Did the Democrats and Republicans cut a deal over the Presidency? Part I

By Doc Vega

Since the very beginning of the election campaign for the 2008 Presidency a cloud has hung over the White House consisting of deception, refusal over disclosures, election standards being violated, and an outright unwillingness on the part of the Republican party to enforce the law. What has this meant to the American people? It has meant that US citizens have had to endure more hardship and social division than in decades before. Let’s examine the very premises of which I speak that become even more shocking and untenable when we realize that there has been a string of judicial and law enforcement failures to uphold those checks and balances that are supposed to exist within our government in order to keep these very derelictions of duty from happening.

Problems right from the start

From the very beginning of President Obama’s 08 campaign there were questions about his Constitutional eligibility that were never resolved or answered, and they go on to this very day. Not only was the National Democratic  Election Committee at fault for awarding candidacy to Barack Obama without proper proof of citizenship, disclosure of college entrance papers, and health records, but the Republicans also failed to make a point of forcing these issues to be proven beyond the shadow of a doubt.

The continual double standard

As John McCain, a Navy Admiral’s son was grilled over being born in the Panama Canal Zone, a US Territory at the time, only an internet image of a short form birth certificate was required of Obama which was displayed on the annenberg.org site as proof of his legal citizenship and birth within the continental US. This, in itself, should have raised eyebrows, and it did among those who wanted a just and lawful election, but liberals and Democrats backed by an aggressive US media effort didn’t.

Surrounded by criminals but untouchable

Questions of Obama’s past troubling affiliations with criminal and politically radical figures were sloughed off by the press as inconsequential and indicative of a cruel and scandalous campaign to dethrone the first black man to occupy the oval office in American history. Despite the fact that at least 4 former political associates in Obama’s junior Senator Chicago past went to federal prison, it just didn’t seem to matter. When the blood thirsty intentions for the execution of Americans loyal to the Constitution were revealed as part of a plan by radical leftist professor and proven domestic terrorist, William Ayers, not only Obama’s  mentor, but one who had launched the future President’s career, the US media minimized and belittled the reports. Just some guy in the neighborhood, as Obama explained. It just didn’t matter that a man who actually wrote at least one of Obama’s supposed autobiographies had blown up federal property, even damaged a judge’s home and injured a young boy with a nail bomb, but had also plotted the Communist overthrow of the United States.

Foolhardy fiscal proposals

With a majority in the US Senate and the House of Representatives the Democrats and Obama began to steamroll a leftist agenda of legislation. The 787 billion dollar bailout was quickly drafted with no conditions or requirement of terms to banks and Wall Street cronies who had been responsible for a virtual monetary and financial market collapse aided by the Democrat concocted CRA. Billions disappeared into the black holes of bank debt with no disclosure of who or where the funds were disbursed to. Billions of tax payer dollars went to pro-Democrat programs and slush funds for re-election in the upcoming primaries of 2010. AIG, a huge recipient of the bailout, spent a quarter of a million on party to celebrate their receipt of the funds.

Putting the federal government in the car business

General Motors and Chrysler were bailed out, effectively nationalizing 2/3 of the US car industry. To date, neither manufacturer has repaid the debt, while each new Chevy Volt is subsidized with $7,500 US taxpayer’s dollars, every model at 40 thousand a shot for each sub compact model, cannot find any US buyers. Why? This is what you get when the government intervenes in a consumer’s market-poor value and unacceptable quality! Now the tax payers will carry the burden for a bad Democratic decision.

Republican impotence

In an obvious disadvantage, Republicans hollered about not being included in the talks or having been consulted from across the aisle, but Obama and the Democratic juggernaut went on to even greater travesties of justice passing legislation to fund leftist publications and news services that were bankrupt. Why? In the interests of supporting equal political views when the public had already expressed its desire for a more balanced broadcast opinion by not buying the product of the left. So, now citizens were going to be forced to subsidize radical leftist doctrine whether they wanted to or not?

Corrupt negotiations to initiate nationalized medicine

Using a strategy of midnight backdoor deals in surmounting state by state support of a nationalized medical plan to be known as Obamacare, the Obama White House granted billions to the states of its supporters to get the votes needed. Democrats in the Senate and Congress voted lock and step to pass the Affordable Healthcare Act. During the Supreme Court Hearings, President Obama publicly pressured the highest court in the land with his comments prior to hearings to establish the Constitutionality of the individual mandate.

In short, a decision that would affect 1/6 of the entire American economy, was presented in thousands of pages with earmarks that had would also be passed that had nothing to do with the bill itself. A rush job by the President, Democratic Congress, and Senate urging a quick approval for legislation that had not been even partially disclosed on purpose was pushed through into law as 62% of Americans disapproved of the measure. Unions, big vote supporters of the Obama administration, were allowed to opt out of Obamacare. Was this an act of a dictatorship or a Constitutional Republic? It seemed once again that Republicans refused not only to question the legality of such legislation, but the procedure that was used by Obama and the Democrats to get it passed.

These admittedly controversial actions taken by the Obama White House early in the first term were only a harbinger of things to come in the months ahead. We will discuss these impeachable acts in Part II.


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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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