Take My Liberty! Give Me Death!

Due to all the recent confusion, I must formally introduce myself to you folks. My name is America. To be quite honest, I’m not sure who you are, at least, not anymore.

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Don’t you remember me?!! It was us, together, that fought off tyranny back in the 1700’s; King George and those filthy redcoats were trampling on our rights, and we believed that no government, especially one thousands of miles away, had the right to control our lives!

We have always stood together and promoted the American Dream that we fought for, letting the world know that every man has the opportunity to work for success and happiness in our land. Don’t you still believe in that? Recently, it seems that more of you want me to provide for your well being; the welfare checks and food stamps I’m sending out are driving me crazy, not to mention broke.

Let me let you in on what may be a newsflash to some: the success of our great nation throughout history has never been caused by our government. Our success has sprung from you! from your fathers and families! From all the hard working men and women whose core values of fairness, persistence, and self reliance make this country the greatest on God’s green earth! We have been the best because our government stays out of the way, and allows every person to be ensured of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Come on, don’t you recall when we drew up that thing called the Constitution? It is the most successful, influential document in the history of governing. However, don’t you know why we made that document? Heck, it was to create a government that was small, limited, and whose power was in the hands of every single person in the land.

Now, I am quite confused; it seems that you are giving all the power back to me, your government. You desire a healthcare system that goes completely against the idea of the free market, and, to be honest, I cannot afford! I am shocked! Do you really want to level the entire playing field to government regulations and policies? Since when did the private industry become so evil?.

I just don’t know anymore, folks. I am not a socialist, and I will die before you take away all the liberties that make this country great. I recall one of my best advocates, Thomas Paine, who was one of the founders of the American cause. He penned a book entitled Common Sense, where he makes plain and simple arguments for the basic ideal that every man deserves complete control of his destiny, an ideal that we all held when we fought the British. Well, folks, to be honest, it seems that ‘common sense” is becoming more and more uncommon in our land today.


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As an American, I am very concerned. In an age where the media is becoming less and less trustworthy, with virtually all networks having a political agenda, Americans must do their own "homework" to establish the facts. I am a 28 year old writer from Baltimore, who, once upon a time, cared very little about politics. In fact, along with a majority of other young Americans, I, too, was naively swept up by the "obama-mania" of 2008. However, being a student in journalism, I started to see that the ethics that were taught to me, principally objectivity, were no longer being adhered to by the American media. Furthermore, being a lover of history and the ideals that helped create this nation, I became appalled as I watched the current administration "work around" the Constitution; obviously, their main job, upholding and enforcing it, no longer mattered. I woke up! Unfortunately, too many people are still asleep! The Obama administration , with virtually all the media networks in its pocket, is destroying our country. We must stand up for our conservative principles, or the America we know and love, with principles of freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, will fade into the history books. My degree is in English Literature, and my art is communication. Whether it be written or spoken, I am a man who is confident that he will get his point across. The main point now is that we must, as Sean Hannity puts it, "take our country back."

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