Palestinian U.N. Acceptance, Crossed the Line

This last week, the United Nations voted in large majority to officially recognize Palestine as a sovereign state and of an “entity” status at the U.N. from thus forth.

As we all know, some privileges that could now belong to Palestine include being able to file former complaints against Israel. President Abbas of Palestine has already publicly made insanely unfounded accusations that Israel is guilty of “ethnic cleansing”.

It comes across to me as relative common sense that the United Nations is in fact not being a generous world organization by recognizing an independent Palestine; but actually de-valuing their own credibility and reputation. Since Hamas, a terrorist organization, houses itself in this newly recognized U.N. entity, the United Nations is indeed recognizing an armed terrorist organization.

This fact makes me wonder one thing: what is the next extreme stance the U.N. will take on other controversial and terror based countries and/or territories and organizations? In the future could the U.N. throw an open ear to Al-Shabaabs grievances with the Egyptian government? Or help hand over the northern half of the Republic of Congo to Islamic terrorists seeking to run the country? In my opinion, the U.N. is now a contradiction to itself. On one hand it helps starving and homeless victims of war throughout the world, but yet willingly, gives a world podium and state rights to countries and leaders that sponsor terrorism and hardships amongst the same victims the U.N. helps aide.

The United States has opposed this successful U.N. Palestine vote and also disagrees with the fact that another rebel state, Iran’s Ahmadinejad, even receives the privilege to go on his usual tirades in an U.N. assembly. These two prime examples of how the United States disagrees with the U.N.’s ridiculous leniencies could be two bases for the United States to withdraw our presence in United Nations. Even left leaning Hilary Clinton and Obama’s liberal administration have stood true to our international values in terms of fundamental conflicting values with the United Nations.

Perhaps in the upcoming years the United States will take its own controversial stance by withdrawing its participation from the United Nations physically, and not just verbally condone extreme and un-moral decisions the U.N. partakes in.

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