America a testament to subversion

By Doc Vega



In 1985 G. Edward Griffin

Former KGB agent Yuri Andropovich Bezmenov explains how Communist subversion has compromised the United States

interviewed a defected KGB agent from Russia. The content of that interview is shocking to say the least. Yuri Bezmenov explains in detail how the US has been literally brainwashed, demoralized, and compromised through a number of different mediums.

The engineered decline

When we look at today’s rapid decline of American society we must ask such questions as how could the greatest nation on the face of the earth with the most prosperous economy have come to this point? There really is no rational reason for it. If the government had left the US Constitution alone. If the federal government has not interfered with private industry, if the banks did not have a stranglehold over our government and economy, maybe things would be different. If those that hate the American way had not been allowed to succeed in their plans to subvert America into third world status, perhaps we would have a chance.

The very fact that a President whose personal ties are deeply involved with domestic terrorists who would have caused a revolution, organized a Communist coalition government by our enemies and been willing to exterminate 80% of the white population who never would have knuckled under to such tyranny, epitomizes our social decline and lack of patriotism. However, in all this there is a common denominator that points to planned degradation of the US by foreign sources. We will discuss those foreign sources.

Yuri Bezmenov was a career Soviet Russian espionage agent, well-trained in the art of disinformation and subversion. It was his job to introduce the calculated methods of compromise from within a society therefore creating the perfect atmosphere for rebellion once a multifaceted regime of objectives had been achieved in order to bring down that nation for Communist takeover. Sometimes it could take generations of persistent input in order to bring about the dissolution of that culture and make it rife for Marxist Leninist overthrow. Such has been achieved within the United States today.

A presidency transformed into a dictatorship

In America we now have a government that acts as a dictatorship with a Constitution that has been largely ignored. The executive branch has enumerated itself with draconian powers that it never had before. These powers give the president incredibly tyrannical clout to order the deaths of Americans abroad, to imprison Americans suspected of terrorism indefinitely without trial or due process, to martial all US resources into national emergency mode based upon his personal judgment without consent of Congress, to make war without Congressional oversight or the consequences of a judiciary prosecution, and to basically deny all Americans of their Constitutional rights whenever he sees fit. These conditions now exist!

American people unwilling to accept the truth

We have a US media that has preached the White House version, the official version of the truth, when we know it is a blatant lie! Our American press corps has been compromised to the point of being nothing more than the propaganda news agencies of the old Soviet Union Pravda and Tass. This is now America, deprived of it’s First Amendment rights. Yet, in all this, we have a population largely oblivious, unaware, and apathetic. Young people in college, working mothers and fathers, blue-collar employees, and even well paid upper management career business leaders, who have been asleep at the wheel long enough for the overthrow of American institutions and government agencies to be nearly complete! Still, faced with obviously failing government policies these people refuse to accept what has happened. They even point their fingers at those who are aware, those who are engaged, those who care enough to do something about it as conspiracy theorists, extremists, fear mongers, and racists who hate the President because he’s black.

How did this incredible disparity between reality of American downfall and a citizenry who is unwilling to accept the truth occur? How did the American people evolve into followers with blinders on who support a government that is not only committed to reducing the quality of their lives, but to robbing their freedoms? The answers will stun and amaze you!

Getting back to Yuri Bezmenov, the former KGB agent, we find the answers that will certainly raise eyebrows and amaze people who care to look for the answers. The ironic thing in all this is that often fact is more astonishing than fiction, and when one is presented with just how America has been taken down, you would think that it reads like some fiction novels that would be too nightmarish to behold as reality, yet it has happened here. Never the less, let us examine just what happened.

Ideological subversion

Bezmenov, born to a high-ranking Russian military officer in 1939, was educated in the finest traditions of Soviet institutions and eventually opted for a career in intelligence work as a KGB agent. Much to the surprise of many Americans, Bezmenov claims that only a small percentage of Soviet effort actually went into espionage and covert operations only 15%. Ideological subversion, he points out, is clearly up front, very apparent, and painfully obvious if Americans simply take the bananas from their ears and realize the truth being twisted right in front of them. It literally is the distortion of truth presented as fact that becomes widely accepted despite the intended deception. They also use the term psychological warfare to describe this methodology. According to Bezmenov, there are 4 stages of psychological warfare.


By destroying the internal dialogue of a society that exists as belief systems, morality, ethics, values, and robbing a society of a moral high ground allowing nothing to be held sacred, no right or wrong, this creates subterfuge and confusion. As recruits or moles are placed within the proper positions in society the conservatives are identified, isolated, marginalized, and eventually liquidated as the proposed revolution progresses. In Vietnam the Communists had effectively used informants and activists to identify American sympathizers who did not support the Marxist cause. Using resources from barbers to taxi cab drivers, they would accumulate lists. This is why ten thousand US supporters could be dragged out of their villages at night, taken to a remote area in a van, and shot. This also created an important adjunct to demoralization which was intimidation and fear. US Army advisers could never understand how the Communists were able to so effectively, so surgically, excise, and assassinate their political rivals. Demoralization occurs when churches and faith in God are no longer seen as righteous and productive to society because even these values are being attacked, you know that Marxist Leninist influence has reached its objective.


The KGB established a well-coordinated form of recruiting all manner of education, entertainment, communication, and journalistic resources within a society. These leftist resources would include those who suffer from self-importance, greediness, psychopathology, narcissism, and ideological romanticism as character flaws. This included but was not limited to college professors, actors, reporters, government officials, teachers, those with media influence, and even business leaders. Ironically, those who are so important in the developmental stage of a social rebellion are they, themselves liquidated. Bezmenov alluding to these people as “useful idiots” the civil rights workers, the union organizers, the community organizers, would all be shot after the revolution had succeeded as they would soon become disenchanted once they saw the results of the revolution and then would become the worst enemies as they knew completely the methodology used by the perpetrators.

Bezmenov, emphasized that in the case of America it had taken 15 to 30 years of exposure to radicalism, Marxism, collectivism, statism, or socialism with no rebuttal from conservative values or American exceptionalism in retort to such distortions of the truth. In two generations of influence upon the soft minds of American students, the seeds of acceptance of Communist principles were planted and growing. Right there in front of their indoctrinated noses Americans willingly submitted to ideological principles that would have been automatically rejected if society had been strong, self-assured, and had morally committed to values that found Communist ideals abhorrent and non-applicable to a patriotic society. The battle against America was being won!

The new American who has been demoralized, ideologically compromised, and programmed by the Marxist propaganda machine is beyond reason, cannot accept fact even when specifically presented to him, he is irreversibly indoctrinated, and is now already placed into society in positions of influence, the media, the courts, appointees, and normal citizens who do not even realize that they are unpatriotic and are working against the cause of their very own country. This is emblematic of those who have accepted the Obama White House as the economy has declined, as foreign policies have eroded US prestige in the world, and internal social strife is ignited. The subversion has been achieved.


Normalization is a cynical term that does not literally translate into the intended meaning. Normalization in official socialist ideological terms means the forced acceptance of a military takeover when the revolution is complete, and all resistance has been eliminated. In Czechoslovakia in 1968, normalization was achieved once Soviet tanks had occupied the streets. This is what awaits America, a total revolution, one that could be brought about by a crisis created to bring about martial law and complete control of society by the welfare state, “Big Brother”, or replacing our faith in God with the all-knowing all-seeing government. Look around you and tell me if you don’t already see these changes upon us.

According to Bezmenov this is the very manner in which the worldwide machinery of the Communist movement works, and if this does not scare you nothing will. The clock is ticking. American politicians, media figures, the court system, and citizens who can’t see the war that is being waged against America, refuse to accept that a long-range effort has been targeted at the American ideological and political mindset that forms the foundation of our nation. Not only that, but our system of morality has been upset and reduced to vulnerability to the Marxist-Leninist assault. Bezmenov pointed out that countless leftists have been killed and imprisoned in Cuba.

The final conflict

When asked by G. Edward Griffin what it would take to reverse this terrible transformation in our country, Bezmenov answered that there was no immediate threat, but this was in 1985. He stated that Soviet expectation had been far exceeded by the success they had achieved in subverting America from within with their propaganda program. It had worked beyond their wildest dreams. Bezmenov stressed that America was the last bastion of personal freedom. However, as in any Marxist nation no dissidence would ever be tolerated as it would be crushed. Protest as a form of free speech would be unmercifully suppressed. Even the hard-line leftists who had campaigned so persistently to transform America would be lined up and shot once they realized the lies inherent in social justice. Bezmenov admitted he had no place to run, no place to hide, for him, this was it. America was his last refuge.

Bezmenov advised that an all out educational campaign to bring America back to its roots had to be undertaken immediately. That a complete transition back to our US Constitution would have to be attained in order to head off an onslaught of forced ideological change and social upheaval that would be orchestrated to destabilize the US government, economy, and society. Are we not witnessing this very plague upon America now?

As Bezmenov observed, the clock is ticking. We in America have seen things happen, we never would have dreamed of in terms of social division, economic disruption, and political compromise now afflicting foreign policy and our military might. Americans have believed in the lies and promises of a President who clearly is not ideologically connected to his country, yet the people refuse to accept this. They are irreversibly indoctrinated in the rhetoric. Once again, as Bezmenov made clear, the clock is ticking. You should be scared!

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