40 states secede a strong message is sent to the federal government

First, it began with 13 US states as the liberals gloated over their big win over President Obama’s re-election, an election that has raised many eyebrows over proven voter fraud, the Department of Justice refusal to prosecute it, and the inconsistencies of voter patterns in regions that are very hard to believe. As many Democrats tried to blame the southern states for clinging onto their “red neck” voting tendencies and that only these states opposed Obama, we are reminded that these hasty generalizations are, once again, typical narratives not based in reality. Then there were 20 reported states whose citizens had petitioned the federal government of their intent to secede. Some of these states such as New York, had nothing to do with the supposed red neck political syndrome. Now, folks, there are 40 US states that have declared their desire to secede from the United States federal government!

President Obama’s re-election-a catalyst?

One might ask if the re-election of President Obama has a lot to do with this. I would have to say yes it does. It has been a succession of bad economic policy and impotent leadership that has angered and perplexed the long lines of the unemployed, the imposition of the Affordable Healthcare Act, the federal government’s encouragement of an entitlement society to achieve it’s agenda, and our weak foreign policy that have spurred people on to bolder forms of opposition. That opposition has grown to state nullification of federally imposed regulations and intervention into state’s rights. President Obama has flaunted his ideology in the face of a majority that he has force fed into compliance. The President has conducted a war of litigation against states that have opposed draconian EPA restrictions and have chosen to uphold federal immigration law when our federal government has refused to fulfill its obligation to the people. It is these federal government created conflicts with the states that have necessitated, in the minds of state governments that they are adopting their last option.

A government that brought state secession upon itself

The federal government over recent years has been running at greater and greater deficits, increasing taxes, and imposing regulations that are hurting businesses and individual rights. The people of the America are tired of an unresponsive federal government that has forgotten a basic tenet of the US Constitution, that “We the People” own the federal government, not the other way around. President Obama has expressed his problems with the US Constitution. One of the Obama czars, Cass Sunstein, considered the US Constitution and the advocacy of individual rights to be an obstruction to what he wanted the government to achieve despite the will of the people. This reflects the disparity in vision between an indifferent and ambivalent leadership on Capitol Hill, and an afflicted American citizen population struggling under the force of that excessive governance!

The voice of the people finally heard under state secession

The proposed secession by the citizens of 40 States of the continental United States sends a message to Capitol Hill that is loud and clear. This reaction of disgruntled and alienated state residents are voicing the opinions of an ever increasing restless and dissatisfied population that knows our federal government does not have their interests in mind. The original 13 colonies were very state’s rights oriented with a weak federal government that had limited powers but definite responsibilities such as maintaining a standing army and protecting our borders. It seems something that our current incarnation of federal government has little intention of doing. Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry both shared the original vision of limited central government with states being allowed to govern themselves as they saw fit.

Does history repeat itself? Most definitely. We find that universal law true especially in our present predicament of a US government that has imposed the repercussions of its fiscal mismanagement upon the people of America who did not share in the process of making those laws and policies, but will find themselves victims of these actions none the less.

Misconceptions about the Civil War and southern secession

We must remind ourselves of the same actions that brought about the Civil War have incredible parallels to today. History does not tell us that the Civil War was all about the slavery issue. Instead, it was about the federal government imposing its way of life upon southern states with an agricultural economy. The federal government with its large cities and industrial economy used the prosperity of the south to impose tariffs that almost brought about a war as early as 1832. In much the same fashion as today, the central government was capitalizing on the economy of the south through excessive taxation while reciprocating little on the part of the southern states.

Even though 6 southern states had already seceded from the Union before Abe Lincoln took office as president other southern states followed thinking that President Lincoln would abolish slavery as well. In truth, many southern plantation owners resisted secession as they believed the Union was more likely to legitimize the practice where as secession would strip them of their Constitutional rights if war broke out and the Union prevailed. Abraham Lincoln had been willing to make a pact with the southern states in order to preserve the Union by allowing slavery to stand, yet in the politically correct climate of today, that fact has been largely overlooked as modern day liberals attempt to blame the Republican Party for perpetuating slavery when in actuality it was the Democratic Party that advocated upholding slavery. It was the radical and new Republican Party that helped spur the south into secession and make a civil war imminent.

The American citizens are the true slaves

Today slavery is indeed a current consideration with one ironic caveat. The slaves are now the entire American citizen population under the draconian weight of laws they did not ask for, taxes that will increase, and overspending that many have protested against under the weight of federal government mismanagement. The recent fraud filled election that has turned up many irregularities and proof of wrongdoing is the last straw to break the camel’s back.

There have been many contributing factors to fuel the outrage and disenchantment of the states toward the federal government. These following acts by the federal government have fueled the fire of growing disenfranchisement that has emboldened the response of the state’s citizens that have petitioned the federal government of their intention to secede.

  • Interference with state elections and referendums examples given California Prop 8 and Oklahoma’s vote against Sharia Law.
  • Refusal of the federal government to aid US states on Mexican border against drug cartel and illegal immigration.
  • Imposition of Obamacare even though 62% of the people opposed it while the federal government used bribery to state officials and allowed unions to opt out while employers are laying off work force to comply with new taxes.
  • A failing economy that refuses to grow thanks to Obama White House impotence and reliance on federal spending to achieve supposed stimulus.
  • A growing deficit that threatens to cause a monetary upheaval and create runaway inflation as economy spins out of control.
  • The growing entitlement population that infringes on the ability of Americans who work to pay their increasing tax burden.
  • President Obama’s insistence on federal spending that caused credit downgrades creating more interest debt for the government to pay back thus creating more expense.
  • The Obama White House has created a deep racial divide in America where there was none with political narratives designed to pander votes from black Americans.
  • The obvious deception of executive privilege afforded to AG Eric Holder over the Fast and Furious scandal.
  • The attacks on the US embassy at Benghazi, Libya where the federal government was caught lying and making excuses while sacrificing American lives abroad. This scandal is a long way from solved yet. More is to come.
  • The general awareness among most Americans that there is a high level of corruption within the White House, Senate, and Congress. This only adds to the cynicism and mistrust of the US citizens.
  • The fact that President Obama removed the work requirement for welfare and food stamp programs in his goal to collect votes form this particular demographic.
  • The recent re-election of President Obama legitimized by the refusal of the federal government to prosecute voter fraud while encouraging the reversal of Motor Voter state laws to verify voter identification.
  • Federal government refusal to enforce immigration laws while allowing the influx of illegal immigrants who could also be criminals, drug gangs, and terrorists, across our borders.
  • The recent evidence of FEMA impotence in handling hurricane victims. Many witnesses claimed they were better off without being in FEMA camps where the promised relief was actual misery and lack of essentials.
  • The federal government’s assault on Christian churches and denominations over separation of church and state issues such as taxes, abortion, and birth control.

    An electoral college map of the states before the 40 state massive majority that now threaten to secede from the inept federal government that now plagues the nation.

  • President Obama vetoing the Keystone XL Pipeline project, a source of employment, secured energy source, cheap fuel, and tax revenues.
  • The preferential treatment of minorities over the majority in law, employment, and advocacy by the federal government.

Elections have consequences, especially when the people feel as though they have been stolen. The ineptitude of the federal government has consequences as well, especially when the state’s populations are petitioning for secession in record numbers. The Obama White House has been served notice.

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