President Obama signs Agenda 21 power grab Part II

By Doc Vega

A French promotional ad for UN Sustainable Development a typical European example of the capitulation of people’s rights.

We Americans are now on the threshold of a new era where such concepts as right from wrong, patriotism, and the heritage that made this nation great are under a sustained attack. The federal government no longer cares whether we care or not whether we approve or not, they are committed to a corrupt and destructive movement to bring down this country. Along a multitude of different fronts America faces a life and death struggle against foreign powers hostile to this nation and leadership that is dedicated to aiding those enemies right here in Washington DC from the President on down the chain of command.

Trumped up reasons for tyranny

Agenda 21 or Sustainable development among the many terms used is now the hammer by which these unpatriotic bureaucrats hope to dash the fate of Americans upon the rocks with by stealing our rights to own land, automobiles, our homes, our right to use land for recreational purpose, the food we enjoy eating, and basic creature comforts like air conditioning on a hot day. Those who hate America for what it stands for and the hard-working people who earn a living here are being allowed by President Obama and the federal government to take our sovereignty away from us without one legal reason or justification to do so. The apathy of Americans over this assault against our rights is unbelievable, yet the youth of our country, the workers of this nation, and those living off federal government handouts are willing to allow foreign entities to take control of our resources, our property, our rights, and our lives. This may sound to you like some cooked up nightmare in a faction novel, but regrettably, these actions are taking place as I speak!

Californians finally fight back

City councilman, Ken Delfino, wrote a short by concise letter to explain the actions of the city of Colfax, California rejecting Agenda 21 and defeating it by a vote of 4-0. He pointed out that this evil legislation is aimed at allowing the America hating factions within the UN having governance over the United States. Allowing such people as Hugo Chavez, the Castro Brothers, and Daniel Ortega as part of a global one world order to rob us of our sovereignty as American citizens. This is emblematic of the city to city struggle going on within our states who must decide whether to allow global foreign influence to strip Americans of their rights or to allow our US Constitution to prevail as the law of the land. Yet, I ask, why should this even be an issue? Why should this even be a question to be allowed to be ruled over?

White House support of international control over citizens

Only with the un-Constitutional acts of our federal government along with President Obama’s approval of imposing international law over the states would these questions even be allowed for consideration in city governments. It is specifically prohibited within the US Constitution for any foreign treaty to be ratified within the states of the continental domestic zone interior including our states Hawaii and Alaska. In the US Constitution we find Article V and article VI that the Supremacy Clause proclaims that  “This Constitution and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all the Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land…”

The problem obviously is that even though the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the federal government are bound to prohibiting the use of international law or foreign treaties, will they honor the rule of law? This has been the continuing problem with the Obama White House. This will become a very big problem for the American people should their very own federal government decide to betray them, and by all indications this is a very predictable eventuality. The people and states will have to resist either through state nullification or through city council measures that defeat every individual case until the malignancy of foreign intervention has been stamped out like the disease against freedom that it is.

Agenda 21 schemes threaten your health

In the most unlikeliest of states we find a struggle against Agenda 21 in Texas while southern California, of all places, has rejected thousands of smart electrical meters, which many believe can destroy the electrical grid of this nation. Smart electric meters are supposed to communicate with a smart grid that negates the possibility of a brown out or power outage by lowering peak demand through individually controlling each homeowner’s electrical usage to prevent waste by rationing power in times of peak output, learning the user patterns of each household, and cutting unnecessary consumption to reduce wasteful energy use.

The other side of the coin would mean that your air conditioning could be cut off during the hottest part of the day. Less electricity than your household needs to run on could be imposed upon you when your neighbors or community or regional grid is near its peak output. This could mean cold baths for your children in the winter or no cooling for your family at night before retiring during the blistering summers in the Southwest.

If this isn’t enough, as electrical rates go up and consumption is forcefully controlled by wireless correspondence, the very mechanism within the smart meter box that makes this possible is causing health hazards. The transmission of microwave radiation via the smart meter causes heart palpitations, sleep loss, headaches, and immune disorders due to the electrical field generated by the wi-fi capability of the smart meter. This is one of many Agenda 21 intended restrictions on energy use by the American public involving not only inconvenience but personal peril.

The saga of the persistent Agenda 21 assault is a long history of liberal led world government linked opportunists who have little concern over what impact that the draconian Sustainable Development laws will have on citizens who must endure the infringements imposed upon their lives. It’s all about the money and has little to do with the money hungry proponents acknowledgement of the US Constitution. Once corrupt judges and even law enforcement get a taste of the money involved, citizen’s rights go out the window!

States and individual communities under assault from UN

Larimer County, Colorado the scene of a corrupt legal assault by Agenda 21 and ICLEI factions for 17 years trying to impose insane restrictions upon local area residents such as green car parking only in downtown Ft. Collins which would have made parking a real premium imposing the cost of each parking space worth $300,000 a year to city revenues. Stacy Lynne has stood fast against personal attacks that have cost her the custody of her very own child with no legal response of the courts to represent her rights as a responsible parent under the assaults being carried out against her by Agenda 21 proponents. One, Pat Stryker, a big advocate and financial donor to the warped cause of Sustainable Development, contributed 50 thousand to Obama’s re-election, 87 thousand for the inaugural event, and 35,000 for the Obama Victory Fund, has been a vicious adversary of Stacy Lynne and anyone else opposing the Agenda 21 power grab there.

A tale of pure rotten corruption

Quite ironically, Pat Stryker, received no less than 400 million from the Obama administration for her solar power business, Abound Solar, which declared bankruptcy and laid off 280 workers. This is the very epitome of a green movement utilizing the UN backed fiasco they Call Agenda 21 to bully local landowners with threats of confiscating lands, imposing increasing sustainable taxes upon the citizens of Ft. Collins, and denying residents access to local wilderness areas for recreation. In exchange for protecting her community and making the citizens of Larimer County aware of the fascist Agenda 21 grab for power, she has suffered a legal assault by judges involved in conflicts of interest that should have recused themselves from legal action taken against for her opposition to several businesses owned by Pat Stryker who has worked for the IMF and World Bank, and  has been busy using her business interests to further harass Stacy Lynne and interfere in her custody of a child she was left to care for after the father abdicated his responsibility over.

Former Governor Bill Ritter of Colorado, also having close ties with Pat Stryker secured a very lucrative job for himself (300,000 a year for 3 years) as Director for the Center of New Energy Economy, at Colorado State University funded by several donors including entities owned by Pat Stryker, a Democrat, and major player in the politics of Ft Collins. A lengthy list of coincidental conflicts of interest within the jurisdiction of a local court judge, businesses owned by Pat Stryker, and now defunct green energy companies have all contributed to a ruthless legal assault against a single individual, Stacy Lynne, trying to protect her town against the Agenda 21 corrupt political machinery. This is only one of thousands of such battles needlessly taking place all over America because the federal government is working with a one world government under the aegis of the UN Sustainable Development knowingly violating Article V and VI of the US Constitution.

Texas struggles over Agenda 21

Texas State Attorney General, Greg Abbott, has pledged to offer a strong prosecutorial warning to United Nations proponents who have been monitoring state elections for opportunities to insert politicians of their choice who proliferate the un-Constitutional Agenda 21 programs. Yet, in small Texas communities bracketing Austin, Texas from the north, south, east, and west, towns like Elgin and Bastrop, more legal challenges face local ranchers, business owners, and residents. Agenda 21 organizers have been altering local statutes, codes, and zoning to accommodate Sustainable Development guidelines. Attempts at confiscating public lands are already being undertaken supported by certain unscrupulous locals who stand to profit from such activity. It is a never-ending battle in today’s America hanging onto to your rights and freedoms.

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