Pearl Harbor remembered and how different things are today

A worse tragedy than Pearl Harbor has befallen the nation and it has to do with the presidency and Capitol Hill.

By Doc Vega

Some things change while others never do. In 1941 Europe was facing complete fascist domination. With France and Europe under Nazi control, Hitler ordered the invasion of North Africa. The Japanese smoldered over the oil embargo imposed by President Roosevelt over the war that the Nipponese forces had waged against China since 1932 in Manchuria. Congress was deadlocked over remaining isolationistic rather enter into direct conflict with the Axis Powers (Japan and Germany). On the shipping lanes of the north Atlantic American Merchant Marines and their British counterparts were being sunk by German U-Boats the “Wolf Pack” as they were called. Even off the coast of New Jersey and Florida U-Boats had torpedoed freighters that burned and lit up the night skies as Americans watched from the beaches unaware that the US Navy did not have the situation under control.

There was a powder keg awaiting a spark with which to ignite the support of the American public into entering World War II. Until then, the world would suffer the atrocities of a two ocean war that would be waged against the once great Royal Crown Colonies (British possessions) that had come under attack by Japan and Germany, and were being rapidly defeated. The British Navy gallantly hung on in the Atlantic as it fought back in the Mediterranean, but was being harassed by U-Boats and the massive German battleship, the Bismarck. On the North African continent British forces and an embattled Royal navy struggled to keep from losing Tunisia, Egypt, and the island of Malta. The British had even managed to defy a German invasion from France across to the English channel by defeating the German Luftwaffe in the Battle of  Britain in the fall of 1940. A fledgling RAF had heroically fought off the might of the German Luftwaffe for the weeks of August and autumn which put a stop to the planned German amphibious invasion of the United Kingdom. However, the British were barely hanging on.

Where as in the early days of World War II, America struggled to remain uninvolved in a global conflict, today America wages war and supports military bases all over the world. As I speak, a US aircraft carrier group sits off the coast of Syria while we continue to fight in Afghanistan. America has been transformed during the post World War II era from concentrating on matters at home to overextending US military influence all over the world much to the chagrin of many regimes that hate us. We are told by our government that these expeditionary efforts are necessary to support global peace and prevent atrocities to the civilian populations of third world governments, yet, in Egypt and Libya American influence has helped spawn the rise of terrorist dominated governments in place of the stable regimes that once existed before. Many of Americans are suspicious of the actions of their own government. Many suspect that the CIA is causing the unrest in these countries that results in rebellion and US military involvement.

Where as America once minded its own business and concentrated on defending its borders, we now support rebellions with the questionable placement of terrorist leadership in toppled foreign governments while our diplomatic buildings are attacked and burned all over the Arab world. CIA, Director, Leon Panetta and President Obama have both publicly pledged their decision making based upon UN guidance rather than Congressional oversight. The US government now sends billions in financial aid to Communist regimes and nations who harbor terrorists while millions of Americans remain unemployed.. The Obama White House has more than doubled the amount tax dollars spent on war in the Middle East over 4 years as opposed to the previous 8 years under President Bush.

America was not seeking war in 1941, but trying to avoid it. President Roosevelt under terms of the Lend Lease Act was aiding Great Britain, a trusted ally, with transoceanic shipments of supplies, but the unforeseen spark, the one event, that would light the powder keg of US rage and awaken a sleeping giant had not yet arrived. Little did the US confer with or depend on the League of Nations, the forerunner to the United Nations, as they had proven to be an utter failure in halting Nazi aggression in Europe or the far east where Japan had been at war for nine years now. Where as today America is entangled in UN influence in our elections, state’s rights, and even Constitutional freedoms of citizens. The very foreign entanglements that President George Washington warned a new America about more than 200 years ago have come to pass.

As America battled the effects of the Great Depression desperately trying to bounce back with President Roosevelt authorizing unprecedented deficits to generate employment through the construction of much needed infrastructure such as roads, national parks, and dams, things are different today. President Obama removes the work requirement from welfare, unemployment is up into record levels, and food stamps have increased by 15 million recipients in the 4 years under his administration. In 1941 Americans wanted the dignity of a job and federal government spending targeted at public works hired citizens anxious to earn a living, not to become dependents on hand outs as many minorities, immigrants, and scammers feel entitled to demand today. Yet, the social engineering instituted by Democratic administrations over the years has promoted shameless dependency and entitlement. All in the name of buying votes.

As the Japanese Imperial Fleet refined the secret strategy for a surprise attack against the US, Admiral Yamamoto knew that their only chance would be to succeed in a string of quick victories that would dissuade the US Pacific Fleet and the American manufacturing capability of supplying an all out war effort. Yamamoto, educated at Harvard University, knew all too well the mentality of American society as he knew America’s awesome output capability with an industrial might that would out produce the world. Initially, Yamamoto had been against not only the invasion of Manchuria in 1931, but did not want to attack the United States. Yet, as planning persisted in retaliation for sanctions imposed by the Roosevelt administration, Marshall Admiral Yamamoto relented and decided to lead the command of the secret operation.

It is interesting to note that unlike the pre-Pearl Harbor condition of America where the US led the world in industrial manufacturing, today federal government policy has stifled such US production capability. America no longer has a light bulb producing company. 2/3 of the American car industry has been bailed out with tax payer money, and we are in a trade deficit with China that discourages domestic manufacture of goods along with the jobs that are created by such commerce. Yes, the world is a much different place along with the mentality of today’s American who lacks patriotism, has embraced entitlements, and pays little attention to the actions of the very federal government that has hampered employment with EPA restrictions and the highest corporate taxes in the world. Yes, how little America resembles the sleeping giant that was about to emerge from its sleep and take vengeance upon its enemies while liberating the world in the name of freedom!

Today, America is at odds with much of the world as though it reigns over the globe like the Roman Empire did in ancient times. With at least 140 foreign located military bases and our fingers in every conflict of the world even in parts of Africa, military and black operations budgets weigh down the US economy with high taxes and American industry geared towards war not consumer goods that its own citizens need. In 1941 America was respected among nations of the world for the quality of its manufactured goods known to last. Today, America has lost much of that capability as we know import more than we export. We have become a consumer, not a producer.

In 1941, Americans were taught to be proud of the our heritage, taught the values of righteousness, through American history children learned to appreciate their country, and becoming prosperous was not looked down upon, it was encouraged as a way of improving the quality of one’s like as part of the American dream. Today progressive teaching molds the mind of a child to the whim of the state through indoctrination. Embittered, American hating college professors teach their students that America is wrong, America is evil, America consumes too much, that America has kept other nations from emerging in the world. This is the underlying theme of the Obama White House that America deserves its economic decline and shall not soon recover while promising its citizens that a government like this will take care of them.

After months of preparation, a Japanese task force set out for Hawaii where they would catch the Pacific fleet in their very own shipyards moored unsuspectingly only vaguely aware of some eminent danger from somewhere beyond the horizon. Taking a northern route off main shipping lanes in rough sea, they drew ever closer undetected by US Pacific fleet reconnaissance flights.
P-40 War Hawks all tightly guarded and parked closely together near their hangars, ammunition to 50 caliber machine gun ammunition all locked up, and Naval officers, seamen all going about Sunday morning routines. As Yamamoto’s aircrews lifted off Japanese carrier decks and formed up for the flight to Pearl Harbor in the early dawn hours, little did America know what awaited it.

I submit to you that a sleeping giant (America) has been assaulted by its very own federal government under the Obama White House. Lulled into complacency by a lazy and apathetic American public that has preferred to sleep as the assault on America has unfolded. The leftist insurgency that has created divisiveness here in our nation is part of the ideological war that has landed in our midst, and yet we have not risen to the occasion and fought back. The call to arms has gone out on deaf ears that have been indoctrinated by false narratives and Democrat rhetoric.

As the Japanese air armada entered Pearl Harbor ignored by a radar station that had picked up their approach, the sinking of a Japanese two man mini sub by an American destroyer that went unreported to the upper chain of command just outside the actual harbor, a calm Sunday morning rapidly transformed. All the lack of focus, confusion, and refusal to throw caution to the wind came to swiftly punish an indecisive US Navy in the most successful sneak attack in human history. Just as the election of an unqualified, uninvestigated candidate for the US presidency went largely ignored by a traitorous US media that sold the American public on a Manchurian candidate, so had the fate of destruction befallen our men at Pearl Harbor.

For all the blood and loss of life we suffered at Pearl Harbor at least America knew who its enemy was and was united against it. Yet, here in America seven decades later America has once again let down its guard, refused to acknowledge who its real enemies are, and has allowed the very nation’s capitol to be infiltrated, compromised, and twisted into a perverse mockery of its former self right under the noses of a smug and ambivalent public who is allowing America’s downfall. America today is only united against itself in the midst of this internal conflict that stems form too Americans who cannot see or understand where the assault is coming from and why.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt when angrily addressing Congress and America in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor’s devastating attack  described December 7, 1941 as a date that would live in infamy. I submit to you that since the inauguration of President Obama this nation has suffered an even greater destructive force than any standing army could have inflicted because, as our founding forefathers such as Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin warned, the greatest enemy to the Republic would be from within when Americans forgot what freedom meant because they hadn’t had to fight for it. The day when we Americans are forced to fight for our freedom will soon come to pass.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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