Did Democrats and Republicans cut a deal over the Presidency Part II

By Doc Vega

In a Presidency marked by controversy, bias, and ideological division, the Obama White House only became more audacious and bold in their agenda to overthrow America’s traditions and morality. The Saul Alinsky style propaganda was literally out of a KGB handbook as policy was not conducted based upon facts and fiscal impact, but by the theatrics of ridiculous Democrat narratives. The second half of the Obama Presidency was marked by evermore blatant attacks upon the Constitutional traditions of the American government. Like a dictator, President Obama openly challenged new territory that by being allowed, only weakens the Republic. In all this, Speaker of the House, John Boehner made many bitter replies, but always seemed to give in making concessions that neither helped his party or the American people. This simply did not add up.

A radical agenda from the beginning

President Obama ponders what to do next to America.

The Obama administration sent out a clear message that it was out to challenge any and all deeply held, self-evident truths within the American heritage when it interfered with the two already decided state court decisions. Proposition 8 in California had been voted down twice by almost 8 million California voters, but Obama saw fit to send Gay Federal Judge Vaughn Walker, who intervened and overturned the California ruling that prohibited same-sex marriage in violation of what the state courts had already decided upon!

Attacking state’s rights

In Oklahoma 70% of state voters had made their decision clear against the practice of Sharia Law in that state. It is expressly stated in the US Constitution that foreign treaties or international laws will not be recognized within the states of the union and only the US Constitution will be accepted as the law of the land, but President Obama once again chose to intervene in the affairs of a state. Sending the decision to a District Court in Denver, Judge Vicky Miles-LaGrange refused to allow the state of Oklahoma’s amendment to ban Sharia Law stand. This is so much more than interference with state law. It is the federally intended obstruction of due process of state law. The same kind of violation of state’s rights that led to a civil war!

Refusal to defend the borders of this nation

The Obama administration did not stop there, however. In Arizona, Jan Brewer’s state government was having difficulty with border protection, drug cartels, and shooting deaths of state citizens attributed to illegal aliens and illegal border crossings were occurring. Her m kkkanswer to this was SB-1070 a reiteration of the state of Arizona’s decision to uphold federal immigration law by enforcing that law themselves since the Obama White House demonstrated no interest in enforcing illegal immigration crimes. President Obama’s henchman AG Eric Holder immediately sued the state of Arizona and it’s sheriffs departments who were trying to protect their citizens from Mexican drug cartels and criminals who were crossing the border into their state. At a time when federal government expenditures were causing unprecedented deficits, Eric Holder instructed the Department of Justice to pursue more costly litigation against a state of the union for simply defending its own borders in compliance with federal statutes. Is this not traitorous in itself, when the federal government attacks its own states for carrying out federal policy? Forgive me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the President take an oath to defend the US against all enemies? Would his refusal to do so seem like an impeachable offense to you?

Going through the motions

In all this, what was the response of Republicans? Well, of course they’re going to do what’s expected of them, bitch and moan, but does that change anything? Does it materialize an effective prosecutorial action against a renegade presidency that is obsessed with exercising its radical agenda? No, it does not. As a matter of fact, it only serves to fabricate a false sense of opposition to a draconian administration disinterested in protecting its citizens and more concerned with pushing its leftist program of disrupting conventional American values and freedoms. This has, all along, been the intended aim of the Obama White House.

Disclosing secret matters of national security

At this stage is where we enter into definite treasonous territory for President Obama. First came the President’s announcement of his incredible feat of assassinating Osama Bin Laden. In divulging the Seal Team Six mission to invade the Pakistan compound of the alleged master mind of 9-11, President Obama, unable to swallow his pride and allow anonymity of US Special Forces, sealed their fate as victims of reprisals from Muslim extremists. The President was guilty of the deaths of our armed forces who carried out their mission with the understanding that for all their efforts and risk, they would not be exposed by their very own Commander and Chief, but they were. Not only that, but President Obama’s bragging rights over the Bin Laden Mission had also doomed many US contracted operatives in Pakistan along with Osama’s personal physician, who was imprisoned for his part in aiding Seal Team Six with his information. All this, so President Obama could capitalize on the political value of a mission begun by the previous administration. Despite the risks to the men who went into harm’s way to complete that hazardous objective those brave warriors found that they had suffered even greater hazard by being betrayed by their own President!

Forcing the US into a fiscal crisis

Next, President Obama put the entire nation’s monetary system at risk with his insistence of not adopting a budget and not controlling spending which he used to benefit politically from by targeting more handouts to his constituency. The result was a debt ceiling crisis that brought the spending of the entire US government to the brink, and regardless of the peril of here to for unprecedented deficits, the President had refused to draft a budget for more than 800 days of his administration. Choosing to divert blame to Congress for trying to exercise budgetary responsibility, the President instead spread panic among retirees waiting for their social security checks, who had earned them, saying that because of Congress was not giving in to more of the President’s spending demands that the Treasury Department might not be able to issue checks to American recipients. This was a patented lie as the President was the only one who could have ordered the Treasury Secretary to delay payment of the Social Security disbursements.

President Obama allowed two credit downgrades of the United States which will result in this nation paying higher interest as if finances its own debt resulting in millions more in debt service reflected in taxes paid by American citizens forced to subsidize the debt of the federal government. As President Obama played games with the issues he doomed Americans to pay more for the national deficit. This is the implication of Obama’s agenda and his political angle when others are at risk rather than himself. Being held hostage to his games are the American workers of this nation who works months out of every year to pay for the fiscal mismanagement of the federal government. Why? Is this not within the realm of treason? Yet, the inept and weak GOP refuses to use this arrogance on the part of the President against him.

That the President of the United States had disclosed sensitive national security information that had compromised military strategy between America and Israel in possible warfare strategy against Iran, the American servicemen had died as a result of his vain need to broadcast anything that could be deemed a compliment to his own accomplishments should serve as adequate evidence to convict President Obama.

Fast and Furious more lies

The Obama White House stonewalled Darrel Issa and Charles Grassley for 18 months as they conducted an investigation into the murders of US border patrol agents at the hands of drug cartel members armed with US weapons sold to them by ATF agents in a supposed attempt to trace the trail of illegal firearms used by Mexican drug gangs crossing US borders. Evidence indicated that both President Obama and Attorney General Holder were conducting this illegal operation “Fast and Furious” as a method of urging gun control since Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was negotiating for arms control with the UN over gun owners such as US citizens. The President was once again embroiled in something he knew was incriminating. With Eric Holder being held in contempt by Congress, a historical event, President Obama invokes Executive Privilege to protect Holder from certain incrimination over “Fast and Furious”. Obama even lied to the press, saying that “Fast and Furious” was actually a Bush administration program, when in actuality Bush’s endeavor had been operation “Wide Receiver” and had been terminated after poor results long before the Obama White House’s “Fast and Furious”.

Did the Republicans push their advantage. They had Obama over a barrel, and Holder all but an accomplice in a conspiracy to commit murder, obstruction of justice, among other offenses, yet the Republicans simply allow a year and a half of stonewalling and ignoring subpoenas, punishable in itself, but with the obvious evidence obstruction, the same kind of case that forced President Nixon to resign during Watergate, the GOP drops the ongoing litigation and chooses not to prosecute! Amazing.

Refusing to get Congressional consent

President Obama made two infamous ventures into Libya that should have been his downfall had the Republicans and the judicial system of the US federal government done their duty, but a sheepish unwillingness to engage the President over his law breaking has prevailed. Is this a planned capitulation? The evidence seems to indicate that, we, the American public are being played like a piano!

Refusal to pursue impeachment

When the rebellion against the Muammar Gaddafi regime in Libya raged and rebel forces seemed to be losing ground, the President through his hat in the ring. President Obama ordered the unconstitutional deployment of US forces to Libya to be underneath French command. This was unconscionable as according to Constitutional law, the President must obtain the consent of Congress by a 2/3 majority vote before he can commit American military into harm’s way. President Obama did not do that. This was an impeachable offense. Acting with typical arrogance, President Obama once again ignored the Constitution and put American troops and aerial assets in harm’s way against Libyan forces not for his own political advantage, but for his Muslim sympathizing agenda. Once again the Republicans could have capitalized on sheer violation by the President of the US Constitution. Even Democrat Dennis Kucinich helped sponsor the impeachment, yet the GOP once again rolled over and blew another opportunity to topple President Obama, and there would have been more than enough public support of such a measure! It seems to me beyond question that an intentional and incredible amount of leniency has been extended to a President who violates the rule of law with flagrant disregard.

Proof of fraud and no action taken

With Sheriff Arpaio’s cold case posse investigation of more than a year in the making and three periodic press conferences to keep the public abreast of their progress, Obama’s White House displayed long form birth certificate unveiled April 27, 2011 experts proved without a doubt that a forgery had taken place. Arpaio’s investigation did not stop there with Mike Zullo, lead detective proving that the government officials in Hawaii had staged an intentional cover-up to keep from admitting that they had no birth certificate for Barack Obama. As a matter of fact, officials would not confirm that there even was a birth certificate in existence for the newborn Obama in the first place. Governor Neil Abercrombie was never able to obtain a copy and had closed his inquiry months before.

The problem of eligibility no problem at all!

Attorney’s Larry Klayman and Orly Taitz held public hearings at several state election committee meetings to present the evidence that President Obama’s birth certificate was a fake, and that the President had not provided sufficient evidence to prove his identity as an eligible candidate to hold the office of the US Presidency. Yet, each and every state ballot committee and state judge who agreed to review the evidence capitulated. The Republican party could have exerted pressure on state election boards and Republican appointed judges to take a hard look at the evidence which could have caused President Obama to fail to qualify as a presidential candidate in certain states that had considered the evidence to disqualify President Obama from being able to enter into certain state ballots. Did the GOP use this controversy to generate US media news coverage? No. It seems they squandered every opportunity to discredit President Obama or at least cast doubt in the minds of voters over his questionable past!


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