Ben Kinchlow weighs in on true source of radicalism in US

Ben Kinchlow, a dynamic black leader and Christian evangelist.

By Doc Vega

There are few writers who have put such a concise definition of who and at what time, and how the leftists made their mark on America, but Ben Kinchlow makes a clear case for where this menacing influence came from, and how it co-opted the Democratic party. If anyone should know about radicalism it would be Ben himself. A follower of Malcolm X, Islam, as well as a Black Nationalist, Kinchlow certainly had the right influences to ensure that he would have been a life-long committed radical black activist forever espousing the kind of destructive rhetoric that has led to the misdirection of America. Yet, with his conversion to Christianity, 13 years service in the US Air Force, and his formation of drug and alcohol Christian counseling nationwide centers, Ben Kinchlow has made an indelible impact on American society.

Best known as co-host along with Pat Roberts of the Christian television’s 700 Club from 1975 to 1988 and from 1992 to 1996, Ben Kinchlow helped inspire all Americans to grow spiritually and honor their Christian faith on this popular TV evangelical show. Kinchlow left the 700 Club after 1996 to pursue his own Methodist Church ministry and continue his writing. Ben has urged American Blacks to vote out of principal instead of race. He has advocated Black Americans utilizing forgiveness and participating in political party not as victims or convenient idiots to be capitalized upon by the leftist politics of the Democrats, but to make choices from an educated point of view on issues instead of racial bias.

Ben used his particular insight to make a very accurate summary over what happened to the present incarnation of the Democratic party that has been mired by the lock step voting of radicalized policy targeting every conventional heritage and influence that has defined American exceptionalism in years past. Kinchlow looks back on his affiliation with radical influences and speaks from experience.

According to Ben, once the cultural revolution of the late 1960’s and early 70’s was in full swing, protesting against not only traditional values, but the Vietnam War as well, America as a nation had become polarized. Bitter struggles had begun over civil rights, morality, the environment, political orientation, and America’s foreign policy. Well known dissidents as such Tom Haden, Abbie Hoffman, and Jane Fonda stirred crowds into literal anti-American frenzy. Jane Fonda even visited North Vietnam, took photo shoots of her sitting in an antiaircraft gun along with Communist POW captors. Jane reprimanded captured US airmen for bombing Hanoi, and when secretly handed a message, she turned it over to the Vietcong captors who tortured and killed US prisoners for trusting the radical actress to forward the secret message to their families. It was cool to be unpatriotic.

In all this demonstrating, using drugs, promiscuity, and anti-American politics young, long-haired Hippies and freaks were encouraged by their luminaries like Timothy Leary to turn on and drop out. This led to nonconformity and rejection of conventional wisdom. By the mid 1970’s though, those many drop-outs and radicals began becoming part of society again and exercising the middle class standards they had grown up with such as a work ethic and conventional families. They re-entered the work force and participated in free enterprise and capitalism as their parents before them had done. However, another element of the radical movement remained in college and instead of using their draft deferments to escape enlistment, became educators, professors, and began attaining appointments in political positions, in the judiciary, and eventually turning up as Czars in Obama’s administration. These unelected leftist extremists who propose such radical viewpoints as approval of a standing army to enforce Agenda 21 all over the world as in John Holdren’s case, or infiltrating opposition to the President’s policies as supported by Cass Sunstein, are emblematic of the new war of ideology being waged against America.

The new Democratic party is full of zealots steeped in the radical hatred for American exceptionalism as we once knew it. They are committed to a continued revolution against everything that has brought strength and prosperity to America labeling it as racist, greedy, imperialistic, wasteful, homophobic, and  war-mongering. It is this intellectually isolated vacuum that has spurred on a Soviet-like demand from the population for adherence to the Obama doctrine of a deserving decline as the President continues to waste billions on bankrupted green energy companies run by his cronies. As President Obama refuses to adopt a budget he demands more big government spending and more taxes from a rapidly diminishing middle and lower class. Using the class warfare as the classic socialist call to arms against the rich, President Obama looks for more ways of confiscating the wealth of Americans to award to more dependents such as illegal aliens, welfare recipients, food stamp payouts, billions in foreign aid to nations hostile to the cause of freedom, and any minority that Democrats can paint as victims they can conveniently use to buy votes with.

The drop out, radicals, who rejected all conventional values, and bitterly protested against American policy are now in the ruling class. Having adopted the ideology of our enemies in the UN who despise America for her abundance, industry, and financial where with all, they punish the successful and tax the middle class to finance social engineering. Now Americans languishing under the weight of a radical big government once again must deal with the radical influence that once marched on college campuses. Now, that old America hating influence is making laws and policies that are fast contributing to our downfall.

In a nutshell, Ben Kinchlow has taught blacks to participate in the socioeconomic system of America and practice forgiveness  as opposed to many black leaders such as Jeremiah Wright,  Reverend Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson, who have encouraged black hatred and victimology.

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