Have you wondered how the left emasculated America?

By Doc Vega

You might wonder how it is that during the Obama administration there has been a hasty assault against the American heritage and conventional morality. You might have observed that there seems to have been an aggressive move toward attacking conservative values. From the Obama White House’s support of Gay marriage, amnesty for illegal immigrants, and supporting Sharia Law within the US legal system, to the redistribution of wealth rhetoric, there has been a radical push to transform America. What has precipitated this mad dash to socially radicalize our culture?

We know that under the duress of this insistence by the Democratic and liberal factions to force change upon American society, we have seen economic decline, more regulatory restrictions, and an ideological refusal to restore our prosperity in this country. The first 4 years of a Obama White House have been a devastating proposition for American society.

There has been a persistent effort over several decades to compromise the US Constitution and subvert the free will and enterprise of the United States. It originated from Europe originally under the introduction of Marxist ideals into public school classrooms at the turn of the twentieth century. Those who toppled the Czars in Russia also had plans for the United States in their hatred for capitalism and individual free thinking.

The discovery of a diabolic plan

Norman Dodd

Thanks to Norman Dodd’s investigation in the Reece Committee we have the road map for the destructive left’s agenda for America.

 Norman Dodd, a young banking executive in the midst of the Great Depression gave us an insight into this horrid scheme. In an interview with Edward G. Griffin, he outlined how he had been commissioned to undertake an in-depth investigation into suspected activities that were alleged as being un-American. There were indications that respected educational trusts were actually encouraging US public education into supporting a world government mentality among American youth by installing socialism in American society.

During this investigation conducted by the Reese Committee in 1953, Norman Dodd began inquiries into the history and intent of a number of so-called non-profit tax exempt organizations acting as charitable trusts, who contributed millions to social engineering studies and the indoctrination of public classrooms into socialism. The Ford Foundation, Carnegie Endowment, and Rockefeller Trust among others had funded the literal subversion of US classrooms even hiring recent graduates to literally re-write American history to support a globalist, one world government view. Prominent multi-millionaires were literally influencing American society away from critical thinking, and toward blue a collar mindset more likely to accept indoctrination that opposed traditional American heritage.

Wilson administration a classic progressive agenda

The powerful moguls who had invested millions into these trusts were even influencing the US government and state department into even entering into an emerging World War I in Europe in order to affect more rapid social change. According to minutes recorded in the archives of one trust, President Woodrow Wilson had been ordered to get the US involved in a war, but not too lengthy a conflict. You might recall that it was Woodrow Wilson’s administration that presided over passage of the Revenue Act in 1913, which legalized federal income taxes and created the infamous IRS. This was another move toward globalism, utilizing tax payer funds toward federal subsidization of international causes and organizations.

In the words of one passage that illustrated the intentions of these supposed charitable trusts, which I will paraphrase, “ we want farmers to remain farmers, no need for more artists, philosophers, or writers.” This epitomizes the aim of these trusts who did not desire to encourage individual thinking or the type of analytical thought that would comprehend their designs to indoctrinate American society into accepting compromise of its ideals.

A  disastrous future in the plans for America

So, insidious were the plans of these charitable trusts in their efforts to subvert the US into accepting a world government and socialism were that Norman Dodd’s assistant Catherine Casey, who had been researching the minutes of the Carnegie Endowment later lost her mind. The implications of the control of US classrooms, using a private monetary entity such as a central bank (Federal Reserve) to finance a proposed war with another nation, the Machiavellian schemes were too much for Dodd’s talented legal major to handle. These shocking revelations would have been too much for the American public in general to tolerate either. So, these educational trusts, as they were innocently labeled, had to operate stealthily.

John Dewey, considered to be the father of progressive education, yet few educators or supporters of this educational paradigm realize what its ultimate purpose was. John Dewey believed that the classroom was the perfect environment for the state to utilize as a tool for molding the mind of the child. To him, altering the basic concepts and beliefs of children at an early enough age liberated them from family ideals and allegiance to their very own country. By achieving this, Dewey felt that the state could influence the children into a new generation that supported unquestioningly the policies of the federal government no matter what they might be.

Progressive teaching a social engineering tool

John Dewey’s much applauded technique centered around teaching students to be part of a consensus not necessarily learning through objective principles. If the student exceeded the abilities of the group it was frowned upon. Individual achievement to the point of out pacing their classmates could bring ridicule to the over achiever or accelerated student by his classmates. The educator was not to be an authoritarian figure in the classroom, but an enabling influence that contributed to the group just as the students. The findings of the group were more important than the meaning of reality. If, in reality 2 plus 2 equaled four, but the consensus taught that 2 plus 2 equaled 5, this would epitomize the rationale of the progressive classroom concept. The group, not the individual, prevailed.

Today progressive concepts in teaching are touted as being the most advanced teaching principles that supposedly enhance the potential of the student better than conventional objective teaching. Yet, this is the very tool used to indoctrinate the young mind into adopting globalism and a collectivist society. Today we have a population of indoctrinated adults who do not see a problem with President Obama’s violations of the US Constitution, a foreign policy that has cost American lives, or an economic decline that has been hastened by faulty federal government strategy.

Self destruction willfully accepted

For more than 30 years, a leftist US media, a compromised public school system, and the incessant social assault waged against traditional morality and American exceptionalism has facilitated the acceptance by an indoctrinated populace of failing policies and declining economic conditions. This generation has accepted right before their own eyes, a US President, who 30 years ago likely would have been impeached and criminally prosecuted for not complying with the US Constitution. However, today these grievous legal implications are overlooked, and dereliction of duty goes unrecognized as America sinks into an unacceptable destruction of values, direction, and prosperity.

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