Love Triangle? Petraeus Sleeps with Mistress; Obama Rapes Military

Surprising nobody, news agencies have been feasting their eyes on the personal troubles of an important figure, the target this time being General David Petraeus. Sadly, in 2012, infidelity is as common as a computer virus; yet, as our media swirls over potential security breeches in the bedroom, the much grander “exposures” of our military continue to go unnoticed.

Theodore Roosevelt. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The much bigger headline, the one that is ignored by our “unbiased” media, is that Obama is constantly “screwing” our military(and, essentially, every single American).  Barack Hussein Obama is a huge security threat. Would it not blow the average American’s mind to tell them that their commander in chief is regularly commanding our military to spend less, get smaller, and destroy its weaponry?

From a historical perspective, beginning with Theodore Roosevelt at the turn of 20th century, and progressing steadliy into the 21st, the #1 American strategy has been to  spread democracy throughout the globe, and fight against any enemy that wishes to impede its progess. The two major enemies which keep this strategy from working have been(and continue to be) communism and terrorism.

In the 1980’s, as Soviet communism escalated, President and Patriot Ronald Reagan maintained that we would, at all costs, avoid a nuclear war. Yet, Mr. Reagan was a smart man, and rightly knew that the last thing to do at a time of heightened tension was to inhibit our military powers. Under Reagan, the U.S. not only built countless MX missiles, but also preceeded to deploy such missiles all across Europe to defend our allies. In addition, we launched a superb missile defense program to block potential attacks.

The bottom line has always been You Don’t Mess With The USA. Well, as I write this article in 2012, some countries are likely doubting this message;  Obama has already cut nearly a trillion dollars from the military budget and shows no signs of stopping his attack.

Does Mr.Obama really believe that if we get rid of all our weapons, the polite and friendly dictators around the world will want to follow our example? I imagine Iran is really reconsidering their plans on building a nuclear arsenal, thinking to themselves, “heck, if America doesn’t want to use them, we won’t use them either.”

Theodore Roosevelt coined the phrase, “speak softly and carry a big stick.” Unfortunately, Mr.Obama’s philosophy runs more like this: “speak falsely and get rid of all the sticks.”

-S. Tomko

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As an American, I am very concerned. In an age where the media is becoming less and less trustworthy, with virtually all networks having a political agenda, Americans must do their own "homework" to establish the facts. I am a 28 year old writer from Baltimore, who, once upon a time, cared very little about politics. In fact, along with a majority of other young Americans, I, too, was naively swept up by the "obama-mania" of 2008. However, being a student in journalism, I started to see that the ethics that were taught to me, principally objectivity, were no longer being adhered to by the American media. Furthermore, being a lover of history and the ideals that helped create this nation, I became appalled as I watched the current administration "work around" the Constitution; obviously, their main job, upholding and enforcing it, no longer mattered. I woke up! Unfortunately, too many people are still asleep! The Obama administration , with virtually all the media networks in its pocket, is destroying our country. We must stand up for our conservative principles, or the America we know and love, with principles of freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, will fade into the history books. My degree is in English Literature, and my art is communication. Whether it be written or spoken, I am a man who is confident that he will get his point across. The main point now is that we must, as Sean Hannity puts it, "take our country back."

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