiple economic tasks, the country now find itself on the brink of a national upheaval due to a fiscal cliff. If the bleak scenario occurs that no bi partisan deal be made plays out; the immediate and unprecedented tax hikes will mark the ultimate failure of Obama’s presidency. If only the President could try as hard to reach a bi partisan deal as he tried in his endeavors to oddly and controversially solve previous economic problems, then perhaps he can save his presidency from completely failing the American people.

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