Is Nancy Pelosi Stepping Down a House Minority Leader?

Sources say that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi will be stepping down.  We will all know on Wednesday afternoon following a meeting with the Democratic Caucus.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is suggesting she will announce her plans on whether to run for another term as minority leader in a Democratic Caucus meeting scheduled for Wednesday morning.

“When I see my caucus, I will discuss it with them in the beginning of this week rather than discuss it with rumor in Washington,” Pelosi told reporters at a Veterans Day event Sunday in San Francisco.

Asked if she was staying on, Pelosi said, “I will make that announcement to my caucus. I know that we’re best friends and all, but I think that I will share that with them first,” according to a transcript provided by Pelosi’s office.

The comments come as another clue points to Pelosi opting against an exit.

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What we DO know is she plans to serve out here new term as the Congresswoman from San Francisco, despite chatter she would retire from Congress.

Pelosi will finish her new term: The one firm thing she has said publicly is that she will serve out her new term as San Francisco’s representative. She just celebrated her 25th anniversary, and was re-elected Tuesday with 84.7 percent of the vote, her second-highest showing since 1998. “Retirement is not an operative word,” her staff said. Some think she is sticking around to pick her successor. Her rival and loyal lieutenant Steny Hoyer wants the job, but he’s 73 and speculation is that Pelosi wants to install Maryland workhorse Chris Van Hollen, 53, who is everywhere on TV. Pelosi will also have an eye to her successor in San Francisco. Plenty of people want that job, and state Sen. Mark Leno is a top contender.

Little chance of regaining the Speaker’s gavel anytime soon: The party of the incumbent president often loses seats in midterm elections, especially the mid-term of a president’s second term. It’s a long road back to the Speakership, and that has got to dampen her enthusiasm.

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