The looming financial crisis brought about by the White House

By Doc Vega


One thing that Mitt Romney should have done in the debates, on his television ads and at public appearances as he campaigned was to urgently warn the American people that the Obama administration’s economic policies were pushing America over the edge. He should have stressed it, discussed it in detail, and explained how his administration would remedy the oncoming fiscal disaster. However, his handlers in the election campaign wanted to play it safe, go by the numbers, and avoid hostile confrontations over the issues. You can certainly see where that strategy got Romney and the United States.

Killing jobs and paying our enemies

From vetoing the Keystone XL Pipeline with all the jobs and tax revenues it would have created to sending billions overseas as donations to Middle Eastern nations who harbor terrorists, President Obama has been on a hell bound  train intent upon wrecking the US monetary system ever since he took office. What logic is there behind continually spending more and more money on federal government orchestrated economic stimulation when it hasn’t worked? Solyndra was a huge failure, most likely fraught with legal violations, the 787 billion bailout only served to nationalize 2/3 of the American car industry only to showcase Democrat intentions of saving the UAW for its voter support. There are far more fiascoes fabricated by the Obama White House that I could go into, but the list is simply too numerous for the sake of article space.

Proof big government exceeds the ability of America to pay

With the current government bottom line of 16 trillion in order to meet federal debt, and the current GDP of the entire US economy at 14.5 trillion, it is easy to see that the wrong emphasis has been put on the wrong engine of economic growth and job creation. The enormous interest it costs for the federal government to pay back its debt, coupled with the Federal Reserve’s QE-3 program of replacing freshly printed money with old worthless printed fiat currency will further dilute the value of the US dollar. This translates into more shrinking buying power to further punish the US consumer who is already beleaguered with high unemployment, nonexistent economic growth, and disappointing employment opportunities. What does this all mean in summary?

Cooked federal statistics

This means that the US economy is in imminent danger directly due to the federal government’s irresponsible fiscal policies. It means that the US monetary system is close to the breaking point if not already there and it’s just a matter of time. Another blatant lie that has been discovered in the official statistics of the government’s claims of the cost of living is how the fed continually deceives the people about the cost of groceries at the store. Is this not in the cost of living index? Food prices have continually risen over the last four years threatening the ability of many on fixed incomes to be able to keep up anymore. Is this what a population of retirees deserves after a lifetime of social contribution as Social Security draws nearer to bankruptcy and Obamacare’s promised rationing of medical treatment to the elderly and chronically ill is limited by cost feasibility panels?

It is projected that the Obama administration at current levels of spending will push the national debt to 20 trillion dollars during the second term. Not to mention the cost of nationalized healthcare that will further tax Americans who do not want to participate, employers who are already laying off their work force in order to comply with the costs of new federal standards, as well as the fulltime employees who will be reduced to part time employment in order to conform to Obamacare.

In the coming realization of insurmountable debt leaving the government and the US dollar on an impasse that can no longer be tolerated, President Obama will inevitably raises taxes on income earners and employers while continuing his spending programs. So consumers, especially those who voted for the President have much to look forward to, higher costs for energy, gasoline, food, more taxes, and the catastrophic proposition of an economic collapse that the Obama administration seems completely oblivious to.

This is the legacy under the rule of the Obama regime, as I say “regime” with a most accurate definition. This last election was won by the Democrats with rhetoric, voter fraud, false narratives, lies, vote pandering using exhaustive spending, control of the mass media, refusal to prosecute illegal immigration, which greatly enhanced the Hispanic vote, and the carrot and stick approach of budget busting  entitlements to further ensnare voters with no other alternative such as the long term unemployed.

An intentional fiscal crisis

A Communist regime is created by toppling a government first with propaganda, then with social hostility, then by planting Manchurian politicians who pose as patriotic leaders. In the end, the culmination of all the self defeating legislation, the “Cloward Piven” approach to creating a financial meltdown in order to force the government to supposedly reconsider its horrid and unsympathetic policies toward the poor, a complete collapse of the country’s leadership is orchestrated. During the long implemented decline of the government under the socialist assault, the middle class evaporates, leaving only the rich and the poor. Then demonizing the rich comes into full play and is the very last objective put into full swing in a soft coup. At long last the new government emerges usually with a military assisted overthrow of what is left of the original loyalists.

The Obama White house has capitalized on just about all the above mentioned elements of the takeover of the United States. In defiance of the courts, of the US Constitution, and of the free enterprise concept of our economy, in the aftermath of a voter fraud ridden election even using a foreign corporation to tally votes in 10 states including the military, the Obama regime has risen. Every tenet of a Saul Alinsky inspired Communist takeover has occurred without a civil war being ignited.

Casualties of a clandestine coup

However, this coup had not been a completely soft one. There have been casualties, Andrew Breitbart’s untimely and questionable death, the death of Michael Cormier, his autopsy technician for LA County, the disappearance of the only witness to Breitbart’s death, a string of murders of young gay black men in Chicago linked to the President in 2007, not to mention the deaths of our Ambassador to Libya and 4 Americans killed at the US embassy in Benghazi.

Bills that enable an American president to become a dictator

I mentioned that no regime change comes without a military capability and that was provided in December of 2010 when NDAA S.1867 was enacted along with HR-347, the Defense Preparedness and Resources Act, along Obama signing an executive order for Agenda 21 or Sustainable Development, as has been used to soften the general recognition of  draconian UN initiative to be forced upon the American people.

So, you see, the coup of America has been almost completely implemented with the aid of an American public that was disengaged and apathetic, which is almost understandable when public education has also been compromised to discourage critical thinking and Americans have been under incredible economic duress. This is the end result.

Economic crisis imminent

Is it inevitable that we as Americans will face a total collapse of the US dollar if not catastrophic inflation that will render our currency almost worthless? If the Obama White House’s continued economic policies go unchanged, uninterrupted, yes it will happen just as surely as the dawn shines across a besieged America. One might recall what happened to post war Germany when a wheel barrel full of German Marks was needed to buy a loaf of bread. In that case there will be a hostile break down of society marked by angry mob actions. With President Obama now poised to act in any dictatorial fashion he desires will very likely declare martial law and even worse order the US military to attack angry and hungry multitudes of US citizens who have only then realized just how they were betrayed by Democrat lies. Unfortunately, it will be too late for a peaceful negotiation.

 White House condones violence for its own purposes

In all this it is interesting to note that President Obama conveniently failed to denounce the Occupy Movement in their degenerate form of protests and incoherent class warfare narratives. Just as he failed to denounce the black flash mobs who used the internet to coordinate assaults on white residents, tourists, and people innocently enjoying Chicago street cafes. Not one word out of President Obama over these racially charged excesses as Democrats accused the GOP, the Tea Party, and conservatives of racism for the last 4 years. America, the land of the besieged.

Americans angry over Federal spending and bad economic policies descend upon Washington DC in protest

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