​Did Democrats and Republicans cut a deal over the US Presidency Part III

Shortly after Benghazi attacks and the death of 5 Americans, the President makes a speech full of lies to cover the guilty in this fiasco.

By Doc Vega

With the well-coordinated and heavily armed attack against the US embassy to Benghazi, Libya, an all-time international crime was committed President Obama against not only his nation of America, but a number of other nations involved in the arms dealing that Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens was ordered to conduct. Evidence produced by exiled Libyans proves that not only did the Obama White House abandon its own Middle East ambassador but that despite repeated requests for help and reinforcement, the President’s State Department allowed the breach of security that resulted in the rape and death of Ambassador Stevens after the US embassy had been bombed and subjected to hours of intense and well rehearsed attacks.

Negotiating with America’s enemies

The facts point to President Obama negotiating directly with Al Qaeda for the takeover of Libya while using the American Ambassador Stevens as a weapons dealer in Pakistan and across other borders in the Middle East. The White House in light of a possible investigation, had the Ambassador searching for weapons sold by the US to the Libyan rebels. When it was clear that a fiasco was inevitable over a Libyan version of “Fast and Furious” President Obama ordered a rescue stand down and as he watched from the White House Situation Room, a seven hour attack that could have been stopped by numerous US AFRICOM or CIA assets was allowed to go unimpeded in order for Ambassador Stevens to be conveniently killed by Libyan terrorists and silenced. Yet, as news of the event became known, the Obama White House fabricated a complete lie about an offensive film to Muslims, a comedy, made by a small time Egyptian film maker in Los Angeles, who was dragged out of his home Gestapo style in the middle of the night by police and used as a scapegoat for the administration. US Army General Carver Ham was another scapegoat who was forced to resign when he attempted to rescue the besieged Americans in Benghazi despite a stand down order but was reportedly arrested by his second in command as the President suppressed responses by close by US forces. In all five Americans dies in Benghazi and 20 US diplomatic locations throughout the Arab world were attacked and burned thanks to the White House’s efforts to shield President Obama from direct blame for the disaster in Libya.

Using US taxpayer’s money to advertise on Syrian TV

With numerous sources of evidence, witnesses, proven lies by Hillary Clinton’s State Department, President Obama and Clinton appearing on Syrian TV using $70,000 in US tax payers money to buy air time and apologize for a film that hardly anyone had seen just another lie, an undeniable criminal case is accumulating undeniable means and motive. Documents were obtained from the burned out US embassy in Benghazi, documents are being produced by Libyan exiles, evidence that President Obama was going to hand over Libya to Al Qaeda, a US terrorist enemy is the ultimate act of Treason, and yet the GOP will not act on the abundant and obvious evidence! Had this information been used in a timely manner by Republicans who could have issued subpoenas, and warrants of arrest to top White House players, the Presidency might well have changed hands in the election with Mitt Romney becoming the next US oval office executive, but no! Tell me that the Democrats and Republicans did not cut a deal, and that President Obama, no matter how incriminating his actions, is still untouchable!

Democratic history of selling out America

President Bill Clinton’s White House was once called the Teflon administration due to the inability of authorities to impeach him for his lies to a Grand Jury over the Monica Lewinsky affair, his illegal campaign contributions from the Chinese, not to mention the disappearance of US nuclear arsenal secrets at Los Alamos shortly after Chinese officials were allowed to visit the US nuclear research facility. Days later the missing hard drives to the stolen secrets were found hidden behind a water cooler there. It seems each successive Democratic administration has gotten more brazen and lawless than the next as they elevate their cause by destroying America in the process.

Empty promises by Republicans

The Obama White House has been the most law defying and divisive federal government in a very long time to the point of endangering the very existence of this nation, and yet little legal effort had been made by a cowardly judiciary to prosecute this President for his shameless violations of the US Constitution and state’s rights among other infractions. The Republicans for all their supposed efforts to limit President Obama to a one term office have done nothing to utilize an abundance of evidence and wrongdoing to their advantage. Is the fix in? It makes little political or logical sense for a political party acting in the best interests of the American people to allow this travesty of justice to continue, but they do.

Speaker of the House, John Boehner along with Eric Cantor have acted like a dog with a worse bark than its bite. Senator, Mitch McConnell, has done a great job of posturing and pontificating over the absurd leadership of President Obama, and yet nothing is done to bring the President up on charges, to publicly confront him on his destructive policies, or to use a prosecutor who will do his job and bring the American people justice. This is why I can only come to one concrete conclusion in evaluating the past 4 years of lame GOP legal pursuit of President Obama. The Democrats must have cut a deal with the Republicans. President Obama has apparent immunity from any violations he is obviously guilty of to my great disappointment in the American system of politics and justice!

Who really owns the US news media

In all this, there is one more damning observation that one must make, and that it that the American media has been responsible for aiding and abetting the wrongdoing within the Obama White House. They, once again, were largely responsible in the re-election of the President. The question stands. Who really owns the US media and what is their motive? Why would they want to assist in the destruction of America with biased news coverage?

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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